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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekend minipost: MoA ISK and CFC ISK losses

The MoA donation board collected more than 35B ISK in less than a month! This will allow them to continue killing the minions of Evil. Especially if you donate too! Note: the "last donated" field is still bugged.

Please count the stupid on this. Hint: ship, fitting, place, cargo. And once again. And again!
Mercy killing.
PBLRD forces lost 6.5B in the battle of Uedama.
He got out of Branch alive!
Don't do highsec exploration in your learning clone with the mark of Evil on your ship!

PS: I often got letters asking for advice. I sometimes doubt if I should answer them helpfully or put them here for laughter. I guess I can do both:


Anonymous said...

AFAIK pvp losses to multiboxers will get replaced by CCP.

Gevlon said...

This nonsense is pretty commonly cited, so I answer it. Only bug- or exploit-related losses are replaced. The exploiter is obviously banned afterwards.

Or you seriously claim that CCP allows multiboxers to keep on killing ships and they keep on replacing them?

Tsed said...

It's entirely bizarre, but it's true. Some MoA member was posting on SA that losses to oodell were being petitioned and replaced.

So we tried it, and it works, because CCP.

Gevlon said...

Or, some MoA member was trolling on SA.

Tsed said...

I mean, that's what we assumed, but we tried it anyway. Multiple people (on both sides) have done it and gotten their ships replaced. I'm sure if you talked to MOA they'd tell you the same, as they've told their linemembers to petition multiboxer losses in the past.

It's dumb, but it works. *shrug*