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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Losses of Evil in October

Like last month, I received the killboard loss data for all members of the Imperium of Evil (formerly CFC). As always, the killboard inflation is removed, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B. 50004 API verified kills were processed and distributed among the alliances:
Alliance B ISK lost
Circle-Of-Two 377
Executive Outcomes 81
Fidelas Constans 406
Get Off My Lawn 174
Goonswarm Federation 1059
I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth 40
Initiative Mercenaries 30
RAZOR Alliance 185
RvB - BLUE Republic 69
RvB - RED Federation 66
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 530
Tactical Narcotics Team 197
The Initiative. 80
The Bastion 197
Void.. 93
Small ones 3
Total CFC losses 3586

Below you can see how many killers were on their kill reports, proving that solo and small gang are not dead:
Size category B ISK destroyed
Solo 717
2..3 738
4..5 462
6..10 590
11..30 623
31+ 456

Below you can see how many ships and ISK they lost in different ship value groups:
Size category Ships lost B ISK destroyed
-40M 30471 327
40M-125M 8452 639
125M-250M 2811 536
250M-400M 1622 503
400M-1500M+ 1392 931
1500M+ 205 650

Finally, the zone distribution that shows that CFC mostly dies at home, usually while ratting:
Zone B ISK destroyed
Pure Blind 520
Deklein 416
Fade 285
Vale of the Silent 279
Branch 251
Tribute 230
Low_Lonetrek 217
Cloud Ring 155
Venal 134
HighThe Citadel 127
Tenal 109
Sum of small ones 863
Total 3586

