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Friday, April 20, 2012

EVE is to be won!

This titan business of mine has opened me to the nullsec without actually going there. Hundreds of people are giving me info in comments, mails, links to forums. God, I thrown some really big rock into the pond with my "I'll just buy a titan" idea. If I'd be here for tears, I'd be having so much fun watching the bitterness of veterans who speak from years of experience of not having a titan and never having even 10% of its cost in their wallet (which I already have, after less than 3 months of playing).

However I'm not here for tears, and that's exactly the point of all that is to come. I got the same thing in several comments and even in discussions with nullsec people. Two nullsec corps already offered me a spot despite of my titan plans. I mean they recognized that I can make ISK, so even as a sideline advisor I could make some really good ISK for them, good enough to make them hold their supercap line for a month or two to give me my toy titan. One of the corp leaders (within a nullsec alliance) told it explicitly, while they have several supercaps, they don't really expect any of them to see fight, because they are not here to get more sov. They want good fights and the titans spoil it. They either make the enemy flee, or turn the battle into supercap battle where stakes are high: you either lose everything or you destroy an enemy alliance which you don't want since then you'll have no more good fights just a bunch of systems you don't really want.

It's disgusting for an alliance to be so mediocre. I mean the average little guy is by definition mediocre, and there is nothing wrong with that. Actually to be happy and moderately rich person, a guy should accept himself as mediocre and stop aspiring for personal greatness (trying to outdo his neighbor). But an organization must always strive for excellency. "I'll be great or bum" is a terrible strategy for a man (as he has 99% chance for the latter outcome), but for an organization, an idea, it's a must. If it fails, people (including leaders) can leave and join another organization. I understand that some people don't want to make effort just have fun, RvB is there for your casual fun! I'm not looking down on RvB, they are true casual fun people who enjoy themselves. But there is a reason that RvB is not in null. Null is not supposed to be mediocre "good fight for fun" nonsense. It supposed to have consequences. The star ownership system is there for a reason.

I don't want a toy titan. I don't want a titan for itself. I'm sure what I want: I want EVE to be won. Not by me, no individual can do that. However I'll be in the organization doing it. How can you win EVE? Simple: own every non-NPC system of k-space. One empire under the stars.

My question is simple: do you know of an alliance wanting more than jerking around, playing "RvB with battleships"? Is there a leader who want to be The One Emperor? Are there pilots who want to be there when history was made rather than whore on killmails of ships what the enemy replaces from tech moon profits before the killers could finish bragging? I have to know, because I want to offer my ISK for the cause. Not that "pitiful" 10B I already have. But the hundreds of billions I'll make in highsec a year and the trillions one can make by my schemes utilizing their nullsec resources. All will be fed to the war machine. The advices are free, even if they create trillions, and my highsec trading hundred-billions will turn into expendable ships I'll ride. Like titans. They aren't goals, they are tools for a goal: to win. To have The One Empire.

This is my new aim: to catalyze the creation of The One Empire. I'm ready to join with anyone who has the ambition. "Anyone" includes Goons. I mean, guys, seriously?! Hulks?! Random ships in Jita?! That's your idea of tears? How about "No pubbies (besides allies) can leave high sec because we own all the sov and all our members ride capitals to roam low and NPC null killing everything what is not blue"? That would be tears of people who matter, not newbies that CCP must save. Those would cry who jumped into the sov game without the will to win. Those who believe themselves to be more than the "highsec bears" just because they squat in null while actually making ISK by ratting, missioning or doing incursions in high sec. They will lose everything and have to give up their formal residence and live where they belong: high sec.

EVE can be won, therefore will be won by someone. Will it be you, or your enemy? One thing is for sure, I'll be with the winners, fueling their engine with trading and riding a titan! Probably I'll do that a bit later than I thought, as the goal is no longer the titan, it's just a tool for the goal: to win. If you play to win, you must not fool around "for fun lol". So if the leaders show some serious theorycraft proving that I'll be more useful that way, I'd drop the titan idea and fly a ship that dies a lot, so need my highsec money just as much as a titan, while doing something that I enjoyed the most while playing different games over the long years of my gaming career. Obviously I'm talking about a triage carrier. Or rather a dozen. Heal until popped, jump to the station, reship and return. This case, after we won the war, after we have all the stars, after those who refused to join are locked into highsec, I'll celebrate by mining mercoxite - in a titan.

