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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Burn morons

Burn Jita happened again, with lot of dead freighters, jump freighters, industrials and retards. Goons claim the destruction of several hundred billions of ISK already. Ships explode left and right:
The Goons are spreading fear among the "pubbies" and make sure that they are known to be the unstoppable boogiemen of EVE. No one is safe from them.

I don't believe in boogiemen so instead of cowering docked, I put their "unstoppableness" to the test. I filled my Orca with double-wrapped packages, surely full of valuable goodies and did several trips in an out of Jita and the nearby systems that had high kill count. For days nothing happened, the monsters from Deklein ignored me. You might think I was just very-very lucky, but on Sunday my "luck" ran out as a Machariel and others started to bump me and Tornados shown up the overview on the Perimiter gate in Jita. A stranger convoed me too:

As you can see, after scanning my ship, the "unstoppable boogiemen" choose not to attack. Could they muster the force to take down my Orca? Probably. But there was no point as the cost of the gank would probably be too high for the lottery of the double-wrapped goodies, so what was inside will remain secret.

The "real boogiemen" would damn the cost and would just gank out of principle. But there is no such thing as "real boogiemen". The monsters are created in the mind of the morons and slackers who are unable to understand risk and reward. They fly their loot pinatas and cry "monster" when they are robbed. They don't see that the robbing wasn't random and was motivated by the loot or prestige value of their ship. If they wouldn't be dumb, they could easily fly something that doesn't worth ganking. Highsec is safe, as you can limit risks to the point where you don't really have to care, but the gankers would lose way to much to proceed:

If everyone could fit ships and calculate loot values, there wouldn't be ganking at all. Every gank victim is a fool who made himself a target. You can fly safely in the middle of Burn Jita with 40 seconds aligning brick.


Mad Gus said...

Chances are they found a better target, likely a freighter. Unfortunately (or not?), despite Jita Burns 2 having been announced, there was an almost constant stream of freighters coming in and out. The occasional non-freighter kill only happened when there was nothing better to kill and/or for the lulz (I've seen badly fit faction BSes being destroyed).
Bumpers have often been warping among gates whenever a better target was scouted, letting the previously tackled one leave in safety.

Of course, with the huge amount of traffic that Jita has, especially on weekends, not every single Jump Freighter/Freighter/Industrial/Whatever else was tackled and destroyed, quite a few freighters made it to safety, and a few ganks failed because of mistakes/victims being repped. Orca were not necessarily a primary target.

So, how come a goblin risks an expensive ship this way?

Also "you must be new i guess", too funny.

Gevlon said...

I was jumping in and out, actively following camps but was bumped only once. Next year I'll do it with a freighter.

Tone-Lone said...

I did a similar test with an ice mining Retriever. I tanked my ship, went to the ice field, and left it afk the whole night for weeks. Despite several warnings from random people that I would be ganked, I never was. My immortal Retriever lives to this day. There was never a night without a gank, other Retrievers were dieing left and right, but they never picked me. You may call it luck, I'll call it an indication that a proper tank works.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mad Gus, they found something better. It had nothing to do with your tank or your cargo.

A quick peek through the killboards would have shown the empty ones being killed. A listen to the stream would have heard the targets being selected.

Unknown said...

@Last anonymous: The first two things you say are contradictory. If you claim they found something better (more efficient) to gank, than it HAS something to do with both the tank (makes it harder to kill) AND the cargo (could be worthless, they can't know before they commit resources to the gank). They won't attack him while there are other, more profitable targets around.

Personally I don't play EVE so I can't tell you if they should have called his bluff and gone through with the gank (you'd have to know exactly how much it would cost you to gank vs how much is the minimum value of what could be in there (that has to do with how much the ship+gear+insurance+clone costs compared to what the insurance pays)). So yeah, knowing gevlon it was probably something inside that profitable range of if they don't gank him he keeps a level of isk/hour he's satisfied with, and if they do he comes out ahead with the insurance and they don't earn back the cost of the gank.

Anti said...

the kill counts include suicided catalysts right?

I read they use 220 catalysts per freighter so in reality the ships killed per 24 hour graph of 1000 kills per hour is probably only 5 ganks per hour. actually the high pod kill numbers show the goons are losing lots of pods.

if kill count were the only metric it would be simpler to just suicide on anything.

lets assume you can blow up, pod and undock a new rookie ship once a minute. with 15 alt accounts you could "kill" 900 an hour. if you were that way inclined you could fake a "burn" event in whatever system you wanted.

its a shame you don't have docking / clone rights in VFK. Burn VFK has a nice ring to it.