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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekend minipost: big bad Goon ganks innocent mining barge

Sort of.

Breaking news: FCON is still bad.

On another note: highsec titan down. I think it was RMT, because one tornado couldn't kill it with hardeners on. Also, pretty retarded fit, the pilot has no other killboard activity, despite being almost 2 years old, he was in NPC corp and in his corp history the only player corp has no WH activity, despite he was stuffed with WH loot. His killer is even more suspicious, he did nothing but expensive, stupid fit ship ganks, but way less than you'd expect from a ganker and only very expensive ones. It's like every other week he undocks once and the first thing coming his way has 10B in the hold. Either very lucky, or regular buyer of illicit ISK sellers.


Anonymous said...

big bad Goon ganks innocent mining barge
A ship with a battleship tank, some of the most powerful drone bonuses in the game and small drones can take out an interceptor? Who knew?!

Gevlon said...

The joke is that someone in an interceptor engaged "A ship with a battleship tank, some of the most powerful drone bonuses in the game and small drones"

Anonymous said...

Well, isn't that a misleading headline? AFAIK Marmite and GSF are at war, so any engagement is legit and cannot be considered a gank.
It is just plain stupidity that someone that small engages a procurer...

Considering the tayra kill: Everyone who ready this on the killboard should flag the two involved pilots as RMT suspects, so that CCP will have to move their asses!

It is still lol policy that only the buyer gets sanctioned , but not the seller. But again, that would cripple large Nulsec entities such as...?

Anonymous said...

Highsec alt of a wormhole corp, it has nothing to do with RMT. Implying it is anything other then that is just silly.

Gevlon said...

Because wormhole corps never heard of covops haulers.

jstk said...

Blue loot sells for less in Jita (player made orders) than to npc orders in other places.

He had no business if going there anyway.

Obvious rmt.