EVE Business report: Friday morning 10.1B (2 PLEX behind for second account, as I activated the Titan account with a Plex, got it back on my main and added the game time. Please note that when you activate a trial/buddy account with PLEX, the 30 days are added to the existing trial days, those are not lost. 0.1B spent on Titan project)
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Anonymous said...

Short answer - No, it can't be done. Not on that scale. In the momenta any corp becomes a treat to "rule them all" the rest will unite against them.

The titan was such a terrible idea that I actually wanted to see it completed and you learning the lesson from it. The "I win EvE" by being a SERVANT to someone else is... I don't know, how do you call it? You want a corp that is big enough and a leader that is bold enough and have all the resources to win the game for you (the game will be won with (PvP and your input there is 0.00...?).

Your future is to become an industrial trader in 0.0. Not the first one, not the last one. You will excel in it and you will make a lot of money for you in your EvE adventure. The end.

Andru said...

Remember that the goal of CCP is to make money.

CCP is not the government. They are not bound by the laws they create. CCP are the gods of the game.

Your schemes might be good for you, but if you throw enough spanners in the game's works...welp.

KhasDylar said...

I would love to see a rebellion forming against this First Galactic Empire of yours when it's finished.

As I don't know EvE, just what I read from this blog, maybe my question will be stupid, but: can this be done at all? I mean, EvE is not a "young" game, if it could be done, probably someone would have already tried it. Of course we don't know if anybody tried it and failed. And apart from that, isn't EvE simply too big to do this, to form One Empire? Simply one alliance can't have enough manpower, not enough warmbodies, who are willing to fight for the same goal. Soon you'll need a "police", who regularly roams the space and enforces the laws of this One Empire or else you'll have your big empire where in one starsystem you are the king and in some other the "outlaws".

Jason Ambrye said...

"... and if you can lead, there is no limit to what you can become."
(from the current EVE intro movie)

I'm very curious how far this plan will bring you. And EVE is one of the few games in which it actually is an accomplishment if you pull it off due to the "single world shard" nature of the game.

And what will come after? Will it last? Whatever happens, it's an interesting story in the making. Great non-themepark, player-generated content for the game.

Anonymous said...

This might actually be fun...
and a valid reason to join Eve...

The whole illusion of we ' make an impact on the world' made flesh!

Anonymous said...

I have to hugely disagree Gevlon.

Simple known fact: alliances that stagnate fall apart. That is why you see PL coming down to delve to blow shit up: not because they need space, but just because they want some fun.

Although the process of getting an alliance to take over all of null would be an AMAZING enterprise (if it were possible, which I don't believe it is), as soon as it would happen, everyone would get bored, and the whole thing would implode. You see it happening within corps, within alliances, and within coalitions.

That's the largest problem that comes to mind with your idea (although I somehow agree with the idea of desiring everything, the fact of the matter is, you go to 0.0 for PvP domination, and if there's no more PvP, there's not much of a reason to be there).

Kana said...

Last time i botherd to check, "veterans with years of experience" was crying about missiles renaming (totaly ruin THE GAME), they cry a lot, and their tears realy cheap. Hope you will find alliance leader who want to make history.

Anonymous said...

Even leaving aside how bad a plan that is....

You're making a common mistake; you're ignoring the human factor. You acknowledged in a previous article that the power of an alliance is in its members; not its space or money or killboard. Those members are just playing a game, and they'll only stay as long as they're having fun.

That's the reason there will never be "One Empire". It's the reason the alliance you talked to mentioned they don't want to just crush their enemies with Titans; if they do that, the members stop having fun, quit, and the alliance falls apart no matter how many titans it has. And it's the reason Goons are in empire killing Hulks.

Anonymous said...

