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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So it begins

Upvote is the director corp of TEST alliance. After a pleasant discussion with one of the TEST diplomats, they created a "donation" line in the balance sheet, and just as I said last week, sent them the first 20B. Unless something bad happens, I'll keep sending 20B on every month

So the bad news is that I won't have a titan. The good news is that maybe something great starts in the history of EVE, maybe industrious pilots follow this example and start donating their unused money to their alliance instead of spending it on ships they can't really fly. With just a few dozen pilots that 6% income I provide alone can easily jump above the Tech moons. Let's leave flying titans to those who actually do it right. No need for more daves dream.

I was also invited to join TEST which I'll happily do as soon as I'll have my logi pilot ready to fly. I have some things to finish in highsec, and then my "combat" pilots will be off to actually fly in nullsec. I already see that the most busy will be my Rorqual.

Since this is EVE, things can always turn out bad. But this plan definitely worth losing 20B that I'm not even using anyway.

Friday morning report: 144.0B, (5.5 spent on main accounts, 3.6 spent on Logi/Carrier, 3.2 on Ragnarok, 2.6 on Rorqual, 2.4 on Nyx, 2.8 on Avatar, 17.4 sent as gift)


Anonymous said...

Have you considered engaging the services of a developer to make an iskboard expansion to standard killboards?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. While I think you're still overly trusting of TEST's public finance figures, I commend you with actually committing to your plan.

Anonymous said...

*gets the popcorn*
this is going to be interesting.

Ever thought for a second that TEST is just going to take your money and then fuck you over? Because I know thats what I'd do if I were them :)

Gevlon said...

Scam me? How? All I asked for the money is to put a line to their accounting sheet.

Or they stop fielding NavApocs just to annoy me? Or set -A- blue? How exactly can they scam me?

Anonymous said...

Why would they scam him if he is going to send them loads of credits every month?

Anonymous said...

by...not letting him into test? by getting to move all his things and blowing him up en route... by stringing him along for a few months until he gets wise, having given them a few tens of billions in "donations".

Steel H. said...

The one thing that bothers me here is that I've been reading your blog for how many years now? You are DONATING money with no guaranteed strings attached for... some noble philosophical cause. You like TEST, you really really like them... What did the spirits of Ayn Rand and the first great Nagus had to say about this? You do have a devious plan, right?

I'm getting the popcorn too - but I'm just waiting for your first DHD/Richter Enderas fleet OP.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous :
Scam a player who made a DONATION...who also don't give a flying shit on 20 bil...and who CAN and WILL (and probably be helped by many blogers) start a propaganda against such morons, a propaganda that can wipe TEST...dude, get a fcking grip on EvE reality.

Anyway, the simple fact that you donated 20 bil to TEST it is at least worth greeting.

Why did you chosen TEST...I have no idea, but you must have your reasons.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...

I hope you care passionately about promoting blobbing rather than skill, because that's what you just did.

Gevlon said...

YES, I promote just that. "blobbing" is organization work. Politics, economics. "skillz" is video game reaction time.

Yes, blowing my 200M ship up definitely worth losing 20B

Steel: My "devious" plan is kicking -A-, NC. and the rest of "lol we r ownzorz we dun carebear" bunch back to highsec.

Anonymous said...

I think you misrepresent "skillz". Organizations like NCDot and AAA value good decision making, high skillpoints and personal wealth -- not reaction time. TEST values F1 drones, good organization (at a leadership level) and local chat spamming with porn links and ascii-art.

I know you don't support elitism, but you have said before you don't support lolspeak or facerolling loldrake F1 drones either, which is EXACTLY what TEST is about (and more).

If you think the new Foxcat docterine shows that TEST value ISK and skill rather than F1 spamming, you are greatly mistaken. The docterine did not come from TEST, but from PL (who are very elitest). It is only commanded by PL commanders and most members of TEST are too poor to replace the ships if they are lost. The docterine works because of PL's substantial supercap advantage (PL ISK and skillpoints), not because of TEST piloting skill.

From reading your blog for a while, I have noticed a tendancy for you to see things from TEST's perspective. This is no doubt due to their complete dominance of most EVE news outlets.

You've made your decision, all I can offer is some advice: Before making your next payment, join TEST for a day and look at what you are investing in first hand.

Join them with an anonymous lolrifter 1 day old alt. A single battle, an hour of your time. I think it will be very informative.

No sensible investor would invest in a company without reading the latest shareholder report, and similarly you shouldn't invest in TEST without seeing what they do first hand -- local spam and all.

Unknown said...

Suppose that some fraction of TEST pilots are in fact buying or selling to your market orders.

In that case, the market (CCP) is taking a cut. If you could arrange to make some fraction of your donation "in-kind" or via discounts on goods then you and TEST could both benefit - divvying up CCP's portion of the original sale.

There might be knock-on benefits as well - reduced transport costs, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon you are aware that you are directly promoting the "we dun liek carebearz" attitude? By donating tha 20bil, yes your are gaining some notoriety but you are also furthering the process of alliance reimbursement leaving the average member more free to lose ships and just get it back via reimbursement rather than having to make some of their own money. You are directly contributing to the vryt thing you hate.
You also seem to have done a complete flip flop from your strong opinions 2 months Ago. Back then the reason you said you didn't want to join test is that you didn't want to integrate into their culture or vice versa. How has that changed? TEST still had the same gungho, let's shit up local and call everyone a faggot attitude as they did two months ago and they are not going to change that just to accommodate you.

