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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March ratting data

Like in February, I processed the downloaded Dotlan data for March 2015:
Highsec and lowsec stayed approximately the same as before, but nullsec had a significant drop around March 15. Nullsec ratting in March was much lower than in the previous months, only 934 rats/system/day, a low number haven't seen since November. Below you'll see who lost the most rats:
Absolution alliance is rather "never took off" than "crashed", and N3 lost a bit, but the main loser was CFC. The main winner was the XXDeath empire.

NA lost both land and ratting, Goonswarm Federation lost so many rats that it cost them their second position, taken by the XXDeath renters who grown in both land and ratters a lot. PBLRD and B0T gained significant amount of ratters, while the once glorious FCON is down on the 6. position. Not surprisingly FA and THOR, both living on the warzone, lost 1/3 of their ratting.

Among the regions, biggest losers are the CFC-N3 warzone Delve and Fountain, the biggest winners are Outer Passage and Cobalt Edge, both are rented by XXDeath.

PS: Industrial ships have 90% reduction of jump fatigue, so they can be used for long range travel. Of course you need proper fitting and scouting. Or just do as SMA and jump a hundred unfit industrials into a MoA JB-camp.

PS2: Christmas came early for -EH-.


Carson 63000 said...

Well congrats to Spacemonkeys for popping one rookie ship in the process of fighting their way clear of that gatecamp. That's the cherry on top of that battle report.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that, while SMA are awful, this OP was a troll, right? The fedora in the cargo kinda gives it away.

Gevlon said...

So the best idea to troll enemies is just suiciding unfit industrials. Please troll some more!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because filling a bunch of industrials with fedos and getting them blown up costs next to nothing, yet is guaranteed to make you and moa start cheering about it. It's no different from when you "trolled" in burn jita by trying to get empty freighters blown up.

Gevlon said...

Empty freighter needs one AFK pilot and keeps hundreds of Goons busy for 15 mins in 10% TiDi. The point is that time = money.

100 industrials needs 100 pilots and cost 1 seconds for MoA to launch bombs.

Anonymous said...

gevlon its called a troll welp for a reason. Its kinda of fun and eve is a game lets not forget.

Anonymous said...

But time != money. Goons were blowing up freighters to get a killboard full of freighters. Your empty freighters helped them accomplish that. No goons were sitting there going "gosh darn, that freighter had nothing in it!". In both situations the outcome is the same.

Zaxin said...

1 freighter does not require hundreds of goons, nor that they do anything but fly in and press F1 while doing other stuff on their main.

However, as you are saying, your freighter is quite clearly a hinderance to goons, whilst the other one is a completely pointless exercise.