Greedy Goblin

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekend GRR minipost

Unfortunately both the GSF war and the "Hail Mary!" new PBLRD war performed poorly, so I no longer hire Deadly Fingertips. It seems no highsec merc group is able to perform on the level of Marmite, so I fully focus on nullsec:
And they perform well. Look at this wonderful capital battle between Mordus and CO2. -EH- has no reason to be ashamed either.

Finally a video of of 2 SMA ratting carrier kills and the lamest "already replaced" lie: they claimed that ratting carrier losses are SRP-ed.


recaptcha had me tested said...

have you considered hosting a permanent ranking of mercs? it may be useful for people looking to hire mercs to have some quantitative analysis of their effectiveness. right now people need to rely on a mercenary corps reputation to make a hiring decision. not many people have the resources you do to trial the many prospective options in the market.

I'm guessing you already have much of the data required. also, as a bonus for you, if you were the gatekeeper of such a list you might possibly have mercs lining up to get your business and perform well in their trial period.

Anonymous said...

The war dec system leaves much to be desired. If there was more proportionality to the cost of it, it would be less simple to evaluate the performance of individual mercenary groups for any objective.

I wouldn't mind seeing a more piecemeal system, extending wars over single systems, constellations, regions or factions, but with expanding costs at each juncture.

Anonymous said...

Quality is something people have to pay for. You should have paid us a fair price after 1 year of profit. You didnt even want to think about it. That's what created the rest of the shit.