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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Analysis of MoA with SMA sitting on their chest and beating them everytime

Short RL economy: I found a little video that describes the future of Greece pretty accurately.

Yes, I know. I must let that line go. But I just can't stop smiling every time I think of it. Anyway this is the performance of the pilots of MoA against the Evil Imperium. Kills and losses are de-inflated, so if a pilot got 10% damage on a 300M AFK Ishtar, he gets 30M booked. Only damage done to and losses from the Evil Imperium are listed. The table below lists the top pilots, sorted by damage done
# Pilot Name M to Imp M by Imp Ratio Top kills Top losses
1 Earendix 12600 3333 79% 866M, 703M, 441M, 392M, 316M, 356M, 168M, 159M, 115M, 114M,
2 El comepiedras Jastaspista 11251 2946 79% 774M, 614M, 371M, 240M, 237M, 370M, 346M, 135M, 115M, 107M,
3 fihs shark 8077 1841 81% 393M, 374M, 224M, 222M, 144M, 185M, 85M, 79M, 78M, 75M,
4 Seven Frost 7956 853 90% 707M, 513M, 402M, 348M, 231M, 163M, 92M, 92M, 72M, 65M,
5 Erebus SilentKill 5075 423 92% 587M, 493M, 223M, 158M, 155M, 59M, 56M, 50M, 48M, 33M,
6 Titox Sasen 3845 1637 70% 292M, 153M, 129M, 109M, 108M, 328M, 190M, 172M, 135M, 116M,
7 h4x0r84 2626 309 89% 944M, 252M, 246M, 54M, 48M, 196M, 35M, 30M,
8 Akballah Kassan 2485 114 96% 513M, 485M, 130M, 127M, 78M, 50M, 25M, 10M, 10M,
9 TrotaconventoX 2328 784 75% 240M, 128M, 72M, 70M, 70M, 91M, 88M, 83M, 47M, 44M,
10 Zockhandra 2126 0 100% 891M, 624M, 412M, 80M, 48M,
11 forgottenone Udan 1786 505 78% 142M, 111M, 77M, 76M, 75M, 73M, 43M, 31M, 30M, 30M,
12 Jang Ezhdeha 1777 684 72% 284M, 106M, 91M, 80M, 63M, 88M, 82M, 79M, 58M, 58M,
13 Raszagal Khalai 1716 948 64% 179M, 159M, 146M, 95M, 82M, 214M, 152M, 89M, 86M, 84M,
14 Zieg Olexia 1671 248 87% 295M, 126M, 109M, 60M, 57M, 100M, 54M, 27M, 26M, 25M,
15 Ixtisy 1602 10 99% 578M, 139M, 94M, 68M, 55M,
16 Furiae Kaisang 1574 639 71% 291M, 218M, 118M, 101M, 96M, 184M, 97M, 90M, 64M, 55M,
17 JAY WRIGHT 1462 0 100% 964M, 85M, 72M, 62M, 56M,
18 Rodritor 1391 67 95% 169M, 132M, 95M, 86M, 79M, 21M, 19M, 19M,
19 Perkutor Jakuard 1373 354 79% 392M, 112M, 65M, 61M, 55M, 55M, 49M, 49M, 31M, 29M,
20 Veronica Nalelmir 1298 1095 54% 262M, 227M, 170M, 95M, 64M, 351M, 162M, 158M, 93M, 84M,
21 xBRANEx 1297 474 73% 303M, 179M, 135M, 55M, 54M, 129M, 69M, 64M, 54M, 46M,
22 EnigmaX XamginE 1253 1404 47% 512M, 256M, 64M, 56M, 32M, 520M, 91M, 38M, 37M, 37M,
23 Kauker 1241 350 78% 497M, 271M, 110M, 90M, 75M, 332M, 18M,
