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Friday, April 25, 2014

Guide to ruin Burn Jita for frig PvP lovers

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

I did something that is very much against my beliefs and ideas. While I have the excuse of writing this guide, I had the f-word thing. I deeply regret flying and enjoying small-ship PvP. At least I didn't fly frigs but destroyers. Slaying a pure blood Goon was easy as a pie. The Goon slave afterwards on the other hand put up some fight:
This is easy: hide a harmless alt in the huge crowd at the undock or gate and get a good warpin on a sitting Evil and jump on it with a ganky Catalyst.

However it's just annoying the Goons, losing some idiots who aren't in the gank fleets won't harm Burn Jita. I just got carried away...

Anyway, the interesting kills are these: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. These are all CFC pods and I collected them with a Thrasher within 10 minutes. How? You have to understand that after committing a crime, the pilot has to wait 15 mins Global Criminal Cooldown. This time is affected by TiDi, in 10%, that's 150 mins waiting. To skip that wait, Goons jump out of Jita and wait in Maurasi, Sobaseki or some other neighboring system. When their GCC is gone, they return to Jita. Jita is overloaded and traffic control stops them from jumping in. So all you have to do is sit on the gate and butcher them. If they were dumb, they had implants, their clone station isn't in Jita or they forget updating clone. Anyway, by podding them, they lose time from getting on the fleet fast. And to do it, all you need is a meta fit Rifter. After all, they are just pods and noobships stuck on a gate.

This is my third post today, you can read an earlier Burn Jita post and a mini-business post.


Anonymous said...

As someone stuck on the gates getting into Jita being podded is a blessing. No waiting that two minutes.

Anonymous said...

Right I was poded next to jita couldnot get it. And suddenly i'm in my clone in jita ready to go.
Next time I will ask for being podded. :)

Lucas Kell said...

What that guy said.
If you blow up my pod on the gate, I wake up in the gank station next to my ships. *shrug* Saves me a 10% tidi flight to the station.

Arrendis said...

See, now you're starting to get into the swing of things, Gevlon. It's about blowing shit up and enjoying doing it.

Gevlon said...

@Lucas: assuming you have an empty pod and set your pod station to Jita.

Last year the average GSF pod was 55M. People are stupid. If they weren't stupid, Burn Jita couldn't exist in the first place. I mean no one would drive a non-troll freigher in.

Lucas Kell said...

"assuming you have an empty pod and set your pod station to Jita."
Most of us do. Of course there will be notable exceptions, but if you are too dumb to follow the rule of setting your clone to the right station, then you probably aren't adding much to the ganks, probably firing at like 15km off.

And yep, people are stupid, which is why fighting against Burn Jita seems to be counter to your beliefs. Stupid people should be destroyed. Grab a catalyst and get invovled.