Greedy Goblin

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekend minipost: extraordinary performance and support

Mordus Angels broke its previous record by large and killed 275B worth of minions of Evil in May. The trend of their performance is quite obvious:
While others are "looking for fun content" by farming BRAVE or Provi, they fly against the largest coalition 40x outnumbered. This performance definitely deserves the maximum support I can give, so in June they get all the 12B/week (approx 51B/month).

PS: SMA has a new cool logo. All they need now are new, cool pilots who don't bring wardecced JFs to highsec.


Anonymous said...

How much do you spend every day on updating orders to support 12b a week? Can you share capital and accounts involved?

Gevlon said...

approx 2 hours every day, 2 accs, 4 pilots

Warden of the North said...

So one thing I don't get is...

You've been bragging about how you're "Massacring" the enemy and how they're not going to last long. Despite that, there's been no actual impact - they've been hit by CCP's changes like everyone in nullsec, but that's just about it.

In fact, prior to those changes they were growing.

jedi2005 said...

Im An old player , iac alliance old, back trom when they weren based from zxic in catch. Recently came back to the game. And back in iac time, srp was not something that alliances provided in. And personally i do 't believen In It. If youre a pvp , hou should Be Abel to het the income For yourself. Hoever the iac alliance had a verg clever "deinflated" you would say internal killboard thing. Weren based upon the deinflated killstats you would get a part of the loot. If hou would pay the money jou pay now to combat goons to , pay For programmers that would build a deinflated public zkillboard type of killboard this would probably have a much bigger effect on the goons then anything.