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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend minipost: This war was a great idea!

The highsec arm of Evil declared war on Galactic Skyfleet Empire. It seems like a big highsec-lowsec carebear group, I don't know why The Mittani want them dead. Anyway GSE didn't drop dead, but called mercenaries. So many that it was cheaper for them to declare their own wars than join as ally:
. You might guessed that the war isn't going well for the Evil. Check out this battle for example.

You could hear little about RvB on this blog, but it doesn't mean I've forgotten about them fighting for Goons in highsec in every occasions they needed it. I just have my hands full. But I have some surprises planned for them too.

PS: This Goon minion is especially dumb.


Anonymous said...

They seem like a carebear group?

Anonymous said...

These guys are so bored in null sec that they want people to join against them and fight. There is no strategic loss possible for goons (perhaps a few new low sec moons get RF'ed?), and they get some fighting to alleviate the boredom.

The more that pile on them, the better they will feel.

Eve is tanking, and the null sec cartels know it, and are worried.

Tsed said...

Seems to be going okay.

Anonymous said...

GSE surrendered to RvB in the end, losing some 9 POCOs while not being able to claim the 1 of RvB they were able to pop.

Good to see these group rallying up - this will give more good content in the future.