This might be besides the point, but the Chinease EvE server is already the way you describe it. Owned by one massive alliance farming null sec, feeding carebears in high sec.

Stabs said...

As someone just commented this has been done on the Chinese Eve server so it's certainly possible.

The major obstacle people have had doing this on Tranquility is this: if you blue everyone your pvpers have no one to shoot and get bored and either join your enemies or stop playing. Both leave you very vulnerable.

As a case in point the Northern Coalition (which 2 years ago appeared to be "winning Eve") got destroyed when bored pvpers woke the Russian bear only to discover that the Coalition had got very soft and couldn't deal with the Russian retaliation with their Pandemic Legion support.

If any player had the charisma to pull this off it would be the Mittani and he seems to have taken Goons about as far along the Blue Everyone route as they will go.

Good blog post though.

eve online is for BoB said...

so have you read about BoB yet?

Anonymous said...

Most of the commentators miss an important point: After you've conquered all of Nullsec, you've won. It doesn't matter if people afterwards leave your alliance, and it crumbles in on itself. Think of it as the next round starting.

Gesh said...

"Is there a leader who want to be The One Emperor?"

Yes, I know a certain pseudo-intelectual douchebag. (No, now I'm not refering to you)

"Hulks?! Random ships in Jita?! That's your idea of tears?"

You will be surpised how good this works - lots of tear. Because you miss a certain point. Most of the 'pubies' (you picked up fast on the lingo) don't leave high sec at all. Which makes this irrelevant:

"No pubbies (besides allies) can leave high sec because we own all the sov and all our members ride capitals to roam low and NPC null killing everything what is not blue".

Bozzor said...

My reply to your post was too long and couldn't be accepted, so i will invite you and everyone else to read it on my own blog.

The above is the link.I tried to do a TL;DR, but i would have missed much of my argumentation.

Please allow this reply with the link included.



Anonymous said...

Some alliances just want to watch the universe burn.

Buggrit said...

NOW you're talking. No "I'm gonna be a nice little titan pilot being ordered by some fool" but "its a tool for an objective: win".

I am not sure whether it is possible to have one alliance under the sun, unless that alliance has huge numbers that not even goons can match today. That alliance would have a huge border that would get attacked constantly, and the stress and burnout of defense would tell.

Also gudfightlol would get tired, say you're not getting them lols, and you DO need a lot of those drones on your side to win.

You don't want to fire a gun? Thats questionable but your goal, and valid.

Learn the basics of FCing and how the battles work, though. The standing you get from this will be valuable.

Anonymous said...

i love it. this is why i wanted you to play eve. this is what i wanted to read about.

they said you couldn't clear ulduar in blues either. they said surely you can't clear toc in blues...

i love when they tell you that something is impossible.

Ignatius Hood said...

Most people are resticted by the voice in their head or the people they are surrounded by always telling them what they cannot do.

Just becuase something hasn't been done yet doesn't mean it cannot be done ever.

Personally I applaud your ambitions and I think that success in your endeavors hinges much upon your willingness to do what it takes to achieve your goals.

~oh~ and to respond to the 'anonymous' first comment. Amateurs talk tactics, Professionals talk logistics.
Many have said the Goons are horrible at PVP, but they excel and keeping people in ships and keepign them logged in. That is logistics in a nutshell. I think our Goblin friend has a strong grasp of Logistics and it will be interesting to see where his ambition leads.

Anonymous said...

There is no massive Chinese alliance that owns all of null sec on thier server.

I like your entusiasium but from what I can see you have unrealistic expectations.

JustinAndrewJohnson said...

Gevlon, I've been one of the people offering words of caution on your titan plan in-game, but this latest post has completely changed my assessment. Though difficult, I now think your plan is excellent, wildly entertaining (good for a blog obviously), and well-thought out. Though I personally think that a single alliance could not be sustained, that doesn't matter. What you are planning to do here will be commendable, win or lose. In the very least, this plan will take your business and trading ability out of high-sec, which will make it MUCH more interesting as you deal with politics, risk and betrayal rather than .01isk undercutters (which is quite boring to many).

Andrei said...

