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Thursday, March 5, 2015

February ratting data

Like in January, I processed the downloaded Dotlan data for February 2015:
Highsec and lowsec ratting drops along with concurrent users, nullsec is mostly unaffected. However the weekly oscillation is back, but it can be byproduct of long downtimes in weekdays. Honestly I'm not sure why CCP keeps focusing on nullsec, despite its stable numbers and ignoring highsec, despite losing players.

Coalition distribution is mostly the same as last month.

Despite Goons kicked Raging Ducks with the excuse of "only ratting, no PvP" and transferred systems away, GSF ratting kept increasing. About 3 times more rats die in a GSF system than in an average nullsec system. PBLRD also increased ratting, but FCON lost lot of rats. Except for PBLRD, all renter empires lost ratting. BRAVE also lost ratting as their landlords returned to get their rent in blood.

The top 3 regions are unchanged, but Delve (Darkness, Kadeshi) and Geminate (Legion of XXDeath) jumped forward. The biggest losers were Malpais and Oasa, both rented regions.

PS: The moron of the day is TEL''C who lost a ratting carrier with battleship shield boosters. Honorable mention is McDarila who lost a bling Rattlesnake with cruiser sized shield booster. At least they didn't use civilian ones.

PS2: Hell froze as the Goon propaganda site cited me as reliable source about the Entosis trolling.


Anonymous said...

"Honestly I'm not sure why CCP keeps focusing on nullsec"

Well. There's the obvious answer... they're incompetent.

They seem to be caught in a loop... "PVP = Good" "PVP = risk" "Risk = good"

So the only answer to any problem is always "More PVP." Ignoring the obvious corollary... "Increased risk = less PVP."

If they focus on highsec in favor of carebears, they piss off their PVP audience. Can't do that, because "PVP = good". Lowsec... well that's a lost cause. So they're left with screwing with nullsec. But they don't seem to get that big alliances are the problem in that they have no need to fight each other...

At the same time, transitioning from highsec to nullsec is difficult because of all the gankers camping gates.

It's straight up incompetence on the part of the devs.

Ryanis said...

About the Battleship shield booster, smaller but higher meta level modules are sometimes better than just plain T2 larger ones.
I keep putting deadspace small shield boosters on my tengu and it's way better than affordable medium ones.

Anonymous said...

I really don't get it
They are busy with the new 'New Player Experience', yet they are ignoring the most important part of it: Highsec

I understand that pvp and null is the most important part in Eve (for some), but isn't it important to invite new players to the universe and KEEP them, too?

That happens in Highsec, at least that's where it starts.

Anonymous said... (please stop referring to it as a propaganda website, this is factually incorrect) simply reported that you and the CFC agree on something and used the fact that you usually don't agree with them it lends some weight to the fact that concern is widespread.

I've said it before here, you have far more in common with the CFC and it's ideals than you care to admit.

Endie said...

Hey don't forget that I cited you too on my blog. I think that you would probably approve of how I summarised your attitude to me doing so, however.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with that Pith C-type med shield booster fit on the Rattlesnake.

I take more issue with the faction invul which is way more costly than a more effective c-type invul (pith or gist). If you are going to put that kind of expense into the invul field, you might as well of went B-type on the booster.

Anonymous said...

All R.Ducks' rats are all already in СFC. Gaara etc ))