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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Weekend minipost: Only MoA

I check the killboards and war reports in-between the monthly complete evaluations to avoid wasting donations. I couldn't miss the activity decrease in the Marmite-CFC wars. While the wars are still up, kills don't happen. According to the (inaccurate, but acceptable) war reports, on the week that started on May 3 Sunday and ended on May 9 Saturday they killed 30B CFC. On the next week 14B. On the one that ended today: 11B. This is too low to remain a donation recipient. Also looking at their killboard I had trouble finding CFC who weren't in shuttles. So today and on May 30 I send all my 12B donations to MoA, then analyze the May killboard and find a new donation recipient.

Please note that I do not say that "Marmite sucks", they weren't hired, they promised nothing. It's OK for them to not hunt CFC, just like it's OK for me to not give them donations.


S Riojas said...

Your money, your rules.

People complaining on how you spend your money - ie: that you are not donating to their favorite group, come across as petty and undeserving.

glenarvan said...

Nice )) the marmites has declared war on Raging Ducks right after this post.

Spencer said...

You should totally sponsor:

He and his multiboxing inties have killed tons of AFK goon ratters, see: