Greedy Goblin

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Weekend minipost: one of these carriers had capital shield booster

The Mordus Angels killboard toplist is boring. Chimeras after Chimeras. So I made a little game for you to make it interesting! One of the five carriers had proper sized shield booster. Can you guess which one without clicking on the kills?


S Riojas said...

without looking eh?

I would say the lower costing of the 5 carriers... the Karma Fleet pilot though I would say no, so that leaves maniaco3.

looking... and I am wrong. Ok.


Burberius said...

I first thought the cheapest one is not fitted with a blinking Ratting fit. But then I saw they are all Goons except Psychicc.
So my guess is Psychicc ;-)

Anonymous said...

Gotta be the guy who's not GoonSwarm, for Gevlon to make a point of it.

Anonymous said...

Did the proper sized shield booster save them?

Anonymous said...

capital reppers make no sense on chimeras,you are unable to stable them,and x-large which you can stable works more than adequate on any and all rats ( the carrier is dead if caught,same as any ratting ship would be )

hating goons probably more than most their fits really are shit,bling when you don't need it and so on,but it is not shit because of lack for a capital repair module