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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gearing guide updated

Here is the 4.3 guide for new players and alts! Comment this post with more tips to get gear with as small effort as possible and I incorporate it with the page.


Anonymous said...

perhaps emphasise doing the LFR at the "end of the week" doesnt mean friday.

two reasons. newbies reading your guide might not realise the raiding week ends tuesday downtime.

secondly every time i play a PUG on friday night they are the worst possible experience in wow. it seems anyone with any skill is in organised groups and the rest are all drunk.

Sinshroud said...

My thoughts:

"Offer gold (which you have due to #1)." - referring to what? What are you offering gold for and what is #1 referring to?

"Don't worry about your gear, they are easy if you read up the journal." - should change to something like "Don't worry about your gear, as long as you know your role and class it's fine. Boss strats are easy and found in dungeon journal."

Anonymous said...

Also, if you want to gear up a tank, you can't rely on pvp gear, the mobs will tear you apart. You have two choices:
Farm pvp gear, queue up for the new dungeons as dps, ninja the tank items, and wait really long time to get in.
Do the proper way, and learn to tank in the process.

Inquisitor said...

Errors I've spotted so far:

Honour gear is ilevel 390.

The Twilight heroics provide approximately 4-5 useful and well itemised 378 *quest rewards* to every class. Worth getting those.

LFR now allows you to kill 8 bosses, but will only give 250 VP once for each set of 4.

(Ironically, I hit 85 yesterday on my priest, and started doing approximately what you recommend (independently of your guide). I'd completed LFR within 7 hours of dinging.)

Twilight drops are your only reasonable chance at a quick 378 weapon. IMO, worth hitting them until you have one - since PvP won't provide, and you'll probably be in 318 or so, from levelling.

KhasDylar said...

@Inquisitor: You can get very easily a 333 weapon from Twilight Highlands from the arena event, which are way better than the 318 quest reward greens. You need to get a group for that, but with a good (~social) guild or with some gold this is quite manageable. Also you can get some 359 or 365 weapons from AH for every class, but mostly they are well overpriced and a new player possibly won't afford that.
I don't know if you can convert Conquest into Valor if you already capped that week, if yes, this is another way of getting high end PvE gear.
For the gemming part I would add that even a green gem is better than an empty gem slot, so new players should not save their money for the newly available epic gems: you can gem your character multiple times with blue gems from the current price of a single epic gem.
Also it could be recommended to do the new Baradin Hold boss, Alizabal, very easy to kill - even easier than the previous BH bosses. She drops ilvl403 PvP loot which is way better than 378 PvE gear. I don't know if she drops any PvE loot or not.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't pay others who already had their shot at the loot to come with you...

You should recrute random strangers from the trade chat who still can roll on your tokens/loot to sell the items they won to you.

We are going to the LFR with a group of ~12 people and everyone rolls need on everything he can. After that we are redistributing the items to those who wants them within the two hour timer. Which is perfectly fine regarding the ToS

Alkayder said...

Hey, Gevlon long time reader, first time poster. Love the blog.
There are also valor point boots, which are BoE to be able to buy from Trade/AH.

Eros said...

Another (easy although temporarily expensive) method of achieving ilvl 372 is buying or getting somebody to make the full set of 'vicious' BOE pvp gear. (example:;cr=86;crs=11;crv=0)

It still counts towards your max ilvl and you don't have to equip it. You can just hold it. You can even loan it to friends afterwards (for a small fee of course)

I leveled a DK to 85 the week before the patch. 4.3 patch hit, he was ilvl 292. Made full set of Vicious plate + 2 rings + neck. Had the JP for 378 relic (700 JP). I had the CoC twilight highlands ilvl 333 weapon. My ilvl was 354 after I had those.

Did the new heroics (once each) for some guaranteed drops (the first time quests) + got lucky and got a 378 weapon.

Did the Save Thrall Quest for the ilvl 365 back.

Ilvl was 372 exactly after all that. Took about 3 hours from dinging 85 to being LFR ready. Sold most of the vicious pieces off again for ~4k total.

Inquisitor said...

@KhasDylar: Yes, I'd have done the arena event if an opportunity happened to occur, but the 333 would still be a dire piece in urgent need of upgrade, and if I'm spending gold to eke out extra ilevels for LFR, there will almost always be more efficient ways to do it than paying people to run me through those quests.

(Heck, yes they're quick, but I think a Twilight heroic gives better ilevel per *time* once you're 85).

Bristal said...

FYI valor boots also appear to be BoE.

Anonymous said...

According to this guide the ilvl 390 PvP gearset would be better than my ilvl 378 FL gearset on my alt. Certainly is not the case. The conquest perhaps, but the HP not.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he said

"Honor provides 390 gear. It beats all PvE gear below 378, so no point doing old dungeons."

Aka, 378 PvE the PvP gear, but anything less than 378 does not.