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Monday, September 22, 2014

Hellcamps, deployments and ISK

Seems I was wrong about the hellcamping of the NPC station occupied by Mordus Angels. It did cause a few Mordus corps to leave. After talking to some members of them, the reason why hellcamping isn't useless revealed: lack of ISK.

Let me explain: bubble-camping an NPC station stops those who live there from undocking in anything but interceptors and nullified T3 ships. One can also leave via clonejump or setting his medical clone elsewhere and undocking in a pod. This is why I couldn't imagine why Goons are doing it. If I'd live there, I'd just clonejump somewhere else and attack unprotected CFC members from there. Most Mordus members did the same. But not all of them, because operating from somewhere else need combat ships in a station "somewhere else".

Since Black Frog can transport stuff for people who don't own a JF, I considered this a minor nuisance. If I was a Mordus pilot, I'd have a stack of ships, ammo, spare 3% HW and such in half dozen stations to act from. I could do that, because such stack costs about 2B and it is something I can easily set aside. Setting up the packages and the transports are probably more effort than earning their price. But not for an average player. There is a reason Goons travel in convoy fleets instead of having ships everywhere: they can't afford it. Some MoA corps couldn't either.

Besides the pilots, the alliance itself needs assets in all bases: a bridging titan, several towers with guns, jump freighters, black ops battleships, a few triage carriers, dreads with fuel. Counting with 5-600 active pilots, a deployment base costs about a trillion ISK. Yes, that's just one base outside their home. Having just one such base doubles the manpower needs of a hellcamp. Goons must operate a full fleet on both bases as MoA could just log in, fleet up, clonejump to the other base at once, undock and break the camp if it's not properly manned. If the alternative base is in lowsec, then hellcamping becomes theoretically impossible.

So the hellcamping issue is an ISK issue. MoA - both pilots and the alliance - need more ISK to achieve the needed mobility and become invincible from CFC strategic fleets, forcing the minions of Evil to engage in small-gang which usually doesn't end well to them. You can help the alliance by donating, while the pilots must earn their own ships. Yes, being an independent pirate isn't a cheap adventure, the ISK making ship (or the PLEX-ing wallet) is just as important for success as the combat ship.


BearNClear said...

While I'm not the CFC's biggest fan nor N3/PL for that matter, what makes you think that MoA is any better than them, and why should I as a player support them via isk, or anything else for that matter? I see alot of talk from you but very little in the way of reasoning or purpose to your dribble?

Gevlon said...

MoA killed the most CFC in August, period. (and was top 5 all year)

Anonymous said...

That doesnt answer the "Why are MoA any different than CFC/N3/PL, and why should we be subsidising them?"

Gevlon said...

Goons are Evil. They deny meritocracy and keep everyone who are not them as slaves or victims.

Killing them is Good.

maxim said...

I think your case could be more compelling if you could frame the notion of "Goons bad, MoA killing them good" in the form of "Subsidising MoA in their fight against goons will benefit you in X way".

There is also the underlying question which hasn't been explicitly asked, but is always there: what benefit is there in subsidising anyone at all in the nullsec war?

What benefit is there for someone who has financial interests in null? What benefit is there for someone who has no financial interests in null?

Gevlon said...

@Maxim: there is no personal benefit. You can fully avoid Goons by living in highsec, lowsec, WH space or renting from PL.

Goons never wronged me personally. I just find removing their overall evil attitude better way of using my ISK than stockpiling it in my wallet or buying Titans that never do anything.

Esteban said...

Clearly, Gevlon, you need a slicker PR operation than just your blog. You have many talents, but spinning a compelling narrative about good and evil is not among them.

Perhaps James 315 can lend you a few bright-eyed kids to regurgitate cultist rhetoric on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

Moving can also hurt your income.
In worst case you may have to grind level 1 and 2 missions because you don't have standings for level 4 missions. Resetting PI and starting it again somewhere else is also something most players try to avoid.

daniel said...

as you are a trader, and you see the need for an alternate hub, and you are good with logistics, why don't you just stock a second moa-hub? few % over jita, encourage others to follow your example, you'll even earn isk with that.
given that you are one of the few players in this game who could afford to do this.

@ bear&co
the missing of a somewhat more plausible narrative on why exactly goons are the root of all evil (despite them having contributed to the game and the community more than most other entities) is somewhat worrying. yes, i did read the "but they hated me first" post.

but, if one has a look at:
end of halloweenwar -> mittani anounces double srp for goons in small gang warfare -> gevlon comes up with the idea to fund an anti-cfc pirate group that delivers small gang warfare to goons.

we also recently got mittani saying: "If that guy didn't exist, we'd have to invent him."

combine all that with gevlons original desire to be working for an eve entity that is aiming for the total control of the eve-verse in order to deny fun and content to all other players, and craft a conspiracy theory of your own.

or have fun watching as gevlon delivers not only content, but plenty of opportunities to goons so they can train up a generation of players that indeed are able in the one thing that goons are bad in - pvp.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: making ISK on your combat pilot is dumb.

@Daniel: the Goon propaganda of "fun PvP" won't work. It's pretty hard to make anyone believe that a dead AFK ratter or freighter pilot had fun when died.

daniel said...

dead ratters ...
dying while ratting in nullsec, it's acceptable, part of the game. and i highly doubt that this really will make anyone not log in anymore.
according to your statistics, ratting only went down a few percent, hardly the pressure one needs to really ruin someone's day. especially in a region/environment, there the target easily can avoid the camped system.

actually, and you once had a commenter stating that, gang warfare is considered "fun PVP" by many players in this game, also those that are in the cfc.

Pakokkie said...

Carebears left. Moa does not own sov, spacestations or whatever. We don't want sov, spacestations or anyhting that needs taking care of. We just like to kill CFC and their pets and/or slaves. The perma camp of the 5zx stations was fun while it lasted. I realy do hope CFC comes back to camp it again, continuously with a huge number of people. Best regards,