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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Weekend minipost: MoA is irrelevant 8 times.

The SotA of the Imperium of Evil is out. It mentioned MoA 8 times, every time assuring the reader that they are totally irrelevant. NC. and OOS was mentioned once. No other enemy of the Imperium was mentioned.

Meanwhile in reality, MoA destroyed 228B worth of Imperium ships (de-inflated, if they did 20% of the damage, they got 20% of the value) while receiving 66B from the Imperium.

By the way, have you ever heard the allaince-less corp Vasi Da Guerra? Me neither. It was funded on Sept. 10. 2015 and has 24 members. They seem to be living in PB and Deklein and fighting everything that moves. Well, they caused almost twice as much damage to MoA than Bastion and LAWN combined. In the weird world of Goon propaganda, "They [MoA] haven’t found any [weakness], as LAWN and BASTN have this shit locked down tight".

MoA was just the second highest Imperium killer in October. The first was Project.Mayhem. It was mentioned zero times.

Goons got used to be able to tell whatever nonsense fitting to their agenda, since no one bothered to look the numbers up. Not anymore. Let's look at something real: a blinged ratting Isthtar with neuts and a ratting Ishtar with blinged pod. Or the fact that Goons assembled a coalition-wide fleet 3x outnumbering MoA. And lost, of course.


Unknown said...

Gotta love propaganda.

From one perspective, however, they have not lost anything: they still have their ratting space. It may be time for a group to be called together for the expressed purpose of ridding Sov Space of people with the CFC attitude.

Gevlon said...

And who will live in that space?
The goal is that they can keep it, just can't use it, so they run away.

Unknown said...

They would have a harder time using it if someone else held the space.

Leo said...

>however, they have not lost anything

Huh? Goons just recently had to abandon vast regions of space. One of the reasons they couldn't continue to hold on to those areas under the new SOV system was the pressure put on them by groups like moa.

Unknown said...

Wow! It has begun! TMC and GG referring to each other for traffic... TROLOLOLOLOL

Gevlon said...

They didn't refer me. I only refer them to point out their lies.

Anonymous said...

That isn't a SOTA its a diplomatic update, an update that informs people what is going on in all the areas of EVE.