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Monday, October 12, 2015

Literally the biggest carebears of New Eden, September

Like in August, I processed the downloaded Dotlan data for September 2015. Let's see the ratting charts first:
Well, well, the fruits of years of continous neglecting of highsec are now obvious: there are less PvE activity in highsec than in nullsec. While nullsec ratting increased a bit it's not the reason for the change but quick decrease of highsec activity. And you know what correlates very well with highsec PvE activity.

The most bizarre result of this change can be seen on Dotlan:
Goons are now literally the biggest carebears of New Eden. While they are ratting more than ever, the main reason of the change is the serious decrease in highsec, as Deklein only increased by 0.9M:

The most important is to see how quickly Providence returned to their high position in ratting.

Let's see the alliances:
Goons reached their record so far, due to Deklein being down on the CFC loss list (beaten by Vale and Pure Blind). Their ratting concentration is 4x higher than the Nullsec average, showing that CCP made a serious mistake listening to the Document of Shame, a joint venture of Nullsec overlords to remove conflict from Nullsec. With the increased anomaly count there is absolutely no reason to take the land of another group, there are enough anoms for 4x more nullsec people than current, not just as a theoretical possibility, but as an everyday practice. I'd suggest to decrease anom count in all systems to 1/4 of current.

Soviet-Union continues its march up the chart, now being #3 ratter. The xxDeath renters are not only down but extremely underutilizig their space, just like B0T renters, but at least they are a bit up. Razor and CVA both returned to pre-war ratting while xxDeath proper decreased their activity.

September was record for the Imperium in absolute numbers, but as it was huge for whole nullsec, their percentage record is still May. These are obviously not the numbers I want to see but since CCP completely removed conflict from nullsec, we can't hope that any other Sov owner will fight them (see how Providence attempted no retaliation for the earlier Imperium attacks). We must wait (and send support) until MoA grows to the point where they alone can make ratting impossible in Deklein.


Provi Miner said...

Goblin you know picking on provi is not cool lol. Actually there is several good reasons why provi doesn't "attack back". #1 provi has an extreamly small pro pvp base group. Folks will willing fight to defend provi fewer will willingly attempt a major deployment. #2: the recovery is not complete provi lost a lot folks to highsec who have not returned. #3: ITS PROVI WE DO IT OUR WAY.

Anonymous said...

Doing exactly what the game mechanics say we should be doing. Oh the shock an horror. Doing it better than everybody else, and were not that good at the game, what does that say about everybody else?

johnhoward said...

This is why we keep telling you that MOA are irrelevant hobos. Those 40m rats conservatively relate to 40T isk (likely many times more) going into the pockets of members with a percentage going to the alliance wallet in tax. Frankly the odd ratting ship is chump change, especially when you consider that home defence fleets are generally reimbursable.

Gevlon said...

@Provi Miner: you rat a lot. With 0.31M ISK per average null rat (coming from old CCP data), you rat 1.5T/month. How much you give MoA to fight for you? Nearly nothing. How much you fight yourself? Nearly nothing. You deserve to be everyone's punching bag.

@Anon: did I ever told otherwise? That every other sov holder is either shit or simply renters/self-defined carebears? This is why I trust in the non-Sov holder MoA.

@Johnhoward: More likely 12.5T. If your losses are so irrelevant, then please tell me why don't you use your infinite money to something? I mean if you'd throw trillions away on charity or bling roams or capital thunderdomes, than your statement would have merit.

Hint: the money is likely very badly distributed. Most of it in the hand of a few botters who likely lose nothing because bots never miss to warp to safe. The money of the little Goons is much lower.

Anonymous said...

Highsec is still the biggest earner simply because you earn isk in null from ship bounties while in highsec the bulk of the isk earned comes from LP and mission rewards. Your charts are fundamentally flawed.

Anonymous said...

So, ratting in Imperium space has increased (again) and MOA's kill rate has also increased.
It's almost as if there is a correlation.
Now that could work two ways.
1: The more MOA kills, the more people start to rat in response
2: As the imperium gets safer people rat more, leading to more targets for MOA
3: As PLEX prices rice people rat more, leading to more targets for MOA

I know you firmly believe in option 1. Personally I think it is a mix of option 2 and 3.

You also keep asserting that ISK is unfairly distributed, but you never have any stats to back it up. I certainly have never been ISK negative since joining the Imperium years ago and I don't rat with any regularity, nor have I ever met anyone leaving because of that. Bear in mind that to a lot of people ISK is not the be all end all that it is for your personal gamestyle.

