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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Who is the carebear?

Sugar wrote a long post about her tribulations with "carebearing". She is constantly called out for not PvP-ing all the time, but also manufacturing and transporting things. Now she told the punks to go to Hell. Which is right of course, but not worth a post from someone else.

The interesting thing is why some "PvP-ers" are so upset about "carebearing" that in their eyes even the lowsec CSM who has final blow on a titan is a "carebear". I mean what's the point of hating "carebears" instead of just pwning them? I haven't seen CODE members whining about miners, it usually happens the other way.

To see the reason, we just have to remember that most homophobes are secretly gay and often get involved in gay sex scandals. Their hate is to cover the truth from the others and sometimes to their own conscious mind: "I can't be gay as I hate them". Men safe in their straightness just ignore gays.

The truth is the same behind carebear-hate: the hater is a risk-averse, loss-avoiding punk who wants to look like fearsome pirate or "devil may care" badass. In reality he flies ships into combat which are replaced by his alliance or too cheap to matter. So he rules out losses from his gameplay, just like the "carebears" he talk about.

In the meantime, the real "carebears" move multiple billions between stations or have them in construction POS-es out in space. While we obviously try to minimize losses, we still risk serious assets every day. And sometimes we lose them due to our own mistake or someone outsmarting us. But you don't have to look for jump freighters, even the model carebear, the AFK miner risks more than a frigate PvP-er or an SRP-F1 drone. I mean even a cheap fit Retriever is a magnitude more expensive than a frig and no one will replace it for you.

"The carebears" fit more to the "dark universe" ethos than the "idc letz get drunk and roam" punks who use this slur.

PS: Goon style supercapital gank.


S Riojas said...

I consider myself neither an industrialist or PvPer. I must say that if I was focused only on one facet of this game to the exclusion of all others because I was afraid someone might think oddly about me I would grow bored of the game rather quickly.

As it is, I find I enjoy many facets of the game. Some more than others. When I grow tired of one or because of timing I cannot engage in another, I can always find something else to do.

People who decry "carebears" for not PvPing know very little about respecting others for the choices they make. If they happen to be self-haters, then one should pity them greatly. Theirs is an unenviable mental condition.

L Papay said...

What you say is true.
It would be useful tu understand why this attitude is even possible in EvE world.
Thing is, those leetle punks do what they do because the connection to industrial/logistic world is slim to not existing for them, unless they actually try to live far from Jita on their own. Which they do not on principle, and when they do, some corp officer does all lifting for them.

That and most "leet" modules are drops, so you also add "you did not build that" on top of "you serve no purpose in my game".

As long as said punk can "earn" living/respect blowing rats and frigates, he would not see a purpose to those pursuing more cerebral activities "in his game"

CraZeDnz said...

It makes me laugh when players cry about carebears, hell if it wasn't for most carebears, these idiots wouldn't have ships, modules, POS's etc to live out of or use. This game is a Sandbox, hence players make their own game within it. If you belittle someone else because they have chosen a different path, then you are the moron, not the person who had the sense to explore the game to its potential.

When a Leet PVP'er kills a carebear, the bear just laughs at the PVP'er because the Carebear will go and make a new ship or buy one off another carebear, so in fact the PvP'er is doing a service to the carebears of Eve by popping him and keeping the career of carebearing alive and well.

Esteban said...

Absolutely true, especially the part about the risk differential. Sugar has more courage in her little finger than a dozen gudfite frigateers in their entire basement-marinated bodies.

Anonymous said...


Ehh, not really. Google Broken Window fallacy(or maybe Gevlon can write an article about that).

Anonymous said...

I do what I want.
With the "This is EVE" vid the new player influx was heavy. ISD, CCP, EVEUNI and CSM had a lot of clueless rookies in rookiechat. So I helped out within the 30d I had. Doesn't benefit me at all and it was the most carebear thing to do.
It was a good thing to see the NPE state again (it's bad, really bad.) and how awful difficult it is to explain in text how probing works (Aura does a bad job there too).

Ignore what others think. Sugar talks about "corp benefit" .. well I just do what I want it doesn't have to benefit anyone.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous

The broken window fallacy does apply, but "War is good for business" also applies ;)

When your business relies on ammunition being used, and ships being replaced, then explosions are definitely good for business (although, not your own hopefully!)

Zappity said...

On one screen I am soloing (yarr) while on the other an Occator is moving construction goods to my POS. what does that make me? An EVE player, I think.

Screw 'em all if they don't like it.