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Monday, March 16, 2015

It was great idea to buy these titans!

Let's look at all the titan (and Revenant) kills of 2015:
  1. Stupid fit, owned by 41 men alliance member
  2. Tank fit, 14-men alliance-less corp.
  3. Trollfit on the infamous I want ISK titan
  4. Well fit Black Legion titan.
  5. Shield, armor and hull tanked C02 titan.
  6. Well fit Darkness titan.
  7. Fleet combat fit, 10-men alliance-less corp titan.
  8. Unfit NPC corp titan.
  9. Fleet combat fit, 2-men alliance-less corp titan.
  10. Tank-less Revenant, in a 257 men alliance.
  11. Fleet combat fit, 135-men alliance titan.
  12. Idiot fit, 4-men alliance-less corp titan.
  13. Tankless, 146-men alliance titan.
#3 was meant to die, #4,5,6 belonged to an alliance that could field them properly, but the rest, 9 out of 13 were owned by idiots who had no reason to own a titan. Their titans were doomed to idleness and death from their creation. They were gained for the only purpose of prestige and being privileged. Well, they got the "prestige" of being a laughing stock.

Dear people! Buying luxury items won't make you happier, just poorer. I mean, look at Zavella, in her 14 months of life she seen action twice. She popped a travelling carrier and she lost her titan. So much fun she had with her ship!

If you are lucky, you never use it, if unlucky, you lose it and become a clown. If you want to be somebody, please do something noteworthy. If you have no idea, you can support people who do something noteworthy. In 2015, I spent the price of 5 titans and created a project responsible for about 10% of the losses of the largest coalition. Compare this with popping a few carriers and losing a titan.

People remember those who made difference. No one remembers who had the most expensive house in town in 1955. If you want to be somebody, join the first group.

While no titan, this Loki deserves attention. Along with its jackpod that died without bubble. Or this bling ratting tengu, along with this interesting fit Bustard.
But the best is frig supported Aeon. That was a brilliant idea.


Anonymous said...

i can just imagine the conversation during the building of the first Titan...

"Holy crap, this thing is taking MONTHS to build! How much do you figure it's worth in Euros?"

"I don't know... 5, 6 thousand?"

"Well crap, let's just rat constantly and sell the Isk for Euros instead."

And thus, the first mega Alliance was born.

Ryanis said...

Most titans - especially within small corps/alliance, but even in largest coalitions - are used for bridging ships only.
Currently, finding a titan on a killboard - being attacker or victim - is the anomaly.

zkul said...

Titans are eve onlines ego trap. Ship looks the biggest? Hardest to obtain? No one else has one? Must be the best ship.

Battleships also do this to a lesser degree.

Of course, people need to learn from their mistakes. Better they do this in a virtual enviroment where the assets don't actually exist, then in real life, where they could actually hurt themselves or other people. Like how the wealthy sometimes purchase airplanes and yachts for the purpose of showing off. Because its not like they could have used that money for aeronautics research, or marine engineering.

Anonymous said...

And in the fight where she DID kill something, Zavella did 0% of the damage.

I guess they needed a ride over there.

So Epic.

Uno Muerto said...

Just an FYI...Uno Muerto was a sacrifice because the corp was bored. He was an alt of a Ravens' Nest member. I know this, because he was my character at the time.