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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Weekend minipost: Ernst Röhm vs Martin Bormann

Goons and ex-Goons keep hating each other. Our protagonist preferred street brawling, loudmouth fighting and "strong social ties" between leadership figures while looking down on organization and structure, so he needed to go after power was established. In his eyes, the "new Goon" is a Reaktionist and he demands the second revolution which doesn't fit to the plans of The Mittani who is counting on his allies in the media industry and for that plan Bormann is the perfect aide.

I could point that "the metagame did not win us that war. Goons staying up all night for days on end won us that war" is what I always said and what I planned all my moves on, but that would assume that I value his opinion more than Endie's. Which I don't and you shouldn't either. While we can point and laugh on their infighting, we must not look at any of them as friendlies. Their fight is like IS vs An-Nusra, it doesn't matter who win, he is still an enemy.

Instead of giving much care about infighting Goons, we should focus at the game itself. For example this beautiful 1v1 fight or this one. Or this selfless help that MoA pilots lended to prosecuted innocent Guristas. Or this groundbreaking PvP doctrine from SMA. Here is another, showing how resourceful and creative the elite PvP-ers of SMA are.


Anonymous said...

Expired a few brain cells reading the bombastic and trolltastic piece @CZ. If this is their favorite (and only) style of communications (which is getting old fast), I predict more monkeys bred by 2020.

Anonymous said...

i always thought the leader of goonswarm was an elected postion.

is it like Venezuala where elections just serve the purpose of finding the opposition candidates so they can be lined up and shot?