Greedy Goblin

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend minipost: panic in the highsec CFC wing

Someone created a reddit thread: "Gevlon Goblin Paid 10Bil ISK to have access to RvB special access forums hes gone over all there compositions and sold them to oppositions I sold him access so i know he has access to it." It's followed by the expected nonsense.

It's funny how I became a boogieman for CFC elements, them being trolled by actions I allegedly performed.

I didn't pay a dime for the RvB Alliance Tournament comps. I don't have them. Nor I ever wanted. Make a search on my blog for "Alliance Tournament" and you'll see I've never cared for it a bit. I consider it an irrelevant distraction, unconnected to the EVE universe. If the CODE. incident wouldn't happen, I wouldn't even know that RvB has a team.

Early next week comes something I really paid for. It cost a bit more than the alleged action and had (and will have) much larger impact than which round RvB will be eliminated from AT.

PS: ratting and mining in Deklein is safe.


CFC Grunt said...

That nyx had it coming. Sitting in a POS with a stupidly easy password? Better dead than dumb.

And no, you're not a boogeyman - you're a clown. We're coming to your blog to read you rant about us, the CFC because it's funny.

It really makes my morning coffee great.

Anonymous said...

honestly, after reading the comments it is clear that that was a troll post and that nobody in RvB really cared. As if important intel was published in open forums...