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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The house of nolife

This is just a random idea for the last day of the year, a day to remember the passing time. The fact that while we're young and carefree enough to spend time with video games, one day we'll be old.

We are the first generation that played video games instead of sports or pub games. We are still playing these games. So why not spend our old age with such games?! The "house of nolife" is an idea about a gaming focused retirement home, where instead of drooling front of the TV, we'd play video games. Both the ones of our youth and new ones if we're still capable. We'd be surrounded by like-minded folks and could play together. Hell, maybe even competitively, since we'll have a team at hand and we'll have all the time of the day. Active entertainment helps keeping the brain fresh, and depression away.

I'm sure that shooting pixels would be a much better way of spending the last years than being the fifth weel on our family or alone in the home we can no longer upkeep.

PS: SMA found evidence (by getting access ot the site code) that I WANT ISK is RMTing. Total surprise! No one could see it coming in April!

PS2: Slippery Petes are tankless, interdiction nullified, long range Tengus that warp around and take potshots and warp off before someone can catch them. Of course that needs some more skills than "orbit anchor, press F1". What could go wrong if you replace the skilled pilots with random Goons and FCON?


Unknown said...

A strange and yet appealing idea. Yes, if I were to be thrust into a 'home' then that would be the home for me. LAN wars... hmmm....

Unknown said...

Hey, I like that idea, but it jas already become reality. In Germany, they regularly use Wii and Wii-U games for elderly people in retirement homes. The controllers are easy to handle and the old people get a minimum of exercise, which is good for their mobility,their cardiovascular system and, last, but not least, it keeps their minds functioning and prevents dementia as these games are new to them and their brains need to learn new stuff.
It started out as a model project, but due to the phenomenal results, it is highly possible that this method of elderly entertainmen nad exercise wil become a "best pravtice" in nursing and therefore will be available in most retirement homes...

Stabs said...

I'm sure this is right. I'm 51 now. I find video games actually far more convenient now than other hobbies would have been. I watched my father successively give up first hockey, then tennis then squash as he got older.

The only counter point is about energy. If I feel comfortable relaxed and well I play games. If I feel sick and in pain I tend to find I don't have the focus for games. If I'm in a lot of pain all the time I start to actually seek out dumb TV, I don't want to follow some complex thriller.

Another counter point is about decrepitude. My mother can't really use the computer at 79 as her eyes hurt after staring at the screen too long.

One very interesting thing will be the emergence of more games targeted at older audiences. Seems to me the two things that are absolutely required are familiarity (we get to old to put 10,000 hours into mastering a new playstyle) and complexity. I think the future will see more Eve type games, it seems in many ways so ideal for older players where Counterstrike is a game where being old is clearly a competitive disadvantage.

If you'll forgive me for being a filthy social, Happy New Year, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Of course everyone knew IWI (and pretty much every other gambling site) was RMTing, but now there's proof that has been sent to CCP so something might actually get done about it.

Gevlon said...

CCP doesn't need "proof". They can ban whoever they want. They could ban me or Sion or Rixx if they wish and no court would have a word with that. They only had to deal with community backslash: if you ban someone with no good reason, players will fear that they'll be the next and quit. But no one will give a damn if obvious RMT-ers are banned.

Also they can just ban the activity: third party site gambling.

Anonymous said...

"young" as in state of mind? sure.
I'm from the arcade generation that organized meet-ups via BBSes in the 80s. loved the 16 bit era. my biological age will not be interpreted as "young" anymore. But I will die playing video games that is for sure!

All the way OGHC maybe a bit less cursing and rage.

Anonymous said...

I wish you a happy new year and even more success. I dont play eve anymore but still follow your Saga.

Lucius said...

Interesting to see I'm not the only one who thought about gaming and getting older.
I once told my dad, after he reminded me for the 5324th time games are for children, that my generation is the first to grow up and old with online gaming and that I honestly believe we'll never be as bored or lonely during our last years on this planet as old people now.
I'm still in touch with people I met in WoW 10 years ago and even tho I've never met them I know them better than a lot of people I know in real life.
And with VR finally becoming a real thing this year we're just getting started discovering how much this silly internet can improve old people's lives.
Just imagine old people using VR to "walk" around cities they visited on holidays or places they've never been before!

And since most of us are probably in our early 30s there's still a long time to go for technology to improve before we're really old.
I for one have no worries about getting old and being lonely or bored. We have some truly amazing times ahead of us.

Anonymous said...

one of CCPs fanfest slides at least a couple of years ago I saw a problem when i first saw it. CCPs ecconomic professor or security team was giving a presentation on how they were able to graph ISK flows within the client and see paterns.

it was a long time ago but bear with me if i misquote but it was along the lines of "all the isk flowing from this character to multiple characters who then spend it, its obvious this is an RMT operation. but see this node on the graph, lots of incoming ISK from multiple users and also multiple outgoing ISK flows to many different users, this is a banker for a gambling site and we can discount them from RMT investigations."

at the time it was obvious to me at least the way to launder RMT monies was obviously to be the guy running the "gambling" site. if its taken CCP this long to realise it they are either incompetant or complicit.