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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Elite Stunts

After the montly CFC loss results usually the ratting data or the MoA data comes. But something demands a place, now. Stunt Flores, leading the Anime Masters corp declared war on Goons and started to kill them and their minions. Anime Masters was in Verge of Collapse first, but then separated (I don't know or care about the details). This is the statistics of his corp in July against the minions of Evil.Kills and losses are de-inflated, so if a pilot got 10% damage on a 300M AFK Ishtar, he gets 30M booked. Only damage done to and losses from the Evil Imperium are listed. The table below lists the top pilots, sorted by damage done:
# Pilot Name M to Imp M by Imp Ratio Top kills Top losses
1 Stunt Flores 49171 8875 85% 1183M, 1123M, 1090M, 1057M, 984M, 794M, 604M, 582M, 569M, 550M,
2 HippoWhisperer 17141 2130 89% 1560M, 1076M, 721M, 711M, 451M, 544M, 459M, 449M, 400M, 178M,
3 Tcher Avian 2844 476 86% 628M, 371M, 358M, 341M, 195M, 476M,
4 W4r Destined 1866 1190 61% 261M, 228M, 217M, 185M, 172M, 624M, 443M, 123M,
5 Timoxa Zero 1782 1994 47% 384M, 287M, 286M, 184M, 167M, 552M, 468M, 428M, 383M, 77M,
6 Gorski Car 1528 382 80% 900M, 388M, 240M, 382M,
7 Fibrizo Kravitz 1461 1047 58% 321M, 317M, 316M, 195M, 185M, 593M, 400M, 55M,
8 Crackaapat geegee 860 878 50% 129M, 112M, 99M, 89M, 79M, 398M, 90M, 89M, 85M, 65M,
9 Merila Ishkari 661 444 60% 361M, 264M, 36M, 444M,
10 Desty Nowa 655 156 81% 249M, 119M, 69M, 47M, 42M, 58M, 55M, 43M,
11 Aram Kachaturian 571 38 94% 432M, 38M, 30M, 23M, 16M, 38M,
12 KitCat 01 374 831 31% 204M, 58M, 43M, 40M, 18M, 445M, 247M, 65M, 56M, 18M,
13 Everyone else 102 147 41%
14 Total 79016 18587 81%

Yes, you read it right. The pilot Stunt Flores scored 49.1B kills in a month in nullsec against the strongest coalition. For comparison: in 2014 loyalanon scored 525B kills. That's 44B/month, against highsec miners and AFK haulers. Stunt Flores had 85% ISK ratio facing titan gatecamps, baiters and everything the strongest coalition could throw at him. loyalanon had 83% against highsec miners and AFK haulers. This is a prime example how a single elite player can outperform hundreds. By the way Anime Masters are recruiting, contact him if you have a good killboard to prove your worth. Or start to get one by getting your butt to Deklein!

This is the summary against alliances of the Evil Imperium, over 5B kills:
Evil Alliance B Damage done B Damage taken ISK ratio
Goonswarm Federation 47 10 82
Fidelas Constans 20 5 79

Finally the focus on the Evil: 81% of their losses were from the Evil Imperium, so they were extremely focused on the war.

They will obviously get my financial support. As I mentioned there was a mess with the alliance, as Stunts lead the whole campaign and VoC members cooperated after the split. So for July I pay him after the VoC+Anime kills, 143B. Of course this is a one-time exception, in August only Anime kills will matter (unless Anime joins another alliance). Since MoA did 174B, MoA gets 6.6B while Anime gets 5.4B per week. Remember that August has 5 Saturdays, so this payment will arrive 5 times. MoA already got 6B as estimate this Saturday and Anime got 5B mid-month for SRP, I'll send the remaining 0.6B and 0.4B respectively for this week.


Gorski Car said...

Anime masters may have left VoC but they are still blue to us.

Evil Goon #4517 said...

Stunt Flores makes some impressive stuff, deserves all the respect.

Anonymous said...

I think both styles work very well.
While MOA concentrates on carriers, sub caps and entosis herassment,
Anime Masters concentrate on sub caps.
OOS seems to be a bit shy. Not getting the good kills but a lot of small stuff.
If i were them i would take advantage that Init and Razor have deployed to Curse, to coonstantly entosis their space. That would seriously anoy them =)