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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Vote for Tora Bushido

Update: Tora lost his mind and started acting like a child. While his platform is still good, his person is inacceptable.

I was thinking that after last year's welp when Goons could get in 5 CSM candidates, I'll need to find candidates to support early. I meant late January. I expected finding a good candidate for highsec very hard (Sugar is mostly lowsec and she'll get a permanent seat anyway).

Then suddenly Tora Bushido started a CSM thread. Everyone knows Marmite Collective (the alliance he leads) in highsec. And his platform is completely against grief-wars and ganks. Higher basic dec cost to discourage mass-deccing small corps, social (nondeccable) small corps instead of the large NPC corps, harder chain-ganking. It's like Goons would move for stopping AFK ratting (not going to happen).

It's clear that he doesn't work for gaining more advantage for his own group, but for the betterment of highsec. He should be #1 on all highsec ballots. Remember, if an industrialist says "limit wardecs", the nullseccer majority will just laugh and yell "go back to WoW". If Tora says it, after his merely 300 man alliance got as much ISK damage as PL or Brave, most of them in highsec war, CCP will listen.

PS: epic fit for a wonderfully named pilot.


S Riojas said...

Should be wonderfully named pilots. Seriously, the gankers name fits the gankees name perfectly:

"Thanks forthestuff" "from jita"

Rarely does the names line up so well together. :)

L Papay said...


If you look at killboard, you'd see another kill that is just like this one, similar 7b cargo, also magnate.

Only in Jita

Now, once- ok, moron.
Twice: what is going on?

nightgerbil said...

Nah that kill is dodgy, I suspect its RMT. cheap insured ship, no fittings, easy to sell implants(?) shrug.

Anonymous said...

So larger corps will still be able to afford the decs, whilst the smaller merc corps will struggle.

Marmite and other large ganking corps will have no problems.

The "Players should be able to create small social corps with max 15 players in it, which can’t be war decced. But they also can’t own a pos, poco or future structure and they can’t war dec someone else."is, to take a cynical view, a nice way to screw HS industry (the section which kept their POS at least), whilst making sure that they have plenty of targets for a war-dec.

I am surprised to see you backing social corps, and removal of NPC (and, protection of the myriad high-sec 1-2 man alt corps for trading and industry), although, it would be very useful for you

Gevlon said...

Merc corps cannot struggle, since the wardec costs are paid by the client.

Currently all corps are wardeccable. Creating social corps isn't helping Marmite any way.

How can you be surprised on my stand on highsec wardecs?

Anonymous said...

After CCP props up nullsec (and it WAS in dire need of new sov and player teleport related mechanics), it really has to take a look at highsec.

However, pardon me for not trusting a leader of Marmite to help do this.

The changes HS is in need of would certainly spell the end for entities like Marmite and Code.
HS is tricky. On one hand you want to have a large amount of safety on player operations because that is why people live in highsec. On the other you must also uphold the law that no one is ever completely safe in Eve.

Game design on these principles is hard. The best way to go about it is to set a few possibilites of doing dangerous things that could yield a larger reward at the expense of opening yourself to limited PvP agression. Freighters packed with 10Bil in goodies is one of them, more of those should be created. A few for miners, a few for missioners...

That would take sufficient care of the ganking playstyle. Then you would need to take care of PvP. The only decent PvP mechanic in HS currently is duels. It's not enough.

The current one sided wardec mechanic is not compatible with HS. It leads to one side docking up and not playing the game and the other side not having targets since they just docked up. Sometimes the defenders are the ones docked, sometimes is the attackers when the defenders get Mercs to help.

In nullsec there are objectives to fight over, in HS there are none. Yes, there are POCOS and POS, but POS are tore down and POCOs are not an issue for 90% of HS corps.

I do agree with social corps, there is nothing to lose. Its basically a shared identity and a private corp chat channel. But HS deserves more than that because its the place where most new players learn Eve and is what will make those players decide they want in or they want out.

Gevlon said...

As long as ship PvP exists in highsec, Marmite will exist. No one knows more about highsec PvP than Tora with all its illnesses, including docking up.

Anonymous said...

So are you still in support of Tora for CSM?