Let's see the top killers and their 500M+ kills!
  1. Project.Mayhem. with 283B ISK damage: 563M, 2473M, 801M, 638M, 1664M, 734M, 956M, 1039M, 567M, 1730M, 988M, 809M, 509M, 29B, 589M, 898M, 523M, 697M, 24B, 514M, 529M, 522M, 502M, 505M, 501M, 518M, 500M, 525M, 540M, 617M, 2102M, 2033M, 2145M, 2052M, 593M, 742M, 529M, 691M, 647M, 706M, 1175M, 780M, 1685M, 565M, 553M, 599M, 6741M, 848M, 4474M, 533M, 501M, 1013M, 1573M, 517M, 1397M, 531M, 1601M, 603M, 608M, 625M, 579M, 1315M, 617M, 621M, 1316M, 1397M, 620M, 590M, 594M, 810M, 617M, 1446M, 548M, 545M, 537M, 559M, 526M, 555M, 540M, 563M, 523M, 560M, 566M, 518M, 504M, 539M, 521M, 524M, 512M, 544M, 537M, 509M, 558M, 509M, 525M, 549M, 573M, 644M, 503M, 884M, 561M, 831M, 2367M, 857M, 931M, 665M, 527M, 829M, 734M, 1189M, 831M, 587M, 1212M, 526M, 511M, 505M, 2951M, 2541M, 3837M, 1912M,
  2. Mordus Angels with 233B ISK damage: 639M, 546M, 565M, 570M, 548M, 2752M, 675M, 787M, 505M, 509M, 896M, 777M, 521M, 886M, 762M, 577M, 619M, 637M, 531M, 575M, 586M, 584M, 587M, 780M, 1019M, 585M, 625M, 1704M, 513M, 2576M, 651M, 716M, 549M, 503M, 745M, 761M, 2343M, 548M, 848M, 850M, 1454M, 1362M, 1892M, 535M, 4818M, 603M, 906M, 505M, 2247M, 564M, 690M, 3504M, 642M, 1631M, 1233M, 576M, 1124M, 2309M, 1945M, 719M, 664M, 509M, 3384M, 1475M, 1261M, 510M, 1119M, 773M, 607M, 680M, 906M, 615M, 559M, 1142M, 3279M, 531M, 502M, 621M, 606M, 606M, 662M, 920M, 2188M, 516M, 509M, 689M, 845M, 731M, 6078M, 1057M,
  3. Northern Coalition. with 222B ISK damage: 538M, 596M, 508M, 532M, 508M, 1079M, 718M, 823M, 2701M, 1590M, 858M, 618M, 1025M, 515M, 620M, 612M, 580M, 529M, 1173M, 685M, 742M, 1585M, 1635M, 1499M, 696M, 775M, 1250M, 863M, 640M, 699M, 596M, 505M, 592M, 539M, 994M, 697M, 528M, 605M, 731M, 992M, 1945M, 2941M, 923M, 738M, 803M, 735M, 610M, 686M, 603M, 604M, 602M, 682M, 582M, 605M, 672M, 602M, 605M, 605M, 558M, 688M, 32B, 4466M, 1397M, 3242M, 2058M, 527M, 659M, 531M, 519M, 523M, 559M, 521M,
  4. Pandemic Legion with 173B ISK damage: 1437M, 514M, 818M, 751M, 2214M, 693M, 3463M, 3182M, 659M, 3338M, 1281M, 25B, 1167M, 692M, 614M, 1068M, 6906M, 2063M, 542M, 544M, 512M, 539M, 551M, 540M, 559M, 550M, 537M, 572M, 3303M, 2660M, 558M, 5498M, 1730M, 761M, 570M, 2201M, 630M, 650M,
  5. Out of Sight. with 152B ISK damage: 545M, 1092M, 555M, 1072M, 780M, 632M, 1313M, 688M, 569M, 769M, 665M, 661M, 836M, 1044M, 998M, 1992M, 3234M, 2812M, 1090M, 3016M, 3026M, 1114M, 2162M, 3065M, 2471M, 1556M, 579M, 506M, 711M, 980M, 1349M, 597M, 804M, 3108M, 1201M, 2975M, 2966M, 4289M, 856M,
  6. WAFFLES. with 79B ISK damage: 1962M, 1434M, 839M, 700M, 871M, 1104M, 2188M, 1346M, 1126M, 1624M, 2525M, 2277M, 579M, 1800M, 556M, 545M, 820M, 1316M, 542M,
  7. Pandemic Horde with 66B ISK damage: 1406M, 516M, 518M, 1022M, 1219M, 2212M, 912M, 1046M, 1507M, 1012M, 520M, 1180M, 904M, 634M,
  8. The Marmite Collective with 60B ISK damage: 1110M, 968M, 8355M, 651M, 883M, 1781M, 994M, 798M, 1296M, 1284M, 897M, 514M, 919M, 1361M, 1703M, 500M, 585M, 505M, 988M, 508M, 603M, 726M, 618M, 1151M, 1134M, 1562M, 1272M,
  9. Thermodynamics with 60B ISK damage: 576M, 635M, 611M, 1294M, 2349M, 753M, 503M, 1367M, 545M, 1149M, 1016M, 579M, 578M, 999M, 1030M, 1075M, 776M, 649M, 805M, 737M, 522M, 604M, 563M, 601M,
  10. Hard Knocks Citizens with 56B ISK damage: 558M, 1285M, 682M, 556M, 923M, 557M, 654M, 941M, 550M, 531M, 1370M, 535M, 2349M, 3016M, 526M, 2208M, 808M, 642M, 864M, 1092M, 1540M,
  11. WE FORM V0LTA with 53B ISK damage: 731M, 1829M, 1356M, 2493M, 584M, 739M, 1049M, 903M, 1535M, 1812M, 631M, 878M, 588M, 990M, 579M,
  12. Test Alliance Please Ignore with 53B ISK damage: 531M, 553M, 595M, 535M, 667M, 573M, 700M, 598M, 605M, 637M, 660M, 625M, 738M, 663M, 851M, 595M, 625M, 625M, 735M, 935M, 736M,
