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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My guides: 2 business posts a week

I've been spending lot of time with my GRR project, considering my business "done thing", something explained multiple times. However these posts are scattered, sometimes outdated. So from now on, I'll post two business posts a week, to write complete guides on the topics that allow me to earn about 2B a day, enabling my generous donations towards the GRR recipients.

The first will be rewriting, expanding and organizing the Why was I ganked guide with knowledge that guaranteed that neither Goons, nor others couldn't gank me once in my EVE career. The Introductionary page is written (comment it here), one of the individual posts will arrive this week.

The end goal is removing the "ISK" label from my blog, collecting all the scattered knowledge into well-written guides.

PS: I don't think there are enough guides to prevent idiocy of this level.


Provi Miner said...

I was big on linking your "why I was ganked" when ever someone complained about it in the npc corps, an updated version would be cool to share with those who wonder why.

Personally I found ganking to be a fun activity. It is not advertised as something provi does but we do, only we only gank reds. The cool thing is nearly everyone who every dipped their toe into null gets set red lol.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to reading your business post

Amarr-Zon said...

I am far away from earning 2B each day (it takes me a couple days to earn 1B for multiple reasons :-( ).
So, I'm also looking forward to get more insight into you approaches.

Nevertheless, I just started recently donating to MoA as well and I hope to be able donating regularly...

Pashko Zpc said...

Being strange or not about goons or his outer world thoughts, Gevlon do know how to pull some isk truck. He also shared his experience. You guys SHOULD try stuff which was already shared, explained and works well:
- level 5 angel/amarr missions. 400 mills/hr average when optimized, 500 when perfected.
- level 4 burner blitz towards mordu or guru agents. 300-350mils/hr at ease
- PI in c1 alone or in c5/c6 with a company of escalation farmers (they don't need planets anyway, as well as c320 gas). You help them with logistics and scan, they shoot poco and clear instrumental site for you. ~600 mil/month per pi char, 1.5 hrs of effort per pi char per month. 120 mil/hr of c320 mining (2 weeks of skills), 3+ ventures pull 360 mils/hr.
- Factory planets in highsec. My record was 1.3 bil/per char per month with 2 hrs spent on maintenance. You'll need an orca or freighter and a trade alt of course.
- Lolsec trading. The easiest and most fun isk making ingame imo. 1-2 bils per month for very little logistics and other efforts. 1-2 hrs/month/char.
- Alliance lp laundering. Requires a shitton of isk (10-20 bil for start) but yields up to 1 bil per hour per day. Requires a tengu or other camp-free tanked ship to haul implants, datacores and bpcs. Starts to feel as second job though.
- Advanced FW missioning (polarized bomber/orthrus/gecko proteus/gecko stratios). 400mil/hr while throwing stuff on buy orders, 450-600 if you sell via your jita alt. Big farm sessions though (2hrs+)

That's the activities I tried myself and still swimming in isk.

Pashko Morgan from -nano

Amarr-Zon said...

Not every activity is fun for every player (mining anyone?).
Not every alt is capable of doing every activity (skill training not yet complete).
Maybe some activities need a revisit (changes in the game).

My character is not yet one year old.
I did train the trading stuff. I can do level-4-distribution missions very easy (standing so far 9.6). I am training now to do security missions (testing level 3 now).
So it simply takes some time. In the mean time, maybe there are some helpful hints from Gevlon...

99smite said...


I really loved the "Why was I ganked" campaign, much more than the GRR GOONS project.
The business posts were always appreciated.
Well done...

Pashko Zpc said...

@Amarr-zone: Yes, my characters are 3+ years old. They were also payed by PayPal (its my own thanks for ccp for still maintaining tho game, a personal thing).

The fun fact is that 90% of isk were done by low skillpoint alts - trade alts just capped at broker relations 5 and tycoon 4 (one month of training), WH alts got 4-4 pi skills and 5-5 gas/venture skills (1,5 months with support skills).
Mission farming indeed required a tengu in matar lowsec (hell, 1 lp was traded for 1 to 1500-2500 isk with the easiest position - ammo, people were too busy with smart tier 4 farming). Though tengu is just 3-4 months training.

I mean you can make really nice isk in pi, production or trading with little to no sp and isk investment. I started my lowsec trade with 20 orders worth 250 million isk total. You'll just get a blast, I promise.

Anonymous said...

Golem & Kronos kill

Hamlyn Medley said...

Do you mind make a guide for people who has almost no time to play (like me, with job, wife and son) but love eve to bits and want to try plex my month?
That would be helpfull...
Make 1.6b isk per month in only 2 hours per day, or less... Starting from scrath (my main is low sp points fw pvp)
Someone said once that with an ishtar you can make lvl 4 fw missions and plex a month... but it's so hard to do in enemy territory risking a ship I cannot afford to lose :/

Gevlon said...

@Hamlyn Medley: then trading is for you. There will definitely be a guide. Actually there already is, but needs rewriting.