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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekend minipost: paladin

No comment.
Baby version.
Keep ratting!
Finally, the worst nightmare of a Goon minion.


Anonymous said...

Gevlon, I don't think this project is working, and it is because you are going after the cfc as one entity. The only way to go after a massive entity is divide and conquer, drop wars against most alliances, and istead redouble and re triple efforts onto one or two pets. At the moment you are just creating camaraderie between cfc, in fleets everyone will laugh about gevlon, because they are all affected together. But what if one day one alliance was losing billions to gevlon, while another could go through high sec peacefully in total safety. There would be a wedge driven. One cfc would complain, another cfc would tell him to htfu.

I think this could scale to sovereign war as well. Many people say that the cfc should be invaded on multiple fronts, to split their forces. But this again only creates camaraderie. Instead n3pl should pour every single effort onto the head of one alliance only., and one region only, leave the next door region alone entirely. Soon that alliance would shed members, come up with theories about back room deals made to make them a sacrifice, while other cfc members may come to defend their sov in collation fleets,. They then go back home to rat and mine peacefully while the invaded alliance have to live in a war zone, with no ump bridge, no ratting, no safety at all.

Gevlon said...

The rift is created between the ganked (mostly carebear) individual and the HTFU (mostly PvP) ones. I don't want alliances to leave the CFC, I want players to leave their alliances.

Rhiaden said...

Why would players leave their alliances if they like the things they can do in null?

They can move things through highsec easily enough if they put a little thought into it.

You are saying "I want them to be solo players in highsec"