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Friday, May 29, 2015

Delete this comment and I'll never read your blog again!

The title was added to a totally offtopic comment. I deleted it of course, but can't stop thinking about it.

I mean when you threaten someone, you supposed to do it with something he wants. Why should I care if he reads my blog or not? There aren't any ads on my blog, click counts means me nothing. I write it to convince people about trading, rational thinking, "numbers over opinions" and rejecting the M&S. However it's clear I won't convince him about anything. So he is lost to me, reading or not.

Strange people.

PS: SMA put scram and web on faction fit faction battleships, marauders and T3s against MoA bombers and interceptors. It went exactly as you'd expect.


Camo said...

But.. but don't you want to be friends with him?! You are soo mean!

Heh, socials. I find it highly hilarious when people squirm and can't wrap their head around the idea I'm not dealing in favours or on the basis of being "friends".

Anonymous said...

The worst thing that can happen to someone that vaues critical thinking is to exist in an echo chamber and if you delete coments just because you disagree with them or dont understand the point, well guess where you will end up.
If you dont agree, just say so, if you dont understand, ask for clarification, dont just delete because you think it does not relate to the issue at hand. It might and you didnt get it, the english might not be the best and cause miscomunication and a simple clarification request will sort it out and dont ever classify anyone as a troll just because their point seems strange.
Let your arguments stand by their own logic, not by censorship.

What is hilarious about someone making several coments that he finds relevants, being censored out, getting fed up with it and saying
"Dude, delete this one and 'm finnaly out, it's useless to coment here since you censor difering opinions"

And before you blah blah blah, it wasnt that, well, none of us can say now, can we? after it was moderated out.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: then I ask for clarification, how is your top paragraph relevant in this topic? It's about the "I stop reading the blog if..." thing and not about comment moderation.

Note: I moderated out more than a dozen comments which are about moderation and not the topic.

Now your second paragraph is relevant. The dude was hilarious because instead of concluding "this blogger censors my valuable comments, I leave", he comments again with an empty threat.

The point is that even if he is right and his comments were valuable and I'm a madman who accepts only fanboy comments, he has no reason to post an empty threat (or anything). The proper response to a non-violent madman is ignoring him instead of trying to convince him over the internet.

Phelps said...

An interesting aside is that during the Cold War, it was official, public U.S. policy to treat any nuclear ultimatum (do X or we will nuke America or its allies) as an actual nuclear attack. The reasoning was that if you submitted to an ultimatum, even if it was something you would be willing to do as normal diplomacy, then the ultimatums will continue to escalate until you end up in a nuclear exchange anyways.

So, if America got an ultimatum from someone, the policy was to launch an overwhelming "retaliatory" nuclear strike.

The funny thing is, when I was an officer in WoW, I convinced our guild to adopt the same policy regarding guild members. It was a published rule, and we STILL ended up kicking a few people who pulled the "do X or I'm going to gquit." You know what, we will help you with your dilemma -- /gkick.

Zyrus said...

One has to remember socials want to be accepted, they can't fathom the thought "someone doesn't likes me" so they believe that they must convince others to like them, this' the reason they post comments even when they believe they'd just get censored.

This is also the reason they believe "I'll never read your blog again!" is a valid threat, they can't believe someone doesn't cares about being liked or not, in other words, to socials a person that truly doesn't cares about what others think of them is impossible.

Which is hilarious, because only such a person can truly be themselves and achieve what they want. Socials are such self-defeating things. It's pitiful.

Camo said...

Anon (12:21):"What is hilarious about someone making several coments that he finds relevants, being censored out, getting fed up with it and saying [...]"

If you post a rational comment on the topic, then it should not be deleted but rather dealt with in a rational way which would be to present rational counter arguments.
If the blog moderator does not "win" the discussion with words, but by deleting your comment - how are you going to ever win? What leverage do you have?
You are a voluntary guest on the blog owners premises and your only power is to post your opinion, you can not win against deleting your comments.

As a matter of fact I was reading another blog for about four years and recently they posted an article about giving money away filled with irrational premises and conclusions. I pointed them out in a comment - and it was deleted. I then shortened it and added how the previous comment was deleted instead of being argued against. Deleted again.
So I packed my things and deleted that blog from my feed.
Just checked the comments on the article and I got flashbacks to Atlas Shrugged: "Letting go of trying to pay the rent and focusing on our good deeds is the only path to greatness"

maxim said...

There is nothing inherently wrong with "I'll never read your blog again" tactic.
It is a workable (if crude) way to evaluate the level of attention-seeking-behaviour in a given blog author. A lithmus test for "socialness", so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Hi mate. I'm the guy who posted that comment.

I got here by accident from an alliance link, and were surprised that there really was such a post. At first I thought I can't prove being the same guy, then I realized that only you and me know what that comment was about, so I can just recite some keywords.

I do not care anymore, and you can keep deleting stuff, I wouldn't have written this if it weren't for this post anyway.

First of all, the post wasn't offtopic. The post were about the goddamn fact that while you can troll gankers, you cannot stop them. While you can orbit the gate in troll orca, you cannot haul in it. The only thing stopping the gankers is their own M&S factor, and it is my studied opinion that due to the fact that everything can be ganked, everything is not ganked only because gankers are the blazing example of M&S. And yes, I think everyone who ganks is M&S by definition, otherwise he won't be ganking.

Your counter is shit, all they have to do is ignore you, because you don't haul anything but a courier contract bait. And it does nothing for people who do haul. Even fully tanked freighters are ganked daily. Recently even my PushX contracts have ended in collateral payouts due to being ganked in Jita, while not being worth even a billion. Empty freighters are also routinely ganked, so advice about hauling less is just full of shit.

That was my opinion on ganking "counters" you had. You moderated it out. I made another attempt. You moderated it out. I made a third and final attempt with a meaning "dude, there is a different opinion on this, and if you go lalala can't hear you, we part". Maybe it's a cultural difference that it sounded like a threat to you, I come from a savage land (sorry about my english btw), where something like this won't be called a threat even as a joke. In short, it wasn't, consider it a misunderstanding.

> The dude was hilarious because instead of concluding "this blogger censors my valuable comments, I leave", he comments again with an empty threat.
So trying to reason before leaving is wrong in your opinion? I ultimately concluded that anyway after just one attempt of that "threat", so I don't understand what's so hilarious about it.