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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The nastiest addon ever

Short weekend post. Preform AV Enabler allows you to get in a BG with more than 6 people. Not just AV but any. Imagine the carnage what happens when the 10 of you faces 10 drooling randoms on WSG. It's the perfect addon for fast gearing up for PvP, if you have the group for it. We have, feel free to join!


Anonymous said...

Imagine needing more than five people to control a BG.

Pre-mades ruin PUG Battlegrounds, go Rated instead.

And yes, imo AV enabler should be banned, not just for the general principle of add-ons ruining a lot of WoW aspects (eg raiding would be a lot more accessible and less 'dancy' if e.g. DBM would be gone) but for this exact reason.

Anonymous said...

I don't really see the point with this.

Better to just go to rated. I mean, ok, you will smash the face of the pick-up groups on the wall until they bleed to death, but where's the challenge (and thus fun) in that?

Gevlon said...

There is no challenge here. It replaces the grind of gearing up a new alt or a re-roller into something much faster.

I mean you won't have losses and the wins are 5-10 mins.

Rorik said...

Our guild has been using it for about 3-4 months now and we love it. It makes the honor gear grind much easier. And yes, many times the other 5 to 10 lolarthasdk morons can easily throw a game or make it long and painful.

Anonymous said...

I can see the usefulness of premades in normal bg's if you need honor fast.

By manually queueing at the same time individually a group can achieve the same results anyway.

However, both of the above enable a system that make the random bg's hell for someone who's not running in premades.

This in turn makes it mandatory for people who want a chance at winning to join premades themselves, anyone who doesn't will be raped.

Most people will not use it to gear up, but rather to "farm noobs".

This system just unbalances things too much to the point that there is no fair competition between teams of similar strength anymore.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: imagine that we have 10 people to play. We can either go in a premade, or in 2x5 groups. You have X chance to encounter the premade and lose fast. You have X*2 chance to encounter the groups, where you'll most likely still lose, just slower. Which is better?

Anonymous said...

@Gevlon not same anon but what if his strenght is above 5x but below 10x? he would win both 5x teams. Personally 5 people seperating from the zerg would likely just mean that the zerg gets killed and then proceeds to kill you. It's not hard to steamroll a team half the size

Anonymous said...

So basically the argument is that this is okay because you won't have to play the game (fairly) in order to gear up?

Wasn't there a huge post on this blog about how this was wrong where the Diablo RMT AH was concerned?

Anonymous said...

@ Gevlon's last comment/question.

The one that's better is the one where there is at least a chance at winning, as opposed to the full premade, with no chance at all.

This because your team(s) will not be the only ones doing this, but it will be instead a widely used tool making premades the standard.

I'm just saying that this is bad for those who do not wish to join/make premades.

Anonymous said...

Perfect Addon for pvp achievements like Resilient victory in AB or perfection in EOTS , saves u lot of yelling at randoms and failures.