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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

200B collected for MoA

The Mordus Angels donation board was created in 2014 September. Since then, 200.6B ISK was collected for the noble cause of killing the minions of Evil. And MoA did:
  • September: 112B
  • October: 161B
  • November: 112B
  • December: 166B
  • January: 198B
  • February: 155B
  • March so far estimate: 120B
All together 1024B destroyed, so for every ISK donated, 5 ISK worth of minions of Evil were slain. Well, that's not exactly news, the 1 year GRR report shown the same.

What is new, is that "only" 159B of this money came from me. Another 41B were donated by other people. While I expected other rich people to race me and expected much more donations from others, 41B is still not to be ignored. It isn't just a non-trivial sum and lot of help for the MoA SRP but also shows that people are ready to give some money for the noble cause of killing the Evil!

You should donate too!
You can also check out the forum post about this for Goon tears. (there are many)

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