Greedy Goblin

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekend minipost: T1 vs T3 dessies

If roughly equal number of T1 destroyers meet T3 destroyers, it's clear who'll win. However if the T3s are flown by the laughing stock of the Imperium, it's not so clear.
Hey, if I follow escalations in a very blinged interdiction nullified Tengu, nothing can go wrong!
Goon propagandists keep telling how they hellcamp MoA, locking down their home station. Or something like that.
What's better than a blinged AFK Ishtar? A blinged AFK Ishtar with a blinged pod!


S Riojas said...

Nothing like facts to dispel the Goon/CFC/Imperium superiority mythos.

Kickass Tivianne said...

Love it when the propaganda machine hits a brick wall. "Well we meant to loose them... It's already replaced... " Bla bla bla...