24 Cognac 1158 357 76% 543M, 146M, 72M, 43M, 32M, 215M, 104M, 39M,
25 Predator 666 1136 2529 31% 612M, 175M, 139M, 117M, 30M, 995M, 635M, 452M, 242M, 205M,
26 Justykek 1108 24 98% 600M, 106M, 65M, 42M, 29M, 14M,
27 Castiel Visage 1095 862 56% 397M, 181M, 164M, 79M, 64M, 487M, 98M, 92M, 86M, 58M,
28 Selena Nolen 1076 1399 43% 510M, 179M, 45M, 39M, 29M, 1124M, 186M, 55M, 17M, 17M,
29 sashamoreeeeeeeeeee 1049 89 92% 94M, 85M, 79M, 56M, 53M, 30M, 21M,
30 KGB4life 1007 280 78% 209M, 197M, 156M, 58M, 54M, 146M, 54M, 42M, 37M,
31 Fallen Berkser 1000 115 90% 410M, 79M, 49M, 49M, 47M, 59M, 45M, 10M,
32 Whisperen 987 546 64% 163M, 161M, 133M, 111M, 65M, 135M, 111M, 102M, 94M, 64M,
33 Dean Wong 967 0 100% 513M, 117M, 115M, 33M, 28M,
34 YoJiG 950 0 100% 586M, 58M, 50M, 43M, 37M,
35 Sonja SherezadeX 937 385 71% 187M, 88M, 62M, 43M, 37M, 41M, 37M, 36M, 34M, 32M,
36 Sara Curtis 935 184 84% 354M, 316M, 95M, 88M, 81M, 95M, 90M,
37 Barknor 928 62 94% 164M, 73M, 64M, 59M, 45M, 50M, 11M,
38 Mark Jervelund 915 227 80% 223M, 182M, 133M, 74M, 46M, 62M, 37M, 36M, 36M, 33M,
39 Khamul Corleone 906 0 100% 766M, 140M,
40 Gen Eve 897 59 94% 122M, 112M, 78M, 51M, 42M, 30M, 29M,
41 Dave911 863 298 74% 104M, 81M, 59M, 41M, 41M, 225M, 39M, 25M,
42 Baahl Shylok 845 94 90% 142M, 134M, 108M, 73M, 57M, 48M, 37M,
43 MASSADEATH 828 65 93% 192M, 112M, 79M, 65M, 61M, 27M, 26M, 12M,
44 Heno 771 242 76% 105M, 52M, 51M, 49M, 49M, 169M, 31M, 16M, 15M, 11M,
45 crlstal 731 579 56% 109M, 71M, 66M, 38M, 35M, 235M, 192M, 68M, 36M, 27M,
46 Alfheri 727 84 90% 492M, 65M, 49M, 21M, 20M, 84M,
47 VTyx Soul 705 204 78% 113M, 85M, 66M, 50M, 36M, 204M,
48 Nevil Kincade 701 475 60% 99M, 87M, 59M, 37M, 33M, 221M, 154M, 51M, 29M,
49 Pancho 1942 666 0 100% 173M, 95M, 83M, 49M, 33M,
50 Ironlegioneri 642 852 43% 122M, 88M, 49M, 35M, 34M, 284M, 99M, 94M, 92M, 74M,
51 Fresco Aideron 640 728 47% 104M, 57M, 30M, 30M, 29M, 401M, 165M, 51M, 51M, 29M,
52 Sir Rexor 637 168 79% 141M, 76M, 72M, 44M, 35M, 73M, 48M, 47M,
53 Athalwolf 628 77 89% 378M, 118M, 31M, 25M, 21M, 49M, 29M,
54 Rogueweapon 624 152 80% 125M, 96M, 53M, 34M, 32M, 49M, 49M, 37M, 17M,
55 Jerhboa 622 64 91% 60M, 58M, 53M, 38M, 31M, 17M, 10M,
56 Neok1337 596 636 48% 54M, 41M, 39M, 37M, 35M, 371M, 97M, 65M, 56M, 47M,
57 Pirjo Perasuoli Pukama-Rauha 586 267 69% 82M, 68M, 59M, 55M, 37M, 86M, 84M, 81M, 17M,
58 MDuff 565 112 84% 114M, 91M, 74M, 40M, 36M, 41M, 26M, 24M, 20M,
59 Chronoes Thellere 553 0 100% 355M, 121M, 24M, 13M,
60 Gungankllr 549 112 83% 85M, 83M, 64M, 59M, 48M, 36M, 33M, 17M, 13M, 12M,
