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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekend minipost: New Grr recipients

I used to spend about 6B/week on highsec wars and 6B/week on MoA support. I had about 2B/week more income and figured I'll start more highsec wars with the upcoming wardeccer Deadly Fingertips. Their GSF war is doing good, the SMA, Bastion and CO2 wars are less stellar. Well, they have time to increase their output, I started it to test if there is point to pay more wars next to Marmite.

Unfortunately Tora Bushido, leader of Marmite got buttmad over this and ended our mutually profitable relationship, leaving me with ISK to spend. What shall I do with it? I looked on the CFC losses and found a pirate alliance that is smaller than MoA but busy killing CFC. With only 300 members, the Fountain resident Sorry we are in your space eh has decent CFC kills:

So from this week I donate them 2.5B/week while increasing MoA support to 7.5B/week and we'll see if they can turn this money into dead CFC.

I already like their propaganda, by the way:

So my current Saturday bill looks like this:

PS: MoA and EH instantly agreed to set blue standings. Quite a surprise after Tora's reaction. Seems it was for the best. I mean I wouldn't have money for EH if I'd still pay Marmite wardecs.


99smite said...

Good for you that you begin to find multiple entities who gladly accept your money to keep shooting goons.

You support them and provide "content" for them.
On the other hand, almost all 0.0 residents know and have accepted that living in 0.0 comes with the opportunity cost of losing ships, pod and basically everything.

For a long time, everybody was happy shooting goons, and basically, I think the goons expect to be shot at from everybody else. It is some sort of badge of honor. To prove that they merit the envy/spite of all others.

Nothing has changed for the goons. They will not break because pirates keep shooting at them.

The only thing that would threaten an entity like "goons" were blows to their infrastructure. Destroying POS with industry modules (supercap production),
swarms of syphoning modules, with some of them prepared for ambush.
If maintaining these income sources bedomes more and more of a hassle, consequences will set in.
Alas, this requires coordinated campaigns, not just random pvp monkeys to randomly shoot easy prey...

Maybe look for someone with high diplomatic skills and 0.0 connections and get him to work for you...

Anonymous said...

Nice. Good to see that people can listen to reason and benefit and don't get buthurt.

The only thing that would threaten an entity like "goons"

indeed and more. all the points raised in their OTEC B0TLRD agreement need to be focused heavily.

That is why they don't feel threaten. No huge opposition and no people that by large play every dirty gamemechanic to make their gametime shit.
In many cases you will need to become a monster to defeat a monster.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, maybe your donations to sorry will enable them to actually fight rather than just jump afk ratters and put up towers that we then blow up unopposed.

Fountain is too dull. Maybe you can also convince PASTA to come back? They were quite competent and fun to fight.

L Papay said...

Indeed to really cut in, there is need to stike against logistics, but is not all, as there is also ratting isk-printing machine out there to deal with.
Most line members will be content as long as there would be enough "free" income and stocked market.
High level stuff is out of their comprehension.
Printing money by shooting red crosses to carefree roam with "guys" is.
Plus now they do have shiny toys to fly in.

daniel said...

he alters the equation. isk donated to npc corps (in theory) should directly translate into more roamingtime, as the need to grind missions/anoms decreases.

yet gevlon hasn't published much statistical proof. did the isk damage per moa pilot really increase that much? i'm too stupid to do the math, but, that nobody else has done (published) any sort of statistics that disproof him is a little sign.
i also assume that gevlon is indeed monitoring moa performance.

npc pirates are much cheaper (and more dedicated) than "someone with high diplomatic skills and 0.0 connections" - whoever that could be.
don't forget that the upper 1% of eve's playerbase is bff with each other, or would you really try to drive off your buddy from your tabletop or cardgaming round?
i wouldn't, because in the end there are not an infinite amount of people who share my interests.

in general, gevlons projects must be seen more in a proof of concept way.
of course cfc won't cease to exist, because one guy engages them with all his isk. they are more some kind of criticism towards entities and players that actually are of the goonhater nature, but fail to come up with original strategies.

Gevlon said...

@daniel: has the statistical proof in the form of MoA damage in the last two years. Their activity increased a lot since they have SRP.

L Papay said...

@ daniel

Not to mention that "someone with high diplomatic skills and 0.0 connections" would by definition up to his ears in nullsec meta, which on the long run ensures anotherB0T-like accord in case of success.

Taking down nullsec alliance right now would require substantial amount of non-bribeable/ non meta-gameable players, that would not only roam but operate a scout network 24/7, hotdrop any fouled up cyno , track down and execute ratters , and all that while grinding down sov-structures. It would also need to appear overnight ex nihilo, as to avoid strings each 0.0 power has.

Professional and dedicated players, such endeavour would need, are few - and nullsec mechanisms are designed around assumption of 1000's of F1 pushers doing their respectable slavemaster's bidding, and feeling master-racey about it.

Anonymous said...

Deadly Fingertips in dodixie got their fleets assraped multiple times in the past week suffering over 20b in losses when counting neutral logi (the 10b vindi taking the cake). Plus their isk making stations games there have come to a grinding halt as half the time they go yellow a tornado fleet drops on them. They are starting to lose members (about 15% of their corp quit in the last 2 days) and their overall kill count is over a thousand ships down from the previous week. The end is near for this experiment.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: and why should I care? If they can't provide numbers I just stop funding their wars and find other wardeccers.

nightgerbil said...

I think the anons point Gevlon is that if deadly fingertips folds there aren't any other relevent war deccers: nothing that could compare to marmite at any rate. Tora is the biggest for a reason it seems. I mean sure you could pay a few individuals, but for war on scale that would have an impact?

I think losing marmite has hurt your cause even more then losing noir.

Gevlon said...

@Nightgerbil: wardeccers come and go. I currently test how -EH- performs in nullsec.

Also, Tora lost much more than I did, his crew lives and dies by their killboard stats, so losing 1/6 of their kills hurt. Maybe even hurt enough for Tora to swallow his pride and crawl back to me.

Therendal said...

It's all about the CSM for Tora. Dropping your wardecs allows him to try to not completely alienate the CFC bloc. If you see him pop up anywhere deep into their ballot, then it worked.

CFC Grunt said...

"I currently test how -EH- performs in nullsec."

Extremely well! They're basically post-test people that refused to move out of Fountain.

Them and GBT have been pounding away at Fountain residents for years now, without much of a successs.

Svea Rike said...

Excellent! Svea Rike has been trying to get some decent fights out of EH for a while now, but so far the only "decent" fights has been with the Bulgarians in GBG. EH has been very lame to say the least. Now, with your ISK, they might afford to ship up and bring some fights! Good!

99smite said...


I am unsatisfied somehow...

TNT and GSF dare to freely gank "pubbie shitlords" just a couple of jumps from Jita...
Are deadly fingertips solely camping Dodixie?

coverage and performance could be largely improved...