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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekend minipost: What is worse than a Molten Core farmraid?

For the 10 years anniversary of WoW, Blizzard renewed the first raid instance Molten Core. While nostalgia fixed lot of things, MC is still remembered for its looooong farmraids.

But there is worse: farming MC with LFR people. But luckily we can't farm it, as it has one loot that is given at the first run. And doing it once was actually fun.

... despite it took 5 wipes before people finally learned why old players use the meme "pull it back to Garr's room" for all kind of raids.


Camo said...

If you want the pet (10%) or the transmog enchant (3%), you need to farm the two to three hour LFR.
Other than that, you absolutely need to filter through those idiots who pull too much or tank it on the spot. Also Flame Spawns.
Had a smooth raid past Magmadar.

Ragelle said...

I feel for you, but really Blizz should take the pulling back away --- otherwise what's the point?

Anonymous said...

It was 'Kite it to Vael's room' in BWL. The balcony in Vael's room was exploitable.