Greedy Goblin

Friday, January 31, 2014

War update

Yesterday RvB dropped the Lemmings vs GSF war and their directors were busy posting "lol you can't hit a single POCO". Yesterday we reinforced all of them! So Mynnna commented on my blog: "I was under the impression that allies stayed on until the war's end - that's what the devblog says back in 2012, and I'm not aware of any changes since. Still, whips & threats have been deployed and RvB should be back in things in time to greet your minions."

He wasn't kidding! RvB just rejoined the war! Anyone in doubt that they are pets? Check out the comments of their directors just hours ago how they will not be back!

PS: I'm cooking two very nasty things for Goons. You'll see them soon.


MoralHazard said...

After reading Mynna's comment and Gevlon's subsequent post, I'm thinking Gevlon needs to train Sarcasm Detection to at least III.

Noseman said...

Why not have Marmite wardec RvB as a response? Put the pets under some more firepower.

Unknown said...

I also assumed it was sarcasm. But Clio was pretty clear they were done with the war, and now they are back. If mynna was being sarcastic then something is missing. If not, then it looks like Gevlon is right that RvB have become goon pet

Anonymous said...

So once again all Goon POCOs were saved (one did die but Mynna ninja dropped a brand new one before the grr goons forces could do anything).

The money you are paying Marmite is money wasted. They sat in local and begged random people in system to warp to POCOs and kill Goons with a suspect flag. It's like they are lost any time they leave the Jita undock.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! I just read Mynnna's post on the forum:
>>I know how much Marmite just loves fighting RvB, so I made sure to accept them into the war they declared on my altcorp.

I am speechless.. I laughed about the whole goon-pet mambojambo. Was thinking it is bullshit. Mynnna decides now when and against whom RvB wardecs. I am so out of RvB!

Gevlon said...

Don't forget to join the Lemmings and kick the ass of the Goon pets!