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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The money is in the Goon schemes!

Every now and then someone comments on my ISK-making posts that "Goons make 1000x more with one speculation". No, I'm not going to cite my personal income, because even I don't make a trillion in a few months, the average length of a patch-speculation. I won't even talk about the failed speculation, like the one on Tritanium when the drone alloys were removed, as most of them don't fail. The truth is that the Goon stock-shark brigade makes more and has more money than I'll ever do.

But it's not a problem, as goon speculations are Goon speculations and not "Mynnna speculations" for a reason. While some players are more important in it then others, it's clearly true that even Mynnna couldn't pull them off alone. If he could, he would. To pull them off, the wast human resources of GSF is needed. They can only pull them off together. If there was a smaller subset of Goons that could operate these schemes, this subset would just cut the fat and keep the all money to themselves. Why would they give share of the loot to other people? The only reason is that one way or another the "average Goon" is needed for the speculation to work.

If we look GSF up on Dotlan, we see 8200 members. If that translates only to 3000 actual people, a trillion ISK income turns into 333M/person. And trillion-income speculations aren't happening every day. Same for the old "oh-my-God-so-big" Technetium moon income. Huge money in one pile but if we distribute among the members, we get sums that would make a Veldspar miner say "meh".

Comparing a yourself to an alliance can be disheartening (or hilarious). The solution is to stop it. Whenever you hear "Goons did this, Goons did that", divide that number by 3000 and you'll see that you aren't doing bad.

The infamous Goon recruitment scams are based on the fact that people want in the GSF badly since "that's where the money and power is". GSF has money and power, it is true. But a random Goon has just a little portion of it. You should always measure yourself to the "random Goon" and not GSF.


Anonymous said...

you are aware that the average goon indeed is ratting, mining, prodding, trading, scamming, ganking etc.pp ?
that "little" extra $$ should more be thought of as a loyalty buyer...

Anonymous said...

Also, remember, some people compare all their chars as one.

"I made 2b this week" sounds impressive to new players.

"I made 2b this week on 10 chars off of 50b" is less so

Von Keigai said...

even Mynnna couldn't pull them off alone. If he could, he would.

Some of the Goon speculations, or rather their market manipulations, are obviously things they did collectively. Things like the ice interdiction.

But mostly I don't think that is the case. There are economically literate goons who enjoy market analysis, and who therefore enjoy looking at each new release to see what will go up and what will go down. Then they dump the one and buy the other. I see no reason to think that individuals can't do that using their own personal fortunes. And probably they do. But mynnna can also do with Goon money, with more leverage considering there is more of it. So he does that too.

This gets back to what one can actually do with ISK. If free RMT were the case, and mynnna could cash out a trillion ISK into $30000 or so, then he probably would not be so selfless with the ISK (and the information). But that's not reality. In reality after he gets enough ISK per month to pay PLEX, there's nothing he can do with it outside of game. So he might as well use it in-game for in-game goals.