You seem to be becoming more worried about notoriety and "being liked" in the eve world opposed to the actual reason you got into eve. Just some food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Well I appreciate you are trying to prove your point and show that players like you can have a big impact on events on a big scale (that's kinda what you're going for right?)

But I am quite surprised at your decision to help out what is basically the status quo. In my mind the NC. fun > territory would seem one worthy of supporting rather than feeding the already fat and bloated test/gsf (despite that test account sheet, which cannot be verified/taken as fact).

Anonymous said...

I think it makes sense for Gevlon to go to TEST. Look at the Fountain region. There are three enemy groups staging out of NPC Fountain, yet, because of the huge policing efforts done by TEST members, Fountain is one of the safest regions in nullsec for ratters and miners. Obviously we can't make it perfectly safe but our response time is typically great and we have good numbers for defense work. Soon we will be doing the same for Delve constantly. If I'm not mistaken, this kind of policing system was what Gevlon wanted for highsec, isn't it? And here we are actually pulling it off with great effect. We have some of the richest carebears out there.

xspeedballx said...

I realize this is the outlet of cash flow that is available to you now the best suits your purposes. However, I have been reading your blog now for a while following your projects and high level game analysis.

It occurs to me that what this game needs, and what your money would best work towards, is a way for high sec to wage war on nullsec. Beyond FW and various other endeavors. The concept of contributing money, industry, or manpower if you so desire to expanding security influence. Build or buy gate turrets. Contribute to CONCORD funds to expand the fleet of ships to improve the radius of response times.
The game could track the largest contributers and give benefits like have been described before.(NPC escorts, preferred VIP treatment, etc.)
I am no expert, but I feel high/low sec encroaching on null sec space would definitely get the "hardcore" to notice the "carebear" efforts.

Kristophr said...

Anon: Nuking Gevlon once he is in their space would cost them 20B ISK each month.

He would have to piss them off pretty damned hard to get them to give up that income.

This might just work. 20B/Month can buy a lot of forgiveness for being a former pubbie carebear.

Kristophr said...

Gevlon: Congrats on the big move.

Hopefully you will be able to make a permanent place for pure bears in the big alliances.

Wars are won with pilots AND isk.

Mike XIV said...

@anonymous NC. supporter

Have you been reading? Gevlon's idea of fun is 'winning', and several times he has said that the clearest definition of winning in EVE is controlling the sov map. Other people/groups have other ideas about what fun are and what winning is. In any case a group that gets its own fun in a way that involves giving up territory is pretty much the exact opposite of what Gevlon claims to be interested in.

Anonymous said...

Well congrats Devlon on your new adventures. You decided to take some action. You can consider you goal of pushing all the other non Goon/Test alliance out of Null as already done for you though through force of numbers. When Goons/Test get in a war it's a forgone conclusion they win because of the numbers game. So your choice of Alliance is rather boring and unoriginal but hey, to each their own. You can join the alliance that won Eve. Everybody's doing it. You're safe.

Trebron Znieh said...

I follow your blog for quite some time now. Often I was really tempted to comment, but up to this point I was able to withstand :)
And most times you recognised very fast when you were on the wrong path with something.
But this time? Obviously not so much.
I fear you have no idea whom you are supporting here. For a better Eve? Oh my dear god...just follow their "conversations" in local for 5 minutes and you will think you are in the monkeyhouse of a zoo, or in a sanatorium for mentally disabled people.
For a better EVE you would actually fight against those guys...but you will soon notice.
Please fly to Nullsec better now than later and open your eyes, before you waste more money and effort to the wrong people.

Best regards

Wilhelm Arcturus said...

Wow, that is a clear step into the null sec aspect of the game and an interesting turn of events.

While the scale of your economic activity has been impressive, the market has been well covered in the past and is frankly dull to many people. This looks like a new and different course and one well worth documenting.

Will you be joining TEST as a member of one of their established corps or forming your own to join as a member corp in order to retain some independence?

Gevlon said...

@Wilhelm: as a pilot I won't do anything revolutionary, so I don't need independence on the flying front.

Eaten by a Grue said...

speedball: But this conflict seems one sided. If money can be earned in high sec, and then this money is in turned used to expand high sec, there is nothing that can be done, so nothing interesting about this.

Celery Man said...


What you see in local chat is part of their warfare arsenal, and a highly effective one at that.

maikins said...

TEST is a lot more than the local spamming you see. It's an accepting and inclusive community fueled alliance and just about everything EVE needs if it wants to survive as a MMO.

TEST is fighting the newplayer terrorising bittervet elitepeeveepee alliances and forcing them to the ground and brink of existence, as the evil that they are.

"Go ahead and join a test fleet for an hour in a rifter and you'll see what they are." Yes. Go ahead and do that. Go ask all your newbie question. Go ask if you on your first day in TEST can be the fleets scout. Go ask how to align to a gate. Go be the adorable newbro. And leave as the days rifterhero. TEST is the ideals of America with the social security networks of Europe. Be who you are. Be a local spammer, be a DurrHurrDurr, be a conservative, be a socialist. Be an opportunist. Be a jew. The only thing you can't be is -a- and all it's terribleness and crimes against gamers around the world.

Anonymous said...

@maikins I wonder what TEST would have to say about PL if they were not allied...

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

I can't wait until poor dude joins TEST comms and meets average Testie. And you could have thought differently after all those "screw morons and PUG kiddies" posts.