  13. Brave Collective with 49B ISK damage: 522M, 1040M, 510M, 886M, 625M, 824M, 729M, 810M, 1115M, 500M, 728M, 744M,
  14. The Minions. with 48B ISK damage: 1024M, 1122M, 808M, 2108M, 785M, 605M, 654M, 548M, 762M, 520M, 522M, 947M, 2299M, 520M, 1472M, 509M, 1763M, 811M, 563M, 530M, 1058M, 506M, 1574M,
  15. The Gorgon Empire with 48B ISK damage: 1297M, 643M, 747M, 1316M, 2596M, 792M, 936M, 840M, 828M, 729M, 893M, 739M, 774M, 653M,
  16. RvB - BLUE Republic with 43B ISK damage: 563M, 630M, 628M, 868M, 2199M, 543M, 1122M,
  17. The-Culture with 39B ISK damage: 523M, 618M, 574M, 650M, 575M, 735M, 595M, 871M, 538M,
  18. RvB - RED Federation with 38B ISK damage: 767M,
  19. Goonswarm Federation with 37B ISK damage: 2035M, 1191M, 579M, 1312M, 1148M, 963M, 2510M, 2760M, 1176M, 584M, 1376M, 1043M, 1241M,
  20. Warlords of the Deep with 36B ISK damage: 644M, 736M, 575M, 577M, 570M, 701M, 3479M, 581M, 1381M,
  21. Snuffed Out with 32B ISK damage: 673M, 893M, 705M, 756M, 912M, 4718M, 556M, 526M, 563M, 515M,
  22. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork with 30B ISK damage: 836M, 536M, 746M, 1208M, 754M, 3326M, 948M, 540M, 590M, 1259M, 630M, 696M,
  23. P I R A T with 27B ISK damage: 613M, 508M, 538M, 609M, 582M, 1494M, 658M, 507M, 688M, 859M, 607M, 1131M, 604M,
  24. Banderlogs Alliance with 26B ISK damage: 1441M, 599M, 1152M, 694M, 740M, 1484M,
  25. Gentlemen's.Club with 26B ISK damage: 1284M, 787M, 740M, 760M, 622M, 2245M, 705M, 776M, 553M,
Let's see the top 100 individual killers and their 250M+ kill contributions (remember, 10% damage on 1B ship is 100M)!
  1. Velsharoon (Furnace, Thermodynamics) with 26B ISK damage: 576M, 308M, 290M, 432M, 369M, 328M, 494M, 295M, 267M, 324M, 364M, 324M, 503M, 299M, 374M, 350M, 385M, 336M, 361M, 1367M, 298M, 330M, 1016M, 579M, 578M, 999M, 1030M, 338M, 402M, 295M, 1075M, 255M, 776M, 337M, 325M, 326M, 315M, 293M, 737M, 401M, 347M,
  2. Teh Tripple (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 23B ISK damage: 290M, 801M, 638M, 1093M, 348M, 2195M, 459M, 467M, 565M, 392M, 342M, 486M, 621M, 256M, 380M, 426M, 527M, 829M, 734M, 351M,
  3. Annie Gardet (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 20B ISK damage: 429M, 731M, 502M, 1356M, 254M, 2493M, 495M, 1535M, 333M, 658M, 302M, 990M, 309M,
  4. Brad Sather (High Flyers, Gentlemen's.Club) with 18B ISK damage: 254M, 364M, 348M, 396M, 516M, 622M, 2245M, 705M, 446M, 408M, 477M, 416M, 362M, 776M, 338M, 381M, 330M, 553M,
  5. LaserzPewPew (Hard Knocks Inc., Hard Knocks Citizens) with 18B ISK damage: 360M, 1285M, 405M, 402M, 682M, 353M, 286M, 274M, 337M, 313M, 349M, 654M, 485M, 291M, 337M, 391M, 941M, 325M, 270M, 355M, 428M, 496M, 864M, 1092M, 476M, 353M,
  6. Kaleesa (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 16B ISK damage: 504M, 272M, 349M, 284M, 309M, 473M, 265M, 310M, 263M, 305M, 268M,
  7. Isis Taint (Spooks On Pings, Project.Mayhem.) with 14B ISK damage: 7155M, 3772M,
  8. Tom Skirt (Brutor Tribe, #NPC Corporations) with 12B ISK damage: 12454M,
  9. Vendettus (Mining Industry Exile Foundation, Warlords of the Deep) with 12B ISK damage: 471M, 464M, 324M, 570M, 251M, 367M, 384M, 384M, 3479M, 291M,
  10. chris lares (AQUILA INC, Verge of Collapse) with 12B ISK damage: 370M, 300M, 439M, 260M, 256M, 253M, 513M, 269M, 468M, 270M, 294M, 356M, 286M, 299M,
  11. Yaolan (Dropbears Anonymous, Brave Collective) with 11B ISK damage: 447M, 430M, 411M, 886M, 484M, 262M, 729M, 391M, 314M, 465M, 284M, 251M, 284M, 361M,
  12. Fooraap (Deadly Fingertips, The Marmite Collective) with 11B ISK damage: 300M, 7972M, 295M, 495M, 514M,
  13. Nadirator (Elite pilots, Project.Mayhem.) with 10B ISK damage: 363M, 262M, 956M, 282M, 617M, 435M, 470M, 405M, 846M, 403M,