Lastly, as others have mentioned, you keep assuming an infinite growth for MOA without any real indication that this is possible. Their play style is something that attracts a small minority of players and the player pool in EVE is limited.

Warden of the North said...

"Hint: the money is likely very badly distributed. Most of it in the hand of a few botters who likely lose nothing because bots never miss to warp to safe. The money of the little Goons is much lower."

If you have a proof of botting, why don't you submit it to CCP?

Gevlon said...

Because I don't know who bots. I see from the charts that the ratting in weekends is the same as in weekdays, while humans have more free time to play in the weekends, see highsec chart.

Rodolphe Ortalo said...

You should know the systems where these botters operate, no? At least this list could be useful to CCP or players. (As much as I hate it AFK-cloaking comes to me as an easy counter there, especially if those bots warp away.)

Burbone said...

In your region chart I miss Delve, it was there in August, but now it misses.
As there are still 33 regions, another one was probably missing in August.

Anonymous said...

"while humans have more free time to play in the weekends"

9-5 workers have more free time at the weekend.

It is almost as if goons have a wide range of people in them covering many different work schedules, from none, to 6 days a week, to those who work weekends.

Gevlon said...

@Rodolphe: CCP sees the same stats as I do. If they'd want to do something, they already did. They are pretty open about "if you don't RMT and annoy other people, we don't care"

@Burbone: there are 41 null regions, 33 fit to the picture. I simply ignore a few on the bottom

@Anon: yes, sure. There are so many weekend-working Goons that they compensate for the normal schedule ones.

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon

Anonymous said...

The are only so many anoms available at any given time so numbers have a hard cap which is often met which leads to what you see.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a simple reason that Nullsec does not correlate as well as high sec to a "normal" player profile of working weeks.

The Null sec player is or more properly has to be more invested in the game. Pap links or other activity measures "force" you to log in nearly every day. Also, to make the most of the increased overhead like logistics to and from markets, you need to be more active to make it worthwhile.

E.g. I left Null when I changed jobs to a more irregular one (during the weeks) as I could not uphold the pap requirements anymore. Now i live in high and play weekends. I think that is often the case.

So the more casual players are in highsec (as your analysis shows) and they play weekends. The more dedicated (timewise) players are in low or null and log in daily.

Voila - fluctuation in high and not anywhere else.

Gevlon said...

If the hard cap would be met (Goons rat as much as they can and have to wait in line), they would capture more land. Not even I claim that they couldn't evict the random crap from Cloud Ring or Fountain. Or they would simply take more systems from TNT who still rat less than half of them per system.

Anonymous said...

That would stretch the imperium too thin defensively. This is the great flaw in anoms, they don't support enough people and can't deal with population growth. They should be scrapped in favour of a mission based system which would come with the added bonus of not being as afk farmable

Michael Carson said...

You also must realize if those goon ratters are on index raising fleets and the afktars get ganked they also get reimbursed. It's a fleet op. So they are making isk, getting paps and if moa blaps there ratter its paid for. Since the adm now matters to defense strategic raising is now a thing so goons infinite wallets pay out losses. So the average line member is losing nothing while imperium moongoo and renter income + member taxes cover ship losses.

Gevlon said...

That's an upgrade from "they don't care about losses". Now we are on "they make money from losses". One must wonder why don't they lose much more ships.

Jim L said...

He was talking about the individual Goon. Not the alliance. Through insurance, ratting, and reimbursement, an individual Goon can make money when his ship is lost.

The alliance loses money of course (maybe not with taxes though) but you have stated that your campaign was directed at the individual Goon, not the alliance.

Jim L said...

As for your silly comment about them losing more ships (presumably on purpose), I think that would be pretty easy to catch if done to excess and the violator would probably be kicked for defrauding the alliance.

Anonymous said...

"Years of neglecting" is incorrect - there have been nerfs, nerfs, and more nerfs. Removal of ice mining (replaced with ice camping - the process of catching ice anom after it spawns before it disappears under mining laser fire in 20 minutes), deathblow to hisec refining, deathblow to gravimetric signatures, NUMEROUS ganktard buffs and tags4sec causing explosive growth in ganktard population, freighters nerf, warpdrive nerf, etc, etc, etc...

Please correct the article to "Years of nerfbatting".