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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blogging my 100B away

Just as a month ago, I post in detail what I'm trading with. This post has a special actuality here as I announced my plan to start a corporation where nullsec powerblock members can learn how to make supercap money individually (not from alliance budget) while traders learn how to fly in Sov wars. I always told that I'm making nothing exceptional, nothing that anyone couldn't follow, assuming effort and functional synapses.

Before more words, let's look at the item list:
As you can see, these are shiny 100-150M implants. They are mission rewards and LP rewards, created by carebears and FW-bears (Minmatar are happily plexing and missioning, not bothered by Amarr, who do the same in the Caldari zone). They aren't the greatest economists of New Eden, so they sell to any buy order, regardless of sell order prices, regional averages and other boring stuff.

The buyers are mostly highsec mission-runners who get it because such implants are extremely important for properly operating their ships which is necessary for their playstyle just as you can see on the screenshot:
As with all luxury products the buyers aren't looking for alternatives, and don't start shopping around. The purpose isn't usage, but the idea that he can afford it. It would be significantly diminished by doing the mundane tasks of a few jumps to Jita to save 30-50M, not to mention to set up their own buy order. I set buy orders, create sell orders, drive away 0.01-ers by heavy undercutting, haul the things with fully collateraled contracts between hubs. I pay 2% of the collateral as cargo reward, but the cargo arrives in 2 hours. You could haul them in an interceptor, but due to the (in)fame I gained with this blog, for me undocking my trader main or even the hub alts would be instant cargo loss. My "fans" shoot even on my empty shuttle or Orca.

Jita is the best place to buy implants, Hek has the lowest volume but the highest profit. I don't know what could I add besides the trivial: as long as people refuse to research at least that tiny field where they operate we'll never have to bother how to replace a lost titan.

Surprisingly, neither the Goon FW exploit, nor the Minmatar T5 had any lasting effect on profit. When the prices go down, I lose about a billion which I make back when they return. Of course I don't speculate with implants (or anything), what I buy, I instantly sell. About 20M profit on each re-sold in the same station, 40-50 if hauled. Feel free to trade these items, but remember, they are just a small part of the large market of EVE, and there is profit in each of the items, you just have to find how to trade it.

Tuesday morning report: 107.8B!!! Something set the farmers to overdrive in Rens and Hek tonight. They filled most of my buy orders, for 30-50% below Jita price. (2B spent on main accounts, 1.3 spent on Logi/Carrier, 1.0 on Ragnarok, 1.0 on Rorqual, 0.9 on Nyx, 1.3 on Avatar, 2.6B received as gift).


Tail said...

What set them on overdrive was that minmatar FW had T5 yesterday so they all cashed in their loyalty points for implants and stuff. I did it also (made a 2 day alt to AFK farm the gravy train while I'm moving stuff in hisec or reading a book), but of course I'm not selling my stuff now since the prices drop sharply after these cashouts.

Romero said...

How do you know when your region buy order is high enough. Say that the station buys are 50-70% of the average selling price, what would you mark for the region to entice people to sell to you at range.

Gevlon said...

@Romero: I don't have regional orders. I just buy and sell on the hubs.

Romero said...

I see. I tend to hate doing regional but I am just starting out with trading. I began the game in December but started as mission runner doing level 4s. Eventually I got tired of it and found your blog. I would say I have been at this for two months now, bought and paid for my plex last month and I am sitting at around 2 billion in worth. I use Evementat to calculate that but I would appreciate advice to a better program. Also considering my worth, do you think region buys are worth it or should I just focus capital solely on station? My regular trades are station only but I thinking of these implants as a side project.

Ignatius Hood said...


Are you amost exclusively using contracts to haul your products from the fringes to the hubs and back and forth from Hek?

Gevlon said...

I have long term agreement with a few haulers who move my wares.

Anonymous said...

How much do your profits typically drop after these posts? Do you have to move to new markets immediately?

One other point. Isn't your belief that you will get ganked the moment you undock an example of the very same spotlight bias you complained about on the posts about the Rokh fleet? People have attempted to gank your empty Orca, granted, but from this how can you conclude that it was your fame that attracted them? The world is full of idiots, and plenty of them will try to gank an empty Orca or shuttle.

Anonymous said...

Related to these shiny but small products, you've mentioned in the past that before you outsourced transport, you used an interceptor with a special fitting to move implants and books.

I'm having a tough time coming up with a fit for a Stiletto that has (1) fast align, (2) fast warp speed, (3) some kind of passive tank, (4) small signature radius.

Please share the fitting you use on your interceptor, or point in the direction of some resource where I can learn for myself.