  14. Airia Linn (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 10B ISK damage: 420M, 376M, 330M, 364M, 409M, 465M, 353M,
  15. h4x0r84 (Mosquito Squadron, Mordus Angels) with 9B ISK damage: 269M, 298M, 286M, 308M, 303M, 276M,
  16. Vic Jefferson (Stimulus, Rote Kapelle) with 9B ISK damage: 357M, 268M, 358M, 312M,
  17. C17H21NO4 (NinjaWorks, Project.Mayhem.) with 9B ISK damage: 6343M, 2574M,
  18. Menov92 (Sods, Mordus Angels) with 9B ISK damage: 385M, 458M, 269M,
  19. Lauhees (Liga Freier Terraner, Northern Coalition.) with 9B ISK damage: 318M, 349M, 1657M, 473M, 647M, 402M,
  20. abkiller Outamon (ABTRON, -) with 9B ISK damage: 401M, 498M, 447M, 376M, 412M, 561M, 329M, 307M, 342M, 328M, 349M, 274M,
  21. RUSSBOY (Elite pilots, Project.Mayhem.) with 9B ISK damage: 360M, 378M, 4474M,
  22. Kinwhakkl (Beach Boys, The Minions.) with 8B ISK damage: 339M, 364M, 324M, 332M, 947M, 266M, 919M, 682M, 1058M, 506M,
  23. Hydro Xide (North Eastern Swat, Pandemic Legion) with 8B ISK damage: 1437M, 722M, 346M, 650M,
  24. Ann Karas (Beach Boys, The Minions.) with 8B ISK damage: 808M, 355M, 321M, 539M, 522M, 2299M,
  25. Lijja Cuu (Mining Industry Exile Foundation, Warlords of the Deep) with 8B ISK damage: 262M, 575M, 343M, 1381M,
  26. StarFleetCommander (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 8B ISK damage: 295M, 353M, 305M,
  27. TaipanSan (ElitistOps, Pandemic Legion) with 8B ISK damage: 6906M,
  28. Darius Caliente (The Pinecone Squad, -) with 8B ISK damage: 424M, 325M, 487M, 281M, 251M, 419M, 299M,
  29. Sirius ZZ (NinjaWorks, Project.Mayhem.) with 7B ISK damage: 299M, 251M, 481M, 1212M,
  30. Somal Thunder (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 7B ISK damage: 1049M, 903M, 531M,
  31. GROUND XERO (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 7B ISK damage: 3037M, 302M, 533M,
  32. Neda Tomas (Tr0pa de elite., Pandemic Legion) with 7B ISK damage: 376M, 279M, 269M, 296M, 284M, 2201M,
  33. PiXEL UA (Mass of Pixels, Bora Alis) with 6B ISK damage: 418M, 361M, 358M, 267M,
  34. HippoWhisperer (Anime Masters, Baka Legion) with 6B ISK damage: 958M, 412M, 286M, 426M, 288M, 474M, 281M, 327M, 285M,
  35. PEEZY SKEELZZ (Wayy2Skeeldd, -) with 6B ISK damage: 290M, 404M, 275M, 467M, 591M, 792M,
  36. shadowgirl9 (The Filthy Few, Break-A-Wish Foundation) with 6B ISK damage: 347M, 952M,
  37. End'jinn (Red Federation, RvB - RED Federation) with 6B ISK damage: 452M,
  38. sabre906 (Militaris Industries, Northern Coalition.) with 6B ISK damage: 658M, 3813M,
  39. inslaved fighter (MASS A DEATH, Mordus Angels) with 6B ISK damage: 3279M, 845M, 645M,
  40. Selena Nolen (PiU PiU oLoLo I am driver UFO, Out of Sight.) with 6B ISK damage: 268M, 437M, 325M,
  41. Tellenta (Hull Breach., Outnumbered.) with 6B ISK damage: 463M, 574M, 2523M,
  42. Airric (Failed Diplomacy, Dirt Nap Squad.) with 6B ISK damage: 251M, 256M, 350M, 338M, 301M, 294M, 398M,
  43. gotwork (Brotherhood of Wolves, Project.Mayhem.) with 6B ISK damage: 772M, 2648M, 352M,
  44. El comepiedras Jastaspista (AKSJDFAJKLDSFBASDJBFASDJKFBASCDFJASDF, -) with 5B ISK damage: 346M, 349M, 1096M, 324M,
  45. glenarvan (Raging Angels, Mordus Angels) with 5B ISK damage: 355M, 321M, 366M, 398M, 1475M, 311M, 265M, 474M,
  46. Onga Matr (NinjaWorks, Project.Mayhem.) with 5B ISK damage: 3425M, 1918M,
  47. Prometheus Exenthal (mnemonic., -) with 5B ISK damage: 255M, 517M, 1027M, 865M,
  48. Dark 0verlord (Pandemic Horde Inc., Pandemic Horde) with 5B ISK damage: 321M, 339M, 322M, 274M, 299M, 1507M, 346M,
  49. dadicd11 (Furnace, Thermodynamics) with 5B ISK damage: 1765M, 277M, 805M, 281M,
  50. Rhybnar (SniggWaffe, WAFFLES.) with 5B ISK damage: 1434M, 839M, 1800M,
Total damage of the top 50 individuals is 464B ISK.