I'm still not clear on why EVE needs to be won. Are trying to prove something? Are you short on personal challenges?

On more pragmatic note the amount of time commitment and the talent that is needed to become this 'The One Emperor' is better spent on winning the game of real life.

Gevlon said...

@Andrei: if you find EVE silly, don't play. But if you play, why not win?

Caramael said...

Gevlon, you've already proven in WoW that you've got strong leadership skills and know how to get good players to join you by means of aligning self-interest.
Don't serve an existing leader, be one yourself and aim to become the emperor of EVE yourself.

Nielas said...

"I'm still not clear on why EVE needs to be won. Are trying to prove something? Are you short on personal challenges?"

Gevlon is always trying to prove something. He likes to set a goal that most people consider unrealistic and attempts to prove them wrong.

Personally I do not think he can really succeed in this endevour because EVE encourages people to 'think small'. EVE players are taught to not take risks and not to trust people. To accomplish something like the One Empire you need to take risks and delegate to people you can trust. What Gevlon is proposing goes against the very nature of EVE.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, i want this to be done so so much but you IF you are going fdown this road you need to accept this -

1. 2 years minimum to do this. 3 more likely. Good luck.

2. You have to start a corp, being someone elses tool isn't going to work. I understand you are more about the cause but this is YOUR cause, and taking into account the cut throat nature of EVE you need to be in control of this as much as you can.

3. People flock to causes, the more absurd and far fetched the better. Looking at your plan you have nailed that already.

I seriously wish you best of luck as i want this to happen and arguably you are the best person to do it, but you will need to explore a few more avenues than you have currently looked.

Which begs the question, IF you do this and IF it works, what then?

Anonymous said...

I have never hoped you succeed as much as I hope you do now. If you do, it means someone will be able to create a rebel alliance and that's a whole new fun can of worms that can be played.

Anonymous said...


Haven't played eve in a couple months, but last time I checked the best alliance in eve with balls to use their titans/supercaps was pandemic legion. You should look into them. I am irl friends with someone who runs one of the corps in PL, if you want I could talk to him for you.

I don't know about their internal economic workings, but they own a massive number of technetium moons, the most valuable resource generating moons in eve. They probably look for other ways to generate isk for their pvp campaigns too.

Anonymous said...

Saw this idea coming a mile away to be honest. Right when you started talking about the goal of Eve being power. The obvious way of winning then is to have all the power.

In order to achieve this you will need a huge number of people and will probably contain many socials you just won't get along with. I honestly believe you will have to create the one empire by forging a huge alliance with you in the backround pulling all the strings. Personally I think this could be achieved by funding an alliance that aims at destroying the goons simply because it would generate significant interest should the alliance become large enough to actually pose a threat.

The biggest obstacle in my mind is generating the enormous amount of isk needed for such a thing. If you get the money anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon, good luck on your endeavor. I doubt you'll ever even come close to succeed but if you're willing to turn EVE into a 2nd job where you pay to work, go right ahead.

But you're starting from a fundamentally wrong assumption. And that is that this game is immutable and that CCP wouldn't over time keep on tweaking and re-balancing everything. maybe even adding start systems precisely to ensure no one even comes close to win EVE as you envisage it.

Yaggle said...

I think you could help to build Rome. But I think we all know what happens after that.

Anonymous said...

Not to crap on the money you've made, but to put it in perspective, the CFC makes well over 1 trillion ISK per month passively from Technetium income.

Anonymous said...

I have a fully dec'd out Battleship and battlecruiser pilot I gave up on a year ago. You show me the corp you'r ein and I'll join

Anonymous said...

Kerrigan turned and made her way out of the office but before reaching the door, she let out a light chuckle. So he thinks his hand has won the draw, does he? It's not over yet... the wild card has yet to turn.


The final part in the tale starts to unfurl; the majesty of a plan lasting a decade coming finally to the close. Those who had been played so well as fools would prostrate themselves in celebration, confident in the belief of their victory...

The universe has an ironic sense of humor, the artist of this masterpiece would never admire the landscape of victory but all the same, the game would close in the only place, and the only way it could have done...