Greedy Goblin

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Weekend minipost: the revenge of LT Cedara

LT Cedara lost her freighter to Goon gankers and contacted me. I explained her what went wrong with the freighter and linked my anti-gank page. But that wasn't the reason I was convoed, but asking how to send money against Goons.

Now 2B of Cedara is on the MoA donation page. With the 75% ISK ratio of MoA, that will be 6B losses for the Goons and their minions, so the freighter will be avenged.

PS: There is a killboard analysis post for today: Brave Collective.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't look at the kill. make that 8.7b

Aldo Raine said...

A member of my corp popped the 4 bil isk wreck as well. So the revenge runs twice as deep. No isk for goons! :D

Anonymous said...

As the bumper in charge of this gank I'd like to welcome LT Cedara beneath the slim surface of Eve Online. Now, since you're in the depth of this game, I wish you the best of luck and a wonderful time playing Eve.