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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vale of silence

As part of seeking my future in EVE, about a week ago I tried catching nullsec miners and ratters in Vale of the Silent. Half of it is owned by Genleman's Agreement, a Goon pet alliance, the other half belongs to PBLRD, the Goon renter alliance. They are easy to distinguish, because the Gents space is totally empty, while the PBLRD space had 5-10 people on local.

What is common between them is zero kills. I spent all Sunday looking for someone to kill and managed to kill nobody. In an average Sunday I could easily farm 5-8B worth of miners in highsec. In null, nothing. Before you'd say "you don't have the skillz to do null PvP", I'd like to remind you that I didn't die either. If there were these mythical "nullsec PvP-ers" who "haz skillz", I'd be podded back to highsec where the failure carebears like myself belong. But I didn't die. I didn't even see anybody trying to kill me if we don't count a bunch of punks camping the entry gate in random crap.

What did the renters do to avoid being killed? By warping to a POS and staying there:
Logging off or being AFK for hours made no difference. They were all sitting in the POS. And they weren't in a hurry. I visited every single ice belt system in the Vale and found all of the ice up and intact. They did not even cherry-picked Geldius:

Anomalies, both combat and ore were sitting there untouched:

One thing is for sure, I won't bother trying to kill anyone in nullsec. That zone is practically empty. No people, just bots watching local and warping to a POS and staying there until everyone left for a long time. Tomorrow you'll see where which part of EVE I go to explore in the following months.


Anonymous said...

Gentleman's are not pets. the renters are Pets. the difference between pets and not pets are basically "not renters and renters" - that is basically what the terminology is and you don't get to decide it is different.

also because you didn't get podded back to highsec means you PvPers don't exist. You heard it here first folks!

Anonymous said...

And what did you expect? A renter is by definition not so much in PvP. They may come help their land lords if the need arises but they will try to stay out of it as long as possible.

Now you are looking at renters, renting from the greatest wall of Blue people in eve. With an almost 0% chance of losing that space over night.
Either it is full of bots, which wouldn't surprise many "I hate Goons" and "Goons are bad for the game" players, or you just found the most risk adverse renters who moved under the shelter of the greatest slum lord.

MJ B said...

bad luck;
two thinks there on a deployment to the east, en they have a nice working Intel-channel. So not all of eve null-sec is empty, try out a other null-sec sector

daniel said...

doesn't have to be bots - this is just normal behaviour.

details would have been nice, like what ship did you fly?

do you now understand why nullsec."ganking" is a totaly different thing?

btw, goons don't defend their renters, neither do the other alliances.
and renters are renters cause they suck at pvp - otherwise they would live in npc.null.

Anonymous said...

If null and low sec where as awesome as people say they are they would be packed full of people not empty for jump after jump.

GWI said...

yeah, everyone docks up when theres a neut or red in local. chances are if you slowboated, they knew you were coming 10 jumps out also and were aligned.

it's why people have to leave afk cloakers in systems for weeks, then eventually cyno a bunch of bombers in off a blops to catch these guys

Anonymous said...

well. rented to an industry corp. That sais it all.
you where looking for troll-w00t-leet-pvp? so I would hit F10 go to statistics and search around the best red bubbles you can find. check if it's not due to some ihub comming out of reinforcement. and look around the area that lights up the most in your timezone.

I won't bother trying to kill anyone in nullsec
Did you bother to view map statistics?
You did bother to seek industry rented space.
Did you bother checking your primetime regions for your timezone?
if you'd bother you find trouble always.

Also Goons don't have 24/7 coverage. At least that is what I think viewing the map statistics in my primetime hours (eve-time 17-20)

what was this about? you didn't even define that.
it sounds more like:
As part of seeking my future in EVE, .. I won't bother trying .. to seek it.

Anonymous said...

Bots or not, the standard operating procedure in null - drilled into people over and over again - is that you dock or pos up as soon as a non blue enters local.

Most people will mine aligned away from the warp in point. Plus they have intel networks - so you need to avoid being spotted.

Having said that - we catch people in null all the time - the trick is to use ships that can actually catch people (interceptors), be aware of time zones and when various regions are active, and using the in game heatmaps and dotlan to go where the action is. Plus know what sort of sites people do in what ships.

Unknown said...

I'm not surprised really. The reason you found barely anyone to fight is that everyone is gone to Curse or other areas for deployment (if I recall correctly GA has deployment now?). What's left are mining/ratting alts who do as always - warp to POS, wait till all is clear and get back to mining/ratting.

Lucas Kell said...

"there on a deployment"
This is true. We're deployed a lot to be honest

"details would have been nice, like what ship did you fly?"
I can almost guarantee he was in a cloaky T3. Probably nullified too. 99% of the time when someone complains about the lack of people in null, it's because they are flying a ship that's is way too much effort to even bother trying to catch, and that will gain the defender nothing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the other guys. That is standard null-sec operating procedure. I spent about 4 weeks in an industrial corp out in the Drone regions last year, and I probably spent a quarter of the time warping to and from a pos because of neuts.

You should try BLOPSing, but that might be against your individualistic ethos.

Satori Okanata said...

Gevlon, take a look at this systems corridor. The entry point is 5 jumps away from jita.


I've been to passari several times, every time I go, there is fighting.