61 Likusia 548 0 100% 412M, 76M, 39M, 20M,
62 ZliDust 544 566 49% 128M, 78M, 51M, 27M, 26M, 83M, 76M, 76M, 75M, 75M,
63 Kayi Brixius 543 0 100% 150M, 137M, 42M, 37M, 33M,
64 Wanna Killyou 515 26 95% 106M, 61M, 59M, 41M, 35M, 17M,
65 Zahn Sikozu 510 51 91% 73M, 62M, 55M, 48M, 27M, 31M,
66 Zarek RedHill 506 163 76% 84M, 39M, 38M, 23M, 22M, 26M, 26M, 26M, 26M, 25M,
67 stunkerd II 496 41 92% 134M, 69M, 55M, 38M, 34M, 22M, 14M,
68 Torch Toomb 492 481 51% 116M, 53M, 37M, 31M, 26M, 305M, 56M, 49M, 28M, 18M,
69 Samael Curtis 491 253 66% 99M, 70M, 46M, 41M, 40M, 58M, 36M, 20M, 19M, 19M,
70 kasbah 466 4 99% 81M, 73M, 41M, 35M, 23M,
71 Les Bains 461 254 64% 94M, 79M, 75M, 24M, 16M, 152M, 54M, 49M,
72 Lupus Aurelius 457 0 100% 71M, 56M, 43M, 35M, 22M,
73 Baaad Seed 444 93 83% 51M, 50M, 32M, 27M, 21M, 65M, 12M,
74 Death Trapp 438 109 80% 54M, 54M, 27M, 27M, 26M, 60M, 28M, 21M,
75 159Pinky 437 240 65% 73M, 66M, 52M, 34M, 24M, 83M, 53M, 53M, 51M,
76 LifeGoneWrong 428 37 92% 108M, 42M, 33M, 21M, 19M, 13M,
77 Undertovv 427 0 100% 137M, 65M, 53M, 41M, 38M,
78 Cadius Vect 424 117 78% 51M, 31M, 25M, 24M, 20M, 38M, 31M, 30M, 18M,
79 Zaryte 422 0 100% 108M, 47M, 42M, 31M, 26M,
80 Icycle 403 178 69% 105M, 62M, 33M, 24M, 18M, 74M, 31M, 28M, 25M,
81 Gud 375 25 94% 53M, 35M, 29M, 27M, 21M, 16M,
82 Impness 363 194 65% 72M, 57M, 56M, 31M, 25M, 91M, 62M, 35M,
83 So Laki 361 399 48% 244M, 94M, 13M, 133M, 129M, 55M, 31M, 21M,
84 DuCkie101 358 0 100% 77M, 73M, 41M, 25M, 23M,
85 Erik Rot 357 184 66% 114M, 66M, 30M, 26M, 55M, 53M, 33M, 32M, 11M,
86 Caer Dallben 351 10 97% 78M, 30M, 25M, 23M, 23M, 10M,
87 xXCojakXx 350 11 97% 245M, 17M, 15M, 11M,
88 Jifa Zateki 344 258 57% 68M, 31M, 26M, 23M, 23M, 92M, 76M, 33M, 31M, 26M,
89 Thorn Eden 322 9 97% 109M, 65M, 48M, 24M,
90 DeCypherSphere 320 65 83% 220M, 65M, 11M, 65M,
91 Ransu Asanari 320 108 75% 42M, 40M, 37M, 30M, 21M, 86M, 16M,
92 Kukaraxa 317 298 52% 88M, 26M, 24M, 19M, 17M, 50M, 47M, 46M, 35M, 29M,
93 Striker ksv 317 291 52% 46M, 41M, 36M, 33M, 32M, 125M, 76M, 35M, 29M, 11M,
94 Jon Eriker 301 0 100% 83M, 67M, 29M, 27M, 27M,
95 Renwall Stoneheart 297 0 100% 49M, 37M, 36M, 28M, 23M,
96 Grape Juice 297 78 79% 43M, 36M, 23M, 22M, 21M, 35M, 30M, 14M,
97 Eklest 287 0 100% 96M, 25M, 19M, 18M, 18M,
98 Tygg Essex 270 219 55% 104M, 79M, 25M, 11M, 40M, 31M, 28M, 27M, 23M,
99 Tempest Dian 268 150 64% 60M, 28M, 26M, 25M, 17M, 110M, 11M, 11M,
100 Fodote 264 784 25% 126M, 94M, 18M, 15M, 502M, 194M, 89M,
101 Everyone else 11221 14180 44%
102 Total 135454 51219 73%

