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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Weekend minipost: this is how SMA sits on MOA’s chest and beats them everytime

I can't laugh enough on the last SotA of the Empire of Evil, that claims "SMA completed a successful campaign of sitting on MOA’s chest and beating them everytime".

I've just received video evidence how it's done! Tomorrow will come the monthly CFC loss report and then the MoA monthly report, both proving the deep truth of the quote! (written testimony of the same event). Oh, here is another piece of evidence.

You most probably heard that SMA lost an idiot-fit titan. Instead of reporting the obvious, I'd ask you to take a look at the 9B pod, which was not smartbombed, still died in lowsec. Besides that obvious fail, he also fit Slaves+HG-1008 to for a Leviathan (which can only shield tank, not like he did that), and a very expensive Pashan's Turret Customization Mindlink, probably the best DPS implants out there. It provides 7% bonus to all turret rate of fire.


Unknown said...

Maybe something has changed but as far as I know there still is no shield boosting pirate implants. So slave isnt a horrible choice, I prefer nomads but just depends the type of fights you levi gets in.

Gevlon said...

@Sam: SM-705, also Genolutions (CA-3 gives shiels, others increase effect)

Anonymous said...

Gevlon, noz every Titan Kill is dumb. Thid one was meant to die! while people might think it economically useless to do so, it is just the same as if some bloke spent some billion ISK every month to support a group of 0.0 gankers to blow stuff up while them being to stupid/unsuccessful to make enough ISK to supoort their actions independently...

Titan Kill Event 03:00
From: Douglas Aurelius
Sent: 2015.07.03 23:16
To: Spectre Fleet,

Tonight as a kick off to Independence Day, TEST will be parking a Titan in an as of yet unknown system and allowing Eve to blow it up. This came as the result of a fundraiser that raised $20,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Such events bring people to them who want to pew pew the big shiny thing and plenty more that want to pew pew those people so Spectre as always will go where the pew pew is.

Given Spectre's and my own experience with big "shoot the expensive thing" events we're going to play this one by ear. The timezone is rather late US and super early EU so the crowds will be lessened by the off TZ of the event. At the same time it is a titan and people love to kill titans so how many will show up is anyone's guess. As a result of the unknown size of the fleets that may or may not come and its as of yet unknown location we're going to have to decide on how we play this closer to it starting.

FC: Douglas Aurelius
Form up: Jita (subject to change)
Time: 02:30

Doctrine: Cerbs
DPS: Cerberus - HMLs / Caracal - HMLs
Logi: Scimi / Scythe (at least 5)
Support: Huggin (2)/ Jackdaw / Ceptors

Backup; If we dont get enough to properly field this fleet comp or the system is overly tidi / op lvl fleets in local we will down ship into Jackdaw w/ Scythe and mess about

Well, I guess Snuff Box got in early.....

Anonymous said...

@Anon 18:36

The Titan Gevlon linked wasn't the TEST Titan, so your comment doesn't apply. The charity Titan KM is here:

And the event lasted a long time, because people avoided bringing caps and spent more time shooting each other than the Titan.