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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekend hilarity: Goons are awoxing renters!

Goons still aren't burning Jita. Maybe they are scared. Maybe they are too busy setting up awoxing towers that kill their own renters, like this 16B JF.

I have to accept that this is a work of art. Awoxing without even being at the keyboard. This needs a Goon to come up with.

On a different note: the highsec Goon slave RvB have an industrial altcorp Blohm and Voss Shipyard who has sov in Goon space. They also had a 6B JF and a half B pod.


Anonymous said...

Tower mechanics are historically unpredictable - there have been numerous accounts of towers shooting people they shouldn't shoot. I'm not certain exactly of the cause of this particular rouge tower, but you are extremely quick to judge without all the facts here.

As for Goons not burning Jita because they are scared... pray tell, who are they scared of?

Anonymous said...

Goons own rules say renters aren't allowed to use bridges in most cfc space. Standings that control whether you can use a bridge or not are the same ones that determine whether a POS shoots you or not. You do the math, except you don't have to since their rules pretty clearly state it: "Please note: Due to asinine POS configuration controls, it is impossible to configure a POS so that you can’t use the bridge without it also shooting you. In other words, not only are you not permitted to use most CFC jump bridges, but they will shoot you if you linger."

I suppose when and if burn jita does happen you'll be claiming credit for having shamed goons into it?

Gevlon said...

No, if it happens, I won't claim credit. If it won't happen, I will definitely claim credit though.

Anonymous said...

One more reminder today for the euros: in order to prevent unfortunate circumstances regarding your out-of-corp highsec entities, we strongly recommend you register ALL of your accounts on the GSF API system, at . This will not change your standings with any CFC entity, but it may prevent me from bulldozing your freighter.

If you know a few non-English speakers who may benefit from this information, I recommend you send a translation their way.

For the rest of you: it's coming.

*** This was a broadcast from warr_akini to all-all at 2014-04-18 XX:XX:XX.XXXXXX EVE, replies are not monitored ***

This is your daily reminder to start working on your sec status. The higher above 0 you get, the more ganks you get before you have to tag up. :sun:

*** This was a broadcast from powers_sa to all-all at 2014-04-19 XX:XX:XX.XXXXXX EVE, replies are not monitored ***


Anonymous said...

Back in March, RvB allying with Blohm and Voss was even part of your "proof" that RvB are goon slaves as Blohm and Voss was a Goon alt corp. Now you claim they are an RvB alt corp. Which is it?

Gevlon said...

That's an irrelevant detail. Either way it's CFC.

Arrendis said...

Hardly irrelevant if you're claiming two contradictory things.

Anonymous said...

No, if it happens, I won't claim credit. If it won't happen, I will definitely claim credit though.
You will claim credit for stopping goons? Really? are you serious? Do you honestly (and this is a serious question...not trolling) think yourself to be relevant enough to the CFC war machine to entertain the notion of taking credit for "stopping" burn jita?

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: you probably missed the part where Goons lost their highsec POCOs.

@Arrendis: since they are both controlled from the same room, it's irrelevant. Is it relevant if a certain solar system in Deklein is TNT or GSF sov?

Anonymous said...

Pocos are a different thing. They are stationary, passive targets which may or may not have a fleet showing up to save them. Records show that lemmings ran away when such fleet came into the system. Burn Jita is all about ganking fleets actively looking for targets. Your trolling idea will only help them accomplish their goal of providing entertainment and trying to actually fight them to stop the event doesn't seem possible with the resources you have.

Anonymous said...

@Gevlon: I did notice the Goon's transfering POCOs to RvB - but since you seem to think RvB = Goons, it's still Goon owned POCOs right? ... right? you can't have this one both ways.

also what has your dubious claims that you ran Goons out of highsec (I say dubious for a few reasons, mostly because Goons still operate daily in highsec, and because you have had personally very little to do with the outcome) got to do with whether or not Goons decide to Burn Jita? I can't see how these are in any way related to each other.

Gevlon said...

Yes, the POCOs still earn ISK to CFC. But they no longer have the symbolic value. They are no longer Goon statues. RvB POCOs don't irritate highsec players.

Burn Jita has no strategic or financial purpose. It's a symbol. I doubt if they dare to risk a defeat here. I mean if highsec pubbies beat them, half Goonwaffe stops logging in.

Anonymous said...

Burn Jita is a holiday: It's a chance to chill on comms with friends without any sov fights or anything going on. This is the CFC equivalent of meeting up with friends from work to catch a film and drinks. Comms will be full of jokes and if we blow up or get blown up its a great laugh anyway, everyone will be flying ships they expect to lose and many people go out of their way to do really silly things and explode just for laughs.

I don't think the POCOs were ever supposed to do anything but earn money, at least I assumed that in my time outside and inside the CFC. From my understanding, they don't even make that much.

Esteban said...

Burn Jita is indeed silly buggers on comms and a lot of fun (and not much impact) for individuals. However, it is branded on the macro level as an exercise in dominance over high-sec.

I suspect attendance would take a bit of a hit if it were called Get Burnt In Jita.

So, it is kind of important. I doubt GG and his band of merry something-or-others will stop it, but it would certainly matter if it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

But they no longer have the symbolic value. They are no longer Goon statues. RvB POCOs don't irritate highsec players.

Your premise is that the POCOs annoyed highsec players because they were owned by goons.

You also assert that RvB are goons.

Therefore RvB POCOs annoy highsec players because they are owned by goons.

Either RvB POCOs are exactly the same as goon POCOs, or RvB are not in any way related to goons outside of a specific diplomatic relationship and the POCOs are not goons.

You can't have an each way bet on this Gevlon - you are saying 2 completely different things.