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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blogging my profit away

On April 30 I had 16,7B. 2 weeks later, May 14 22,7 + 0,8 spent on the Orca. That's lame 6.8B in two weeks, 480M/day. What happened? Did I forget to trade or my skillpoints started to decrease? Neither, nor I made some epic fail losing billions in a minute. I simply started to get competitors. Especially after my post on transport interceptors. Also I kept talking too much on the goblinworks channel, so the profit margin on my favorite items dropped significantly.

To prevent that I must be much less concrete on the blog, must not tell anything that reveals my items and restrict myself to talk only about general economic theories that you could read on wikipedia. This way I can prove that only a few people can be rich and you must born into their circles to be told the golden secrets. After I proved that there is nothing left than getting a Guy Fawkes mask and squat on the Wall Street as it's clearly the only way to stop the chosen few to exploit the unlucky 99%.

Screw that! From now on, every month 15th will be the "blogging my profit away" day. I will give detailed info on the field I was working on the previous month. This way I not only give direct and clear examples how the economy works, but also prove that I can keep being rich without the secrets. The source of wealth is hard work, knowing the laws of economy and not wasting money on lols. I will prove that anyone and everyone can be rich. The world (of New Eden) can be full of billionaires! True, it will come at a cost. I can't be dirty rich. Probably I won't be a trillonaire in a year as I can't optimize any business, I must always enter new fields. This price I'm ready pay, so I postpone my titanic plans, my alt will train for triage carrier.

So this is my first blogging my profit away post:
On the left you see NPC-sold books. There are two kind: one is limited stock like Logi and Cyno. The NPC station has 5-6 of them and if you buy them out, the next batch will cost much more and it take time for the price to decrease back. So these are "farmable" books. You can't just pick 20 of them 2 jumps away, you must find a station that has a low price on them. The other bunch is faction sold. I hope you can figure it out which regions sell Amarr Freighter skillbooks. You buy them, put them to your interceptor and fly them to the other regions.

On the right side you can see station traded books. They are random drops from NPCs or LP rewards. Some are sold by NPCs too, but the running price is below the NPC price so people buy in the hubs from other people. With these you just set up buy orders in the hubs, sell what you bought. Of course you should mind the other hubs and if X is bought for 5M in Jita and sold for 6 while bought for 5.5 and sold for 8 in Rens, you should just send your Jita pack to Rens instead of selling.

That's more or less what makes my almost PLEX-a-day. I do some PI but that's about 7M/day profit and the baby phases of my new fields. I'll work on them now, so my old field is yours! ... You believed that? If so, I can tell that I'm a Pandemic Legion recruiter and you can join by sending me a billion! In business you must take everything. Good luck! And don't miss the post tomorrow which will be an economic analysis with important results on this field.

EVE Business report: Tuesday morning 21.6B. The reason of the drop is buying 3 PLEXes. (0 PLEX behind for second account, 0.8B spent on triage carrier alt)
Don't forget to join the goblinworks channel to discuss trading and industrial ideas. (50-80 people on peak hours)


Anonymous said...

Nice. I can see why you chose the skillbooks you did.

Péter Zoltán said...

Some of my best businesses include similar skillbooks. Another thing to earn up to 100 millions with a few minutes of hauling is riding a relist wave.
I mean if SOMEONE ELSE buys out some popular item (like MWD, AB, webs, rigs) and relists them at double or triple the normal price. You notice this early, quickly fly off to neighbouring regions and haul in the stuff. Be the 0.01 ISK punk Gevlon hates so much, undercut the relister, play market pvp and reap ISK.
To catch these opportunities you must keep popular items on your quickbar and check them daily.

Gevlon said...

@Péter Zoltán: If someone relists for 3x higher, you shouldn't 0.01. You should list at 1.2x price. The guy will buy you out too, so you can haul another bunch!

Péter Zoltán said...

About PI: according to my spreadsheeting experiments it's a very good business to produce P4 items from P2. The profit after import/export taxes is 70-130K ISK per P4 item (Sellorder2Sellorder, so you can get a higher markup if you invest in buy orders for mats).
Depending on your CCU skill and how complex the P4 item is, you can set up 3 to 5 production lines per planet. That's 5-12M profit per planet everyday. If there is a way to earn more from PI in highsec, please enlighten me.
If you can do this in null/WH with 0% tax, you'll reap hell of a profit. The tax is about 200K per P4 produced, you can shave that off, tripling the figures above.

I did not calculate P1->P4 yet, maybe it's not even feasible or needs haulage 3 times a day.

Serpentine Logic said...

Peter: evemail me if you want access to some low-tax customs offices in low sec (near Jita)

Kristopher said...

Peter: Or start doing PI in WH space.

Once that interbus CO is blown up and replaced, tax goes to zero. And PI is way more productive in -1.0 space.