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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Business post: Noah's Ark

You might remember the Ark that orbited Ashab gate in Amarr, taunting Goons with 10 PLEXes in the hold and they didn't even try to gank. You probably think it was fitted with 3x reinforced bulkheads. No and the fit worth a business post, since you can have your own Ark or Providence that can haul "safely" from gankers. Of course CODE in Uedama is a bit bigger threat than Karmafleet in Amarr, but - unless you haul something really expensive - even they will ignore you.

I'd like to re-iterate that if you haul something small and expensive - like a deadspace module - in a freighter, you are dumb. It goes to transport Tengus. If you are arriving from nullsec, cyno into lowsec, one jump from highsec and transport with a Tengu from there. Occators are safer for medium-sized cargo. However if you have lots of bulk material with the price of 2-3B, you need a freighter or JF. This is when the Providence and Ark come to the picture. The Ark is more expensive and has smaller hold, but of course much safer, due to its bigger tank and the ability to jump to an exit cyno.

How strong it is? Goons tried to gank it once, in early Saturday:
Yes, you see it right, that's 102 kill rights, meaning 102 enemies tried to kill my ship and managed to remove 10% of my armor. Since I know nothing about fun, I was totally not smiling for days thinking about the outcome of this 1v100 PvP. This also explains why they didn't want that 10 PLEX-es, when I orbited Ashab gate with them in the hold. Using the T1 crapcatalysts in 1.0, only a 500 men fleet could claim it.

Now the fit:
[Ark, BurnAmarrNiarjaUedama]
Corpii A-Type Adaptive Nano Plating
Corpii A-Type Adaptive Nano Plating
Corpii A-Type Kinetic Plating

Despite being top deadspace, the adaptives are 60-70M, the kinetic is 5-6M, due to no one uses these things. And the result is:
While not unkillable, it's definitely not a gankers dream. Can tank about 30 taloses in 0.5. Of course these extreme numbers came with full high-grade slaves and perfect armor links, but the gankers can't scan for that. If they see a fit like this, they need to assume the worst. Throwing in the usual 15-18 Taloses and not even getting into hull would be annoying, especially since armor can be easily remote repped. A single Oneiros can top the ship up before the gankers can hit again. Not to mention that it can cyno out.

While having less HP, you can fit a Providence similarly and tank pretty well. Please note that unlike reinforced bulkheads, the armor platings don't decrease cargohold. Enjoy the "ungankable" highsec freighters!

Finally an awesome piece from the Goon tear collection. Not a tear actually, rather an insight into Goon mentality:
Just as he is told on the chat, when he lost his ship to MoA, he was in Goonwaffe for 2 days and already cried "Pubbie Shitlords". Note: he wasn't a 2-days old new player coming from SA forums, he was playing since 2006 and in a corp that been in many places, none of them was GSF.


Anonymous said...

That EHP is inflated by your explo resists, it's much less against gank ships. And that must have been a fail gank from distance or something, because there's no way 100 cats hit you properly and did such a small amount of damage. I really wouldn't be getting people's hopes up that it's ungankable. Tough to kill if you hag around in 0.1, sure, but certainly not something I'd suggest gating through Uedama.

Gevlon said...

My explo resist isn't that high. Also, the in-game calculator works with the lowest resist. EFT says 1.2M against void.

I've never said it's ungankable. Nothing is. But it's the strongest fit ever built.
The "small amount of damage" they did was enough to kill a triple-cargo-expander Charon.

Anonymous said...

why should goons gank you then? you trolled them with this freighter, and they never said, they kill every single freighter.

makes no sense to waste fleets on this one, if untanked ones are existing. also if you think that burn amarr, must be all in amarr. thats your definition. not the one from the creator of the events. it was allways surrounding areas.

Super Perforator said...

" Of course CODE in Uedama is a bit bigger threat than Karmafleet in Amarr, but - unless you haul something really expensive - even they will ignore you."

Actually not correct.
We get excited with Jump Freighters in Uedama, whether or not empty. We also gank empty freighters.

Praise James!

Super Perforator
CODE. Diplomat

Anonymous said...

how do you get 1,2m EHP Ark?
with high grade slave, HG-1008 against void taloses only 880k EHP, (adaptive kin therm)
full adaptive 853k

still it's better than naked.

Gevlon said...

As I wrote, perfect armor and shield links.

Anonymous said...

"Just as he is told on the chat, when he lost his ship to MoA, he was in Goonwaffe for 2 days and already cried "Pubbie Shitlords"."
So are you trying to suggest that in just 2 days goons converted him from an upstanding member of MoA to a filthy mouthed goon? Or is this evidence that MoA is also an environment which produces people who talk like idiots (as MoAs leadership frequently does).

Unknown said...

mcswizzle was a MoA member until recently! So, MoA members are the same despiccable racist anti-social(socializing airheads like the goons you always depict as trolls with no social skills ever?
Who would have thought...

And you pay people undistuingishable from goon line members to "purify" the EVE community? Seriously?

I am beginning to think that YOU are a goon, and that MoA is getting paid by some goons for entertainment, so that those who do not participate in fleets will aslo be ablt to enjoy casual pvp....

Gevlon said...

99smite: or he was removed for being a despicable person or left because didn't fit in as a despicable person. Anyway, he is out and now in Goonwaffe.