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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weekend minipost: SOLAR away

After comments on the November CFC reports I looked into SOLAR activity and they reinforced the statements that SOLAR are no longer flying with CFC elements. It seems their disgusting cooperation with the Evil is ended and they regained their freedom thanks to Phoebe. They also abandoned their space when CFC did. The CFC loss report will be redone, excluding SOLAR and associates. Their highsec wars are no longer funded. The ratting report is unaffected as SOLAR had no Sov.

I also looked into The Initiative, but found that they still fly with other CFC (many of their kills have other CFC elements on it) and their typical targets are CFC targets. So, despite the Evil betrayed them and tossed their Sov away, making them "NPC trash" they spitted on, they still serve the Evil.

Same for RvB, I see no reason to assume that they are no longer fighting for CFC in highsec.

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