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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The efficient usage of cynosural fields

People use their cyno alts to get in their capital ship. Which is a waste. Why spend 10 minutes of your time to get in one capital when you can get in two:

This silly weekend minipost is a celebration that I successfully activated jump drives first and second time in EVE and still have the capitals.

Which won't last long as they head to Fountain. I guess I'll still be a carebear, because the structures I'll shoot/rep won't shoot back.

Anyway, go and trade people and you can fly capitals as recklessly like average people do with battlecruisers.

By the way, they are T1 ships, so insure them:

Some tips: fill the fleet hangar of your carrier with extra fuel and refuel yourself in midpoints. Have extra cyno generators and Liquid Ozone too to refuel cyno alts.
On the cyno alt, set the destination to the station you dock to and activate autopilot. When the cyno is down or you are in a pod, the autopilot docks!

And only 17 hours I bought my dread:


Anonymous said...

"I guess I'll still be a carebear, because the structures I'll shoot/rep won't shoot back."

I know that was supposed to be a sarcastic remark, but it's pretty much true. The only difference between shooting a tower and shooting a defenseless barge is that the tower doesn't smack talk back in local. Take a ship out and go hunting for some good fights and then you'll have a right to be sarcastic about it. Now you're still a carebear who gets told when to push F1. Some l33t skillz there!

Bobbins said...

@Anonymous 11.20
I wouldn't exactly call someone who is risking billion isk ships a carebear. The 'good fights' will probably happen when someone decides they don't want a dread shooting a defenceless structure.

Gevlon said...

Some info about the defenseless SBU being shot on the screenshot:

Anonymous said...

You actually can't dock right after losing your cyno ship as ejecting your pod gives you a session change timer.

Anonymous said...


So all freighter pilots are PvPers, you say? Strange logic.

What about that SBU?

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: read the zkillboard link 2 comments above.

In short: 13B Goon and 11B our ships were lost, including 3 dreads from the picture.

Anonymous said...

I can't see you anywhere there, unless you've stopped naming you alts *Goblin. In case you were there - congratulations, you made a first step into pvp. Now, try to make that your main activity and you might just become a PvPer, which you so desire. Someday maybe you'll even try solo roaming, maybe even in a frig (and I'm not trolling here - frigs are the most skill demanding ships to fly properly). Maybe there's still hope for you. Although, given the horrible reputation you've made for yourself, I think not many will believe you engaged in real pvp.

Lucas Kell said...

@Gevlon "In short: 13B Goon and 11B our ships were lost, including 3 dreads from the picture."
To be honest, following on from Z9PP you're gonna need a lot more than a 2b difference in a fight. Perhaps if you defended stations like 9-V for example :p

And yes, shooting and repping structures is not really considered PvP. If you were providing reps in a live battle, that would be PvP even if you aren't shooting people. Generally shooting in any situation where you are not at risk of the target retaliating is not considred PvP as such. I'm not sure why this is a difficult concept to grasp. So that said, if you were in that battle then it would be classed as PvP regardless of your role or ship.

Just out of curiosity though, which character were you on, as I can't see any of your characters on the SBU killmail. In fact, I can't see any dreads on that killmail (as in the SBU on that page Are you sure that's the right killmail?

Bobbins said...

@Anonymous 13.12
I never mentioned anything about Pvpers. Although I am puzzled why you call people who risk their ships in null sec carebears. But ok you are not a carebear in your million isk ship but he is with his 2 billion isk ship in a null sec war. I do not agree with that!

Gevlon said...

@Lucas: we were shooting the SBU when Goons bridged on us. The dreads were ordered to get out but we weren't capped as we just jumped in and spent a cycle in siege. We warped off to celestials and waited for the cap. I got capped when Goons land on grid and could jump, the other 2 not.

Please note that the dreads on the linked killmail had no kills on 7-20 in SPLE-Y, the day and system they died (click on pilots). Neither have I as I did not shoot subcaps and enemy caps were not on field. This was not my choice, FC ordered to jump out.

So in that sense I did not PvP. But neither the dead dreads. Do you claim that the dreads that lost in a 350 men battle were PvE-ing?

Lucas Kell said...

No of course not, you were all engaged in PvP.

You probably still will get called a carebear though :p You've pretty much permenantly bestowed that title on yourself by claiming miner ganking makes you single handedly better than everyone ever in PvP. You're pretty much going to need to solo kill a fleet of supers to redeem yourself from that.

Anonymous said...

how long does it take to turn 600m into 2B from trading? at what point is it better to invest the premiums instead of buying insurance?

my dad bought lambs instead of insurance. the revenue from sheep sold covered the risk of not having insurance tenfold over the years.

Gevlon said...

Combat ships are generally surely lost. I'll cover the insurance math on Tuesday, but usually insuarnce is a good investment on combat ships.

Anonymous said...

The trick to efficient cynos is to shoot the cyno ship. Carry fuel and spare cynos or stash them in systems you commonly cyno in or out of. Add some t1 cargo expanders, train cynosural field theory III, dock your pod to get a noobship, cyno, shoot cyno, move on with life.