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Thursday, June 27, 2013


I haven't post a business report for a long time. The reason is simple: I'm still trading the same implants as almost a year ago, there isn't much competition. What's the reason for this post then?

This is the amount of money I made with trading. I don't have this sum, I have some invested, a lot in implants to sell and spent some on various projects. Yet, this is what I made in the one year and four months of playing EVE. With the 16B gained by the mistype of a buyer, I passed half trillion ISK this week. That's about 1.2B/day, approximately 0.5-0.8B/hour actively played.

This result in itself a proof that the money is in trading, in moving goods from impatient sellers to impatient buyers. I'm not having any "skillz", I do nothing that anyone couldn't repeat. The way to earn a supercarrier a month is open for everyone.

What will I do with it? I don't have explicit plans. I have to stay in highsec for a week or two more to finish a project (which will change highsec L4 security mission running) but then, I probably start looking around in nullsec. I'm sure there is a need for some cash.


Benh Thanh said...

Have to agree with you. I started trading last week with just 5 million isk. Now I'm up to 500 million, and doing so comfortably. I play maybe and hour a day, and don't do anything more strenuous than look up numbers.

Thanks for your blog posts. They helped a great deal in doing this, particularly with dealing with the 0.01 guys.

Look forward to catching up with you.

AZRainman said...

I appreciate your tips. I mainly do regio to region arbitration and started out with a billion and now have 12 billion in 4 months. All this without a freighter, in which I get done training next week. Thanks again!

joe said...

I am curious as to why the graph has levelled off. You seem to be making as much as you did a year ago. ie you have the same income with 100B as 500B.

A year ago you were making approximately 1.2%/day on your capital (1.2B/100B), while today you are making 0.24%/day on your capital (1.2B/500B).

What are you doing with the extra 400B that you now have compared to a year ago?

Can you literally not find enough things to buy and sell?

Have you stopped working as hard to make your ISK work?

Could you push your income back to 1%/day (6B/day with your current capital) if you worked harder?

Thanks for your blog.

Gevlon said...

@Joe: because making money is time limited in EVE due to having to manually update orders. If order update could be legally automatized, I could have exponential growth.

Tyndal said...

Every serious blog about trading in eve tells you to buy and sell... implants.
At least once you reached a certain amount of ISK to buy those implants.
Whenever I compare prices of implants between Jita and Amarr/Dodixie/Rens/Hek/Whereever I find implants traded more then 5 times a day to have a maring below 10% or even 5% with some 0.01 competition. Implants which are traded once a week or even less do have margins beyond good and evil, but will keep your ISK over a long period of time and maybe never sell (or traders get impatient and sell it to you...).
With 600+ different implants in the game I might be missing those you build your wealth of...
I stopped trading implants because waiting one week for the implant to sell is even less exciting then watching your frighter V skill ticking down... ;)

Maybe someone should suggest CCP a "rebalance" of those 600 different implants... but I guess T1-Industrials are more important...
I feel you could kick out half of the implants without being noticed by 95% of the active players.
And those 5% recognicing it woult be traders.

Anyway, congratz to the 0.5T and good luck with your projects (hopefully we can read about them some day?).

Gevlon said...

@Tyndal: if the average profit is 5%, than you made 5M on selling one

Anonymous said...


Looking at just the profit % is a bit misleading, look at net profit instead, or if the item requires manufacturing / hauling, profit per hour

5% profit on a 100 mil item vs 100% profit on a 100k item
the 5% item will get you 5 mil profit while the 100% item will get you 100k

Anonymous said...


Manually updating orders all day is usually done at the lower rungs, the ones you see with the 1T + are not sitting trading all day.

The reason for slowing in growth is usually hitting a ceiling and having to expand your trading to something a little more unusual.

Hence TornSouls thread with questions regarding making X% month guaranteed on 1T+

Anonymous said...

Since you reached your order update limit, outsource the labour.

Your goal in life is proving that your methods work for anyone, toss some noob bloggers who haven't played EVE in the past some PLEX and seed money, in exchange for a promise to write about their experiences and how far they get with trading. Not anyone that could scam you, actual newcomers.

You took on "apprentices" in WoW long ago, and that turned out to be a good read.

Kainotomiu Ronuken said...

"What will I do with it? I don't have explicit plans. I have to stay in highsec for a week or two more to finish a project (which will change highsec L4 security mission running) but then, I probably start looking around in nullsec. I'm sure there is a need for some cash."

Purely out of curiosity, what would be your reaction if TEST extended an invitation to rejoin? Would you pay 20b/m? Would you join if no payment was required?

(Because you know, we're broke.)

Anonymous said...

You constantly talk about "the way to own a supercarrier in a month is open to everyone" and how you can afford multiple titans, etc.

But the ISK cost of a super or a titan is only one factor in actually obtaining one. You can't build one yourself unless you have sov. somewhere, and can hold it for the months necessary to construct the ship. You can buy one from an alliance, but then what? Where do you keep it? You can't dock, so you can't ever leave the ship unless it's in a POS, and if you park a titan in any losec pos, it will get torched immediately.

I notice that you have not managed to acquire a super or a titan yet, despite being able to afford multiple ones. Why is that? You act like having the ISK for a titan is the same as having a titan, which is evidently is not.

Crow said...

Everything you need for a Supercarrier or Titan is obtainable with ISK. Separate Account for PLEX, Pilot from Character Bazaar, a large POS in a quite lowsec system and a defense-contract from a reputable MercCorp.
Having the ISK for a Titan equates nicely to having one. Just two problems "the Isk for a Titan" is a lot more than just the buying price and it comes with a huge ammount of running cost.
And finally and most importantly; now you have a Titan woopdidoo ... what do you do with it?

Anonymous said...

"(which will change highsec L4 security mission running)"

Just like your mining missions changed high sec mining, and allowed miners everywhere to afford Supercarriers in just a decade of full time job-level mining?