Anonymous said...

Unless you claim that the Imperium is on the verge of collapse at this moment, you are making the case with a post like this that they are stronger than ever and perhaps invulnerable in the current game universe.

If they are not teetering on the brink as this is written, that means they can absorb 3.5 trillion ISK in losses during a random peacetime month between major sov revamps without adverse effects. Who is in the best position to capitalize on whatever ends up being the new sov mechanic with this loss absorbtion ability? B-R5RB cost 11 trillion. They can lose it's entire equivalent 3 or 4 times a year without a reason to fight.

Gevlon said...

I do claim that they are on the edge of their abilities. See the Providence war that they had to abandon without completing half of their objective because MoA was threatening to headshot TNT. They can go on with these losses, they can control the current damage, but they are unable to go offensive with all this mess at home.

Anonymous said...

"I do claim that they are on the edge of their abilities. See the Providence war that they had to abandon without completing half of their objective because MoA was threatening to headshot TNT. They can go on with these losses, they can control the current damage, but they are unable to go offensive with all this mess at home."

You say that, but they told you in advance of going to Provi when they were going to come back. They didn't abandon provi because of MoA, they can back at the time they had scheduled.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Gevlon said...
I do claim that they are on the edge of their abilities. See the Providence war that they had to abandon without completing half of their objective because MoA was threatening to headshot TNT

Can you provide proof that that was the reason they left Providence? Other than that you're just speculating as usual.

Gevlon said...

Goons, at least read your own site:

"Adding to this difficulty was the fact that Mordus Angels tried to headshot TNT’s capital during the deployment, and TNT ended up having to go home and deal with that, impeding their progress"

Anonymous said...

"Goons, at least read your own site"
Yeah.. so read that. Returning from Provi had nothing to do with MoA. The only thing MoA affected was the effectiveness of TnT on their corner of provi as they had to split attention. The provi war ended on the day it was announced in advance to end.

Provi miner said...

Ha the Provi war was an abject failure. The min stated by mittens for success was around 70% I hub kills the ended up south of 50% completely failed in they feelings pocket of course assigning us to alliances to hit a euro stronghold wasn't real bright either. The failures against proven care bear systems was even worse cf and afk held longer than they had any right to. The Provi war proved the new system is not for mass blobs but organized units. Trust me the threat of a second goon invasion was met with much happiness by all of Provi we know what we did wrong it would be even worse. Should they tr again that's why the second invasion never materialized. One shellacking was enough for the on ego.

Anonymous said...

Half of provi was torched in a few days as opposed to the weeks it used to take, I'd hardly call that a failed campaign.

Provi Miner said...

ha, "even if all we do is 70%" that was the low bar mark goons barely cleared 50%. to make matters worse of the three objectives the goons targeted only one. So from 300 objects the goons managed to kill 50 not real successful now was it sport?

Anonymous said...

I am curious with so many smaller groups each contributing a good chunk of damage, why do they get no funding? Having many independent operators each bent on a goal is actually pretty healthy, especially since the CFC can only keep so many eyes out there, or try to bait so many fleets or cyno alts.

You would stand to empower a lot more smaller groups if they had even modest financial support. Several of them have already proven to strike harder than your own angels per member. If you want to destabilize the imeperium, if that is actually your goal, you should seek to fund smaller groups and get some honest competition out there, it can only result in good things.