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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

November ratting data

Like in October, I processed the downloaded Dotlan data:

As you can see, nullsec ratting dropped in preparation to Phoebe and after a temporary increase, it resumed dropping. We'll see how far it falls. We can also see that highsec ratting increased almost by the same value, so former nullsec ratters are now running missions in highsec.

Let's see the distribution between coalitions:
Ouch! CFC ratting share is all-time low. Their situation is even worse if we look at absolute numbers: in October they had 35.4M rats, in November only 28.5M, that's 19% loss on their defining activity.

A new "coalition" shown up, "Absolution Alliance" and some small ones scattered in its space. They already own 3% of nullsec income, more than HERO! They promised fighting against the CFC, but they can't be seen in the CFC loss report. So this is either a huge scam (they got lot of N3 land for nothing), or they are actually N3 renters.

You can see lot of interesting things in the alliance ratting data. At first, Goons climbed to the #2 position, despite decreasing share. However they lost 1/3 of their Sov, so their ratters got a bit crowded. Shadow of xxDeath tripled its ratting and more than doubled its Sov, climbing to the #3 position. They bought B0T space, so B0T halved in both Sov and ratting. PBLRD continue to shrink, while ABS.A got a rocket start. Finally, BRAVE increased ratting by 40%, but still has lot of room for improvement.

Now look at that! Who would have guessed that Providence will be the #3 ratting region when everyone thinks their space is bad? Delve was #30 in October and jumped to #6 in November, with all-time high result. It seems the new owners struck a deal with the local pirates who made CFC ratting nearly impossible. Period Basis and Querious also improved a lot, while the deep South is in freefall.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see the development on the post-Phoebe ratting numbers. We'll see if the CFC can stop the loss of income or they finally go down. Remember, it's the economy, stupid! They won't be defeated in a B-R or 6VDT battle. They will just fade away as they can't do what they are here to do: anoms!

PS: On Tuesday, 12 hours before reset, I killed heroic (old normal) Kargath Bladefist. I've never killed an "old normal" boss on first week. Wowprogress says 9047 guilds did it, so I've made it to top 2%! Yay for - not me - but the random group raiding.

PS2: You can't play WoW without bumping into morons, but 3 of them?!


nightgerbil said...

Ok how did you manage those dps numbers? were you using a turret or something? 16k is about right for a Bm hunter at 620~ ilev on a boss. Those are the numbers I pull, 14-16k boss rising to 20k trash. Admitely Im 629 ilev 50% (including weapon) honor gear.

Im not that familar with that boss, but as I recall the time I did it I kept getting a debuff on me that meant I hide to los the boss and hide behind crates most of the fight. Murders yr dps that does.

Again Gevlon, I cant help but think you are using unfair one of examples to show case your point. What were the meter numbers on the last boss?

Gevlon said...

On this fight, someone must use turret and bombs, or wipe. Which happened, because these morons had no clue, despite explicitly told. They damaged the adds with their normal abilities.

Next try: adds everywhere, they still have no clue and shooting the adds. I told my girlfriend to use def CDs, jumped into the turret and blown them down. Then jumped out, healed, looted the corpses for bombs and used the bombs against later packs.

The point is that they had no clue what to do and didn't even listen when told and I had to do their job.

blachawk said...

I consider myself a pretty good raider. I play a DPS class in one of the top 10 guilds on my medium sized server. We ended the last expansion at 14/14 SOO mythic. I'm pretty good at playing my class I think - I usually top charts in our raids.

Now having said all that, for the first few weeks of WoD I could barely beat tank DPS in all but purely single target situations. The fact is that tank DPS is OP at the moment. Your frustration with people who can't beat tank DPS harkens back to WotLK days where that was the ultimate proof that someone was a noob; however, that just hasn't been the case since WoD released.

16k DPS from the hunter and 17k from the pally is actually pretty good. Yeah the warlock could be better, but 10k is about right for someone who just barely meets ilvl requirements to queue for a heroic dungeon.

Looks like the pally died about halfway through the fight. Maybe on his blog he has a post about M&S healers who jump inside turrets.

Anonymous said...

@Gevlon: The point is that they had no clue what to do and didn't even listen when told and I had to do their job.

and what exactly was so hard to state that in your article instead of creating another drama lama morons everywhere screenshot that doesn't proof anything without context.

The tank being top damage once again makes perfect sense, taking you had quite a lot of trash packs to fight. Thrash Thrash Thrash overpowered unbalanced damage skill #1 those days no cooldown no resource costs.

maxim said...

I find it funny how people are reacting more to WoW stuff than to Eve stuff :)

I am mostly done with heroics on my character now - can't even be bothered to go for daily heroic, because my Scavenger minions bring me literally more Garr. resources than i can spend. There is literally one more heroic run left for me to get my lvl3 Inn and then i won't visit hc until maybe when going for "Hero" achievement.

During that entire time, not a single one of my hc groups was even close to this bad.

So, if anything, i'm impressed by Gevlon's combination of bad luck and ability to find morons :)

Jim L said...

Do you think the decrease in CFC ratting has more to do with your GRR Goons campaign or to the fact that there was a major disruption with the Pheobe release which required spending lots of time repositioning assets etc? Also, you have to remember that it is wintertime which means nullsec war activity increases. Pilots engaged in fleet activities have less time (and need) to rat.

Gevlon said...

@Maxim: it's because in EVE I call ALODs moron, which are uncommon and laughed at. It's not that other players are smarter, but they lose cheap crap under under the radar. In WoW I call out a large group of failers. I guess most WoW players couldn't care less to learn that encounter, relying on other people to do cannon job. A group with 2 oblivious and one informed damage dealer would remain invisible. It became visible because all 3 had no clue.

@Jim L: the current data is insufficient to answer that. We'll see a couple months later.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the graphs! seems like nullsec is pve heaven. Do they have to hit quotas? looks like a horrible grind to me.

WoW I couldn't care less. subbed for a month but haven't loged into it on week 3. hyped to hell and it's boring. Still I hope that WoW will do good so all the idiots stay there and don't swarm other games.

Anon1234 said...

How exactly are you downloading all this data from DOTLAN?

Gevlon said...

@Anon1234: one page manually:
and the data:

nightgerbil said...

maxim said...
I find it funny how people are reacting more to WoW stuff than to Eve stuff :)

Thats because you can't really argue with numbers/stats (but can with that dps log) and most of gevlons readership that followed him from wow are playing wow not eve right now. I know I am. I only pay attention to the wow and philisophy stuff.

Unknown said...

Regarding ratting in 0.0, one has to understand that due to all these constant nerfs, running anoms in 0.0 is no longer superior to highsec lv4 grinding. The opportunity costs for living in 0.0 have gradually become higher and higher so that it is not so lucrative to live in 0.0 anymore.
By the time people realise that 0.0 has become simply a worse empir highsec with non of its advantages, people will either return to highsec or leave the game.

Gevlon said...

99smite: Highsec L4 gives no ISK, it gives LP. The income of highsec L4s is determined by the market.

The fact that Highsec becomes more profitable than nullsec is because people consider nullsec easier... To bot.

Remember, watching local is trivial to a bot.