This is the summary of corps against the Imperium:
Rank Corp B Damage done B Damage taken ISK ratio
1 Yuhu al Medio - Overlodea Primo 62 23 73
2 MASS A DEATH 17 6 74
3 Dissident Aggressors 18 5 78
4 PiU PiU oLoLo I am driver UFO 4 6 42
5 20th Legion 6 2 76
6 Mosquito Squadron 5 1 79
7 Zeura Brotherhood 5 1 83
- Sum of small ones 17 7 72
- Total 135 51 73

This is the summary against alliances of the Evil Imperium, over 5B kills:
Evil Alliance B Damage done B Damage taken ISK ratio
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 71 23 76
Goonswarm Federation 42 20 68
Circle-Of-Two 6 3 65
Tactical Narcotics Team 5 1 80

Yes, you see it right, SMA had 24% ISK ratio during a "successful campaign". I'd ask the rhetorical question what do they do when they aren't successful, but life recently answered it.

Finally the focus on the Evil: 40% of the losses were from the Evil Imperium, so MoA was indeed troubled by third parties during their Cloud Ring deployment. Here is the toplist of losses from non-Imperium enemies:
  • WAFFLES.: 10B
  • Pandemic Horde: 8B
  • The Marmite Collective: 6B
  • #Corp: Darkmooncorporation: 4B
  • Banderlogs Alliance: 4B
  • Break-A-Wish Foundation: 2B
  • Gentlemen's.Club: 2B
But if you are a hoping minion of Evil, I have to tell that I've already found an alliance to support to supplement the numbers, because blood must flow!


Anonymous said...

While I do not take Imperium propaganda at face value, I feel your analysis is kind of flawed as well.
You equate success solely with ISK efficiency and if that were SMA's goal then you are correct.
But if their goal was to diminish MOA activity by burning ISK in the form of ships then their campaign may well have met it's goals.
An analogy would be WWII germany. Compared to the allies germany was ISK positive. They killed a lot more soldiers and destroyed more equipment than they lost during the war. (outside of civilian atrocities)
Now I am not comparing either side to nazi's or allies, that would be silly for a computer game, but the coffers of the imperium run a LOT deeper than that of MOA and thus they need not fly nearly as risk averse as MOA does.

Anonymous said...

The full quote is actually:
"SpaceMonkey’s Alliance completed a successful campaign of sitting on MOA’s chest and beating them everytime they showed any sign of taking advantage of the Imperium’s Delve Deployment"
That's actually true. ISK efficiency means very little.

Anonymous said...

indeed ISK efficency does not show everything.

june killboard will look better :D

Stabs said...

Reddit is quite lively with news of Verge of Collapse joining your crusade.

Gevlon said...

Thanks for the link, it's hilarious. However, they are NOT the new recipients for this month, they are scheduled for August pay, since I first want numbers and pay after.

Anonymous said...

Verge of Collapse is a dying alliance that now only has 109 members, with maybe 4 or 5 of them that camp in cloaky stratios in CFC territory. I'd hardly call that a threat.

Your logic on how killboard efficiency wins wars is laughable. MOA hasn't gained anything while 90% of the CFC was down in Delve. How do you call that a victory? Anyone can easily get their killboard efficiency up by flying risk adverse cloaky bombless bombers. You know, the type of bombers that you criticized the CFC for using during the TEST Fountain war. There is still no mass exodus from the CFC, in fact they probably have the highest retention rate out of any alliance in Eve.

But your winning right, because killboard efficiency....

Gevlon said...

VoC was #6 killer in June, not bad from a few guys.
CFC lost 5 regions and all the highsec POCOs, I'd hardly call it nothing.

Anonymous said...

"VoC was #6 killer in June, not bad from a few guys."
That's the point though... it IS bad. They may have buffed their killboard stats, but most of the imperium have no idea who they are. Killboard stats are irrelevant, what matters is impact. You've proven yourself that killboards can easily be inflated by picking easy targets. That's all that happens here. Groups like this and MOA specifically avoid strategic targets in favours of buffing killboard, since that's all you look at. It will never change a thing. You've been at this how long? And you still haven't figured that part out yet?

Gevlon said...

Could you teach me how to calculate "impact score"?

CFC is a ratting coalition. They rat for ISK (there is no other point). Take their ISK and they leave.

Anonymous said...

"Could you teach me how to calculate "impact score"?"
No. Nobody could teach you how to calcluate anything like that, sine it's not raw numbers. To make it simple though, there has to be a visible negative effect on the imperium. There isn't. The only downsizing they've done has been to fozziesov.

"CFC is a ratting coalition. They rat for ISK (there is no other point). Take their ISK and they leave."
Obviously they don't though, since it's been over a year and still there's no signs of people leaving. Ratters have losses and those are acceptable. When they aren't, they adapt, they don't leave. In order to beat them you have to come up with a way to negatively impact them in a way they can't adapt. I'd really like to see you succeed, that's the hard part of all this, you just never will if you're expecting it to be won by ganking random ships.