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Friday, August 14, 2015

Business post: aligned lists

It's been a long time since I posted a business post, due to I'm still trading the same things for more than two years now and they don't stop being profitable. However I figured that I could post little tips how to do them instead of what to trade:
On the left you can see the station item hangar in list mode. On the right, the market quickbar. In the item hangar the same items are present as in the market quickbar, if you have different items, use a filter to hide them. If you align the two lists, you can instantly see your stock. Unfortunately the two lists aren't exactly the same size, so if you align them at one item, about 5 items will be aligned above and below, so you have to realign.

In the picture I can see at first glance that I have to buy Crystal and Slave Omegas, so my restocking speeds up a lot. I hope this trick helped you.

I'd also like to remind you how important is to physically remove or disable (by Hanura H'arasch) your numpad enter, or you'll be Edineral:

PS: The good fight to stop the genocide of Guristas continues.


Amarr-Zon said...

Don't you use the option to place buy orders for a radius of x jumps? (I just can't remember the skill name.)

I like to give my clients the little convinience and pick up the items on their station (within a radius of 2 to 5 jumps).
Of course this service takes some of my time and I can't see my whole stock at once. But they're using it regularly and it doesn't hurt me much, since I'm using a Blockade Runner or Interceptor to collect them.

Gevlon said...

No, I'm just hauling between hubs

Amarr-Zon said...

Maybe it's a topic for a different business post:
How long does it take, to stock up like we can see in the image? In my experience most of the "interesting" implants are slow movers (especially the high-end and hardwiring stuff).
And how do you decide when to sell the pile? Do you use the price history tab intensively, do you make some evaluations by yourself, do you decide it just by your knowledge/ experience?

Gevlon said...

I don't stock and sell. I have a bunch listed from the same items in Hek, Rens, Dodi, Amarr. If they sell, I send a new batch and restock in Jita.

S Riojas said...

Not sure why you would have a problem with the Enter key on the num pad. I've never had an issue with mis-sells because of it.

Looks like the issue is with the font size between the two lists. Would be nice if there was an option to unify the font in all areas.

Gevlon said...

If you have a sell window open and press enter, the sell will be done immediately without warning box, regardless of prices entered. This is especially problematic if you press Enter instead of one of the number keys, typically 3.

Imagine that you want to enter the price 123000000, but press 1-2-Enter-000000 instead. You just sold your wares for 12 ISK.

Anonymous said...

that mod changes EVE gamefiles?
if so, it could be banable.

Personaly I physicaly remove the numpad enter keys. I'm used to only use numpad as number input. Did that because of my Edineral moment in EVE and yes it was a misspress of [3] key.

posix compliant said...

I'm pretty sure my client pops up a warning when I'm about to sell.

Marek Zaborowski said...

Gevlon, could You write in futher trading-guides about optimal capital:merchandise ratio? It is obvious that trader with several billions of ISK-s should focus on expansive merchanides, since even if they offer only small margin, its still much more pure ISK-s, that he could ever get from cheap things. The same reasoning apply to trader with low budget, who knows freezing his assests in few items is simply stupid.

I wonder how that apply in EVE. What price-range of items You suggest to new traders based on their capital and time.

Also, what You think about EVE Central trading tools? I found them very helpful for new players, that want to embrace trading and have to start somewhere.

Hanura H'arasch said...

If you don't trust random blogs on the internet to provide virus free .exe files (hint: you shouldn't) you can download the raw script here .

Don't be intimidated by it's weird file extension, it's just text and can be opened as such by your favorite text editor. To execute it, download and install autohotkey (from here) and just double click as usual. It's working if you see the green autohotkey icon on the bottom right.

S Riojas said...

"If you have a sell window open and press enter, the sell will be done immediately without warning box, regardless of prices entered."

I see now. Since I usually use the num pad for ten-key input in Excel this would explain why I've never had this issue. When I am adjusting market orders I always use numbers on the standard keyboard.

Maybe they don't have number pads in Iceland ;)

Hanura H'arasch said...

@Anonymous: "that mod changes EVE gamefiles?
if so, it could be banable."

No, it doesn't touch any EVE files in any way. It is literally the equivalent of removing your numpad enter key, with the only added benefit that it doesn't affect other applications. There is absolutely no way this could possibly violate the EULA.

Kontalaa said...

My fatfingers cost me 185m today ...

typed 39499 instead of 69499 on some 100k units of stuff :/

I wish there would be a waring like "you will dump everything 50% below into buy-orders, are you sure??"... that warning only comes under 10% - if you have it still enabled ..

Lee Monk said...

Hi Gevlon,

I was chatting with some of the guys in a well known trade channel and one of them advised me that you were making around 60b per week/month (sadly I can not remember which one now).

Metaphorically speaking.... its hard to believe that all that profit still comes from just hub trading implants. (Despite my comment I do believe it).

I'm reading through a couple of older blogs right now (or at least the older content of the blogs). Lowsec lifestyle from Sugar and K162 (industrial blog). Both focus around low/null trading along with a touch of hub trading (at least from K162).

In this blog you clearly state that you hub trade but can I ask if you supply any smaller hubs?


Gevlon said...

Just Hek, Rens, Dodi and Amarr. About 30-40B/month from this. Another 20-30B/month from mining missions.