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Friday, November 7, 2014

Thukker LP report

I wrote how mining missioning will crush the price of Thukker LP. Thukkers are a "pirate" faction which has agents in highsec, so creating Thukker LP isn't harder than Amarr or Caldari. Yet the main highsec faction LP worth 900-1000 ISK while Thukker is above 2000. This is simply because highsec missioners aren't the smartest creatures and rather put purple stuff to their ships for 5-10% extra DPS than moving few systems away for 100% income growth.

Mining missioning is much easier than doing security missioning and much more profitable than highsec belt mining, even if you do it for 900 ISK/LP. If you are mining asteroids instead of mission ore, you are dumb. Since Thukker has mining agents, you now have double reason to abandon the belts and do mining missions. Therefore Thukker LP is easy to farm, so its price can't be in the pirate faction levels, it must crash - I concluded.

Oops. I didn't expect that. But instead of conjuring up some arcane explanation about "price barriers" and "market manipulation", I simply looked at the ratting data. If you do mining missions, you must kill mission rats in Hodrold (or they destroy your ships). There is no other reason to kill rats in Hodrold due to no security agents or fixed complexes.

The solution to the unexpected price increase is the most simple: decreasing production. I can't tell why people decided to abandon mining missions, but it's good news for you! You can join and harvest the high value LPs.

PS: on Monday comes a surprising result (numbers, not opinions). Don't miss it!


Provi Miner said...

I am curious did you look up ship loss's over the same period. Also look at that low sec connecter see what you find. Additionally while it true all that you wrote you forget that high sec mission bears look at null and low with dread and fear. Which means in simple terms. First the MB (mission bear) will try and avoid the gneiss mission and the ark mission. So there goes 3 missions leaving only 4 others. But still sometime those 3 bad missions come back to back locking the player out for four hours. This is important cause the MB counts ticks like a union worker counts the ticks to the next break. Then when the missions send you to low you know they will avoid that as well. So simply looking at these MB are missing tick's and they believe they can do better.

Remember it is not all about the isK, rather it needs to include comfit and convenience.

Carson 63000 said...

From doing those missions, do you have a wild-ass guess as to how many rats you killed? e.g. how many man-hours less missioning does that drop in rat kills represent?

Gevlon said...

@Provi miner: I drop and suggest to drop every single ore mission and keep only the ice and gas missions. They take 2 turns. You can ignore lockout due to faction standings.

@Carson: about 20-30/hour.

Anonymous said...

"@Provi miner: I drop and suggest to drop every single ore mission and keep only the ice and gas missions. They take 2 turns. You can ignore lockout due to faction standings."

That's never going to happen, some people prefer shooting rocks.

Anonymous said...

Well, for many reasons:
1) because you need to make minimum 5 alts + orca booster and this is an effort
2) because these alts will cost 860m x 6 every month
3) because your afk 40m/h is bullshit, more like 30m/h and so you need to do it 30 hours (every month) just to breakeven the plex cost(sounds like a job...), profit starts after the 30 hours.

should i go on ? you seem to miss that eve is a GAME...people play for fun mostly, not to have a second job even more boring than the RL one ;)

Gevlon said...

And how are these not true for any form of mining? Except for the income part, which is half of it.

While I understand that someone doesn't want any form of farming, I don't understand why does someone do more boring and less profitable farming?

Also, the accounts cost 3 plexes total. After that the training is ready and you can train supercapital pilots for sale. So your mining income is income from the first hour.

Anonymous said...

Each month, as PLEX prices go up, you need the mining farm to run more and more hours before you start to turn a profit for that month.

I have a maxed Orca booster with 5 miners running so at current PLEX prices that's 5.2b a month.

At about 25-30m/hr it takes me around 35-40 hours just to keep the accounts plexed. This used to be more like 30 hours several months ago. And it will just keep getting worse...

In the end I decided the isk/effort was no longer worth it and I would be better off to sell all the assets and invest the isk in my market trader.

Of course, if everyone thinks like this, PLEX prices might actually go down because suddenly everyone quit their mining farm...

Anonymous said...

well, when do you suggest to mine?
you know, someone has to mine and refine for example 10m trit for a dominix.

Gevlon said...

Again: your account pays for itself by training supercapital pilot.

Also, PLEX prices will never decrease. Mining or ratting 300 hours a month isn't that hard for bots and nolifers.

We will simply reach the point when everyone will pay real money for subscription AND PLEX-ed ISK except botters and mad nolifers.