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Monday, May 11, 2015

Surprising April ratting data

Like in March, I processed the downloaded Dotlan data for March 2015:
What we see is the lowest ratting number since I've started to analyze the data. As you can see, the lowsec data didn't drop, proving that neither measuring error, nor an overall player loss is responsible for the drop (it's extremely unlikely that lowsec PvE players can connect and measured while highsec and nullsec are not). I've never seen highsec and nullsec drop in the same time, they usually move the opposite direction. My best guess is that nullsec players neither have time to rat, nor mission on highsec alts, due to moving in preparation of Fozziesov. But that guess is just as good as yours.

As coalitions dissolved recently due to NC. leaving Sov null, and TEST leaving HERO, I saw no point keeping coalition data, except for the Evil Imperium (né CFC):
As you can see, they did the lowest absolute rat number ever, yet their % increased due to others losing more rats.

You can see which alliances moved up and down:
Those who didn't relocate (red circles) increased ratting, those who moved, lost a lot. I'd like to point at EGGS who have risen high on the ratting chart, just to disappear after 2 months.

We can see the same on the regional data. The untouched regions jumped up on the list, while Catch and Delve which saw the most movement fell down.

We'll see if ratting will regenerate after Fozziesov is properly installed or the opposite happens: the constant Entosis trolling ruins the life of null ratters.


Anonymous said...

In case you didn't get the memo: there was a massive war going on and people were deployed all over the place. They were busy shooting red boxes instead of red crosses.

Gevlon said...

Yes, it was so massive that all its losses were smaller than a single super move op gank.

Anonymous said...

Whether the enemies stayed and fought or ran like cowards is irrelevant. Fact of the matter is their entire alliance had to redeploy hence less ratting.

Anonymous said...

One can clearly see who in the CFC went to "fight the war"!

FCON, TNT, C02, SMA, RZR, all had